Details have been released in regards to Goldberg and Saudi Arabia

Details have been released in regards to Goldberg and Saudi Arabia
Credit: WWE

As the WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view event in Saudi Arabia is fast approaching and the matches are slowly coming together. 

One WWE Hall of Famer that will be appearing at Crown Jewel is none other (try to stay awake Paul) than Goldberg.

According to the most recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Goldberg has a specific clause within his contract that states he will be competing at the Saudi Arabia shows and earning more money.

The Hall of Famer was set to face Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel to further their feud from the match that they had at SummerSlam this year, The match at the Crown Jewel itself is for Goldberg to try to gain a measure of revenge after Lashley's attack on his son.

Dave Meltzer said “Obviously, the other match that is also going to be there is Lashley and Bill Goldberg because that one won’t be put on TV because Goldberg does have a specific deal with the Saudi shows that is very lucrative and if you were going to pull his match to put it on TV he wouldn’t be happy whatsoever. That’s millions of dollars of difference. It’s not like the other guys where it really doesn’t make a difference, they’re going to get paid the same as long as they’re on the show. He’s gotta be on the show.”

it's no secret that WWE makes a lot of money by having these Saudi Arabia shows, because of this, the Saudi General Sports Authority will and could make a number of requests from time to time depending on which wrestlers they would like to see, such as the Undertaker or Triple H as an example.

What do you guys think about having Goldberg wrestle at Crown Jewel? is there really any point to it or is it just a moneymaking opportunity?