Could be some bad news on the horizon for Nikki A.S.H

Could be some bad news on the horizon for Nikki A.S.H
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There could be issues on the horizon for the newly crowned Raw Women's Champion because of the reaction she has been getting at the recent WWE house shows this past weekend.

Just as a little reminder Nikki A.S.H had cashed in her money in the bank contract just 24 hours after winning the women's money in the bank ladder match.

At these recent WWE live events Nikki has been defending the title this weekend against Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in a triple threat match. I think this may be a test for a potential match at SummerSlam.

The problem is however she has not been getting a warm and exciting reception from the WWE universe at these live events, it seems that some fans have even gone as far as booing the new Women's Champion and the potential snag in this plan is that WWE management are worried that this type of reception of many fans booing Nikki could potentially happen on live TV which could be bad news for her.

While speaking on the Wrestling Observer radio Dave Meltzer had this to say on the current situation:

The notable thing, both nights, worse in Pittsburgh than Louisville, but it was there both nights, is that Nikki Cross’ superhero gimmick that everybody loves and everything, it’s not working for the house show crowd.

“They don’t take her seriously, she was actually booed in Pittsburgh, not heavily booed, but booed. Louisville I didn’t hear her being booed, but I heard she came out and got a nice reaction, and then once the match started people didn’t wanna see her.

“They just see – and no surprise – they see Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair as big stars, and Nikki is an intruder in the match. And also since she’s the champion she ends up winning, she has to win.

“But that was the one notable thing from everyone I heard from both nights, was that the Nikki Cross thing was not working. You wouldn’t know that from TV, so that’s that.”.

WWE have announced that Nikki A.S.H will be appearing on Monday Night Raw tonight in Kansas City. It will be interesting to see how this crowd will react to the "almost a superhero" and whether that will affect WWE's future plans with her.

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