Dark side of the ring season 3 trailer and premier date revealed.

Dark side of the ring season 3 trailer and premier date revealed.
Image credit: bleedingcool.com

Dark Side of the Ring has been a hugely successful documentary series that focuses on the backstage stories on professional wrestling since it's inception back in 2019. Making it's debut on Vice, the show gained notoriety, and season two's finale which featured the tragic death of Owen Hart gave Vice the highest rated program in the history of the channel. 

The show had also gained substantial views on YouTube with both official and unofficial uploads generating millions of views combined. With so many stories to cover, Vice had commissioned a further 14 episodes for season 3 back in 2020. 

In the past few months, many of the topics planned had been leaked, this is due to wrestlers letting it slip. The planned topics include: 

  1. The plane ride from hell
  2. Brian Pillman
  3. The Collision in Korea Event 
  4. Nick Gage 
  5. Chris Kanyon 
  6. Grizzly Smith and his Family
  7. Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling 
  8. XPW (Xtreme pro Wrestling) 
  9. Bruiser Bedlam 
  10. Dynamite Kid 

However, it has been officially announced that the episode focusing on the late Ultimate Warrior will be featuring an interview with his first wife Shari Tyree. 

In addition to this, the official trailer footage features interviews from Eric Bischoff, Jon Moxley, David Arquette, Jim Cornette and their own narrator, Chris Jericho. 

As explained in the trailer, the third season will be expected to makes its premiere on May 6th at 9pm on Vice TV. Many believe that episode one will focus on the life and career of Brian Pillman and the events that lead to his unfortunate passing. In an unprecedented move, Pillman's former tag team partner, Stone Cold Steve Austin, will also be featured in an interview. This is quite the big move from the producers as WWE Talent or any Affiliate talent are not permitted to contribute to the series which makes pro wrestling, and in most cases WWE, look bad. 

Will you be watching the third season? What are your thoughts, let us know in the comments!