Could AEW be getting a streaming service?

With the recent Discovery and Warnermedia network takeover possibly lead to AEW getting their own streaming service…

Could AEW be getting a streaming service?
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With the recent network takeover that AEW had with Discovery and Warner Media, this may open the door for AEW to have the ability to possibly having their own streaming service, according to Tony Schiavone.

As AEW programming has gone out on Warner Media platforms TNT and TBS since Dynamite debuted in October 2019, and with the buyout between Discovery and Warner Media having been completed in April of this year, it has sparked some speculation as to AEW’s future on television following Kathleen Finch's instalment as head of TBS.

Although it is impossible for outsiders like us to speculate what the future holds for AEW.

Schiavone was asked his opinion on the matter during a recent episode of "What Happened When", and he said the following;

"From the people I’ve talked with, no. For me on the surface, yes, because I know what happened before. But I think we have a viable enough product that if Discovery says, ‘We don’t wrestling’, we could end up somewhere else. The Khans are pretty plugged in. That’s what’s different about this era is that if Time Warner/Discovery doesn’t want us, we still have a business. I think there’s always some concern, but we’ve built up a very good relationship with Warner Media.”

Schiavone followed by saying he was hopeful that AEW would end up with their own streaming service as a result of the new deal.

"If this merger comes, and as we’ve been reading, they’ve been clearing out a lot of people, it seems to me they are really big into streaming services. What I hope this means is that we are finally going to have a streaming service. In other words, we are finally going to have our own network where we can show our old shows.”

The Discovery/Warner Media merger will result in existing streaming platforms HBO Max and Discovery+ being combined into one service in the near future.

What do you guys think to this? Is this the next logical step for AEW to have their own streaming service?

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