Eddie Kingston sustained an injury at Full Gear

Eddie Kingston sustained an injury at Full Gear

On Saturday we saw an outstanding match between Eddie Kingston and CM Punk, it was a surprise to no one that this match in itself was going to be hard hitting and intense.

Although this match was something that all fans wanted to see, some news has come to light from Northwest Wrestling. The company were attending The Big Event NY wrestling conference in New York where Eddie Kingston was meant to attend, but according to them, he had sustained injury at Full Gear in the match against CM Punk and therefore was unable to attend the event.

Northwest Wrestling had issued the following statement

"Eddie Kingston contacted us late last night. Due to an injury to his shoulder in his match with CM Punk last night at the AEW PPV, he will be unable to appear at Big Event NY Convention today. He is having his shoulder checked out and having a series of medical tests this morning. If you preordered any of his meet and greet items you will be refunded later today. Sorry for the inconvenience"

As the match between the two wrestling stars was so intense and so hard hitting, it comes as no surprise that at least one of the men had sustained an injury.

We wish Eddie well in his recovery and hope he is back in the ring soon.