Details Emerge Regarding Triple H Meeting Before Raw!

New Head of Creative and Talent Relations, Triple H held a meeting prior to RAW on Monday night, get all the details below of the contents of that meeting!

Details Emerge Regarding Triple H Meeting Before Raw!

The Pro Wrestling world was left shell-shocked recently when it was announced on Monday that Triple H will not only be the new Head of Talent Relations for WWE, but that he will also be taking over as Head of Creative after Vince McMahon announced his retirement last week. Before Monday’s episode of RAW got underway, the King of Kings or should we say King of WWE Creative, held a meeting for all WWE talent in attendance, as reported by Fightful.

Those present as the meeting have since divulged that the meeting “went really well” and that there is “a lot of optimism surrounding the change in creative”. These reports back up news that was reported previously that stated there was a feel of “general excitement” about Triple H replacing his father-in-law and former boss amongst the WWE Talent, with a lot of the optimism coming from talent who had previously worked under Triple H during his tenure at the helm of NXT from 2012 to 2021.

It was also reported that there was a large focus on transparency discussed by Triple H as he felt he could understand why some didn’t feel there was any under the previous regime. Moving forward the goal is to maintain an open line of communication between WWE Talent and those who arte overseeing the production like Triple H, Stephanie MCMahon and Nick Khan, the latter two being the current Co-CEO’s of WWE. It was also noted that Triple H wants work to be fun for the talent moving forward and that he intends to facilitate and foster an environment where that is very possible.

It is being reported that overall, the general consensus after the meeting was that it felt like a positive way to kick off this new era of the company.

The ongoing saga of Vince McMahon’s private affairs and the financial investigations that continue as a result are still making headlines within the world of Pro Wrestling and within the mainstream media. The Wall Street Journal, who were first to break the story, and its following reports conti9nue to plague Vince McMahon and have also lead to his sudden retirement. The Wall Street Journal also printed another report recently that stated federal prosecutors and the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) are now looking into the payments made by the former Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. It is unclear at this time what will be the ultimate outcome from these investigations and reports, but one has to wonder if McMahon’s legal team, headed by long time legal representative Jerry McDevitt, can get him out of the hot water he’s found himself in this time.

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