Cody Rhodes. Heel, Face Or Tweener?

It's safe to say that Cody is not getting good crowd reactions right now. So should he just turn heel and embrace it? James investigates.

Cody Rhodes. Heel, Face Or Tweener?

It’s a question fans, like myself have wondered for quite some time now.  

Cody Rhodes himself has stated that he won’t turn heel nor will he turn his back on the fans, but you do have to wonder if that’s best for business (Sorry I'm Hunting on that one) ...

Fans are seemingly beginning to tire of the good guy "I will not turn heel" schtick, it’s gone on for a bit too long, which is pretty damning when on this past weeks Dynamite, fans threw his weightbelt back in the ring after he threw it to the audidence. Man, the Chicago crowds can be brutal. 

It’s got to the point where he’s become a John Cena 2.0, where the majority of fans are tiring of the same routine week in and week out.  Now, I do have to point out that Cena had much success during his run and maintained the ‘face’ for 15+ years, making it work by using the ability to have the crowds in the palm of his hands. 

He’s even transcended the ‘Roman Reigns type heat’ which I didn’t think was even possible, where he’s outstayed the whole face thing, which as we all know that us fans got really tired of, and practically begged for a heel turn, which finally after six years they pulled the trigger and Roman is now the most dominant force in the WWE.  

I think that when he cuts promo’s, he can’t help but shed a tear and talk about his legendary Father, Dusty Rhodes. Okay, some of the memes that have come out of them are hilarious, so internet, I thank you!

I’m not going to discredit Cody in any way, shape, or form, as those passionate and emotional promos helped elevate AEW to new heights and helped them become the success they are now. I mean, he made the audience FEEL what he felt, he had them in where he wanted them.  
It’s fair to say that Cody is and always has been a driving force behind the inception of AEW and nurtured it, he’s managed to help turn it into the biggest alternate Rasslin’ promotion to the WWE in all of North America since the WCW days. 

(Shout out to IMPACT/TNA, because at one point they were reaching heights of their own in the mid to late 00’s)  

The question is, should he turn heel now? I say ABSOLUBTLY, it’s time to make the transition now as the face thing isn’t really working out for him, they’ve teased it and Rhodes never really pulled the trigger. His whole character just screams heel, his entrance and the way it plays, his attire, everything is right there and just screams ‘’I am a dick heel’’.
He has the characteristics of a heel, the look... Well, to me he looks like a total douche anyway, but that’s just me. Hell, even his wife Brandi turned heel, Cody turns, instant heel couple.

I’ve gone through possible scenarios where he can turn heel and gain heat which would hit the scales. One way I think they could go, is by Cody using his control to revoke his right to never compete for the AEW World Championship and place him as number one contender for the title leapfrogging him above all the talent, which in turn would generate undeniable amounts of heat making him hated not just by fans, but superstars alike.

As ’Hangman’ Adam Page is now the main man, he’s the perfect person to pull the trigger on, Cody going back on his word would instantly gain a great amount of heat.  

Another way they could do it is; Instead of Cody turning on Arn, cause let’s face it, that’s kinda predictable, and that’s a little too cheap for AEW, but it could still happen.  
Arn could in fact start turning the screw with Cody, convincing him to turn heel, Double A was a belter of a heel back in the day, just imagine a heel Cody being with a heel Arn? That would be great, especially with Arn, his best work was when he was heel.  

The problem we have is Cody seems to believe he’s a superhero good guy. Look at what he does when he’s not Rasslin’, being a judge on gameshows and doing reality shows. He's become everything that he brutally criticized the WWE of being. I guess he’s just reaching for that StarDust... 

Every time I see that neck tattoo, I can’t help but cringe, it doesn’t really make him look "Dashing" now does it?

He just needs to relax and be Cody Rhodes, the talented 2nd generation Wrestler, rather than trying to be a world healer/reality TV entertainer. He needs to stop taking shots at the other promotion and start focusing on the one that’s growing to be a contender for the American audience.

By doing that, he would prove once and for all, that he is the American Nightmare.

What do you think? Would you like to see a heel Cody Rhodes run? Let us know in the comments below!