Danny Cage has made shocking allegations against ROH's Joey Mercury and Will Ferrara regarding their conduct.

This could have far reaching implications for Ring of Honor

Danny Cage has made shocking allegations against ROH's Joey Mercury and Will Ferrara regarding their conduct.
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Danny Cage (real name Dan Mcdonald) has taken to Twitter to air some shocking and revealing allegations against Joey Mercury and Will Ferrara for their treatment of trainee's within the Ring Of Honor Dojo. 

Cage first made allegations that coaches and students were dealing and using drugs while having sexual intercourse with partners and other students within the training centre, he states this is the reason why he left the promotion. You can see the tweet below: 

Cage would keep his sights set on Ferrara, who's a veteran in coaching and established professional wrestler. He would make criticism on Ferrara's "Recycled pin drill", and would go on to make subtle hints that Ferrara had sexual contact with other talent. You can see the tweet below: 

Cage would go on with his tirade and would continue with his allegations, noting that Ferrara had sexual intercourse with other stars and was still doing it. Cage then turned his attention to Joey Mercury, and criticised his method of conduct. "Do gas and get someone fired" wrote Cage. Here's the tweet below: 

Cage then accused Mercury of being under the influence while a try out was taking place and snapping at the late Hana Kimura. Here's the tweet below: 

In other comments he made, Cage made statements that Mercury had a pattern of having questionable information in getting people fired. He would also accuse Mercury of deliberately harming a student in front oh his peers. 

Ian Riccaboni, Ring Of Honor's lead commentator, went on to post a rather lengthy response to the thread made by Cage, using the server Reddit, and his past experiences with Mercury are eerily similar to what Cage has alleged. 

Here's what he said below: 

Hard and fast use of the pejorative F word which I asked him to stop. “Why do you say that about Rhett Titus’ body? I’m in better shape than him! What, are you some kind of ***?!” This would occur after events but also when he’d call me at 1:30 AM ET. Why it needed to be addressed at 1:30 AM ET on days we didn’t have events and I was living my life as a civilian, I have no idea.

Would joke about the time we saw a woman (the make up artist we had at Madison Square Garden) asking for a ROH staffer by name so she could get her check at the hotel. The situation, admittedly, was kind of funny. It appeared to be something it was not. He has implied that he was ready to drop this conversation. He has posted edited texts between us before on Twitter and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it again.

Similarly, he’s threatened to out a LGBTQ member of the ROH roster and out one of my best friends.

I haven’t said anything because I was pretty crippled by fear that I’ve said something out of pocket and it might come to light. But Danny needs a friend right now and what he’s saying about the power dynamic that was created is true and what a WrestleMania headliner pulled me aside and warned me. If I said something out of pocket, that is on me and I have to own it.

I was/am not involved in the Dojo beyond the semi-annual tryouts. The first one we did with Joey, I came prepared as I always did with a printed spreadsheet of the campers names, hometowns/home promotion, experience level. I printed enough for everyone. Bully, BJ, Delirious, Daniels, and others said thank you; Joey took the copy I made for him and my personal copy and trashed them. This was the same camp Hana was at. Can confirm what Danny has said regarding Hana.

Finally, most recently, Joey blamed me on Twitter for spoiling Final Battle. One of the Dojo students has since privately apologized for providing him the results. It was a lot of time and energy explaining to folks that I didn’t tell a soul. Joey always said there are two things you can’t get back: people’s time and attention. It didn’t ruin my Christmas but I’m just glad someone nearly four months later admitted to providing him the results. He got my time and attention. Good one.

This has been therapeutic for me, too. There are others who likely feel the same way. But this is a time and an emotion drain. They likely are in similar positions where they have kids or other jobs and that they consider the issue closed and can’t spare the emotion, especially during a pandemic. And there may be some too who fear what they’ve said to Joey via text. But I’m proud of Danny for having the courage to speak up." 

Riccaboni would go on to share more stories, one of which where Mercury had accused him of leaking information, when it was him who was one trying to investigate the leak. 

Here's what he said: 

"Or when I went to him when I figured out we had someone leaking results and plans because I thought I could trust him and instead he told people 18 months later that I was leaking things EVEN THOUGH HE HELPED FIND THE ACTUAL LEAKER BY SMARTLY GIVING THEM SOMETHING THAT WAS NOT TRUE and seeing if it came back around to any of us (it did!). Wild stuff." 

Mercury had responded to this with a tweet of his own. You can see it below: 

A recent Law Suite had been filed by Mercury against Ring-Of-Honor after he was released from the promotion. 

Cage has become a highly respected trainer throughout professional wrestling, running the Monster Factory Training Centre in New Jersey, which has become a major success. 

It would seem that Ring of Honor's recent troubles keep being revealed. As always, any new information that comes out, we'll be sure to keep you updated!