Dark Side of the Ring returns

Dark side of the ring season 3 continues

Dark Side of the Ring returns

The popular Vice show Dark Side of the Ring is returning for part two of season three and we have some good episodes coming. For those who are unaware, Dark Side of the Ring is a show that looks into the scandals and stories from wrestling's past. 

Here is a breakdown of what the rest of season 3 has in store.

  • 16th September - The plane ride from Hell
  • 23rd September - The double life of Chris Kanyon
  • September 30th - Blood & Wire: Onita's FMW
  • October 7th - Bikers, Bombs & Bedlam Johnny K9
  • October 14th - The many faces of Luna Vachon
  • October 21st - Extreme & Obscene:Rob Black's XPW
  • October 28th - The Steroid trials

Personally, I have been waiting for them to do one on the plane ride from hell as it's one of those stories that has floated around for a bit and I've always been extremely interested in reading about.

Earlier in season three we saw Collision in Korea which I had only heard half the story of and it was nice to get it in full. The steroid trials is another interesting one as it is well documented that Hulk Hogan, whilst in WCW, testified in court and the whole thing could have seen Vince McMahon in jail, which would have changed wrestling as we know it today.

Which episode are you looking forward to?

Which episode/s have you enjoyed so far?

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