Elite 91 Rob Van Dam CANCELLED

Elite 91 Rob Van Dam CANCELLED

So. I'm back. With something I can report on with absolute confusion. 

Upcoming Elite 91 chase variant Rob Van Dam had been cancelled and will not be replaced! 

Prototype collectors assemble!! This one's gonna cost a bit! 

Whilst Mattel haven't and doubtedly will comment on the particular reasons why. We have seen speculation that the reason for the cancellation is due to the use of the Rising Sun flag, which is viewed in South Korea and parts of East Asia as a symbol of Japanese militarism. Read more about the flag’s history here

Yet we can have a 10000 year old lady give birth to a hand as the result of an on screen relationship with a man named sexual chocolate! 

Yes, war is bad. But this isn't promoting it. Simply some spandex that one of the greatest athletes to ever grace the ring wore in a match, which linked with his ying and yang designs.  

Please can we stop the planet? I wanna get off.

As always. I'll be back soon with more Figure News! 

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