Changes made to title match at Royal Rumble on Smackdown

Adam Pearce announces a change to the Universal Title match at Royal Rumble

Changes made to title match at Royal Rumble on Smackdown

On Smackdown last night on air authority figure Adam Pearce decided to spice up the Royal Rumble for Roman Reigns. 

Unsurprisingly Adam Pearce was reluctant to face Roman in his upcoming title match. Instead of facing Reigns himself he has announced that the match will now be a Last Man Standing Match and Reigns' opponent will be Kevin Owens.

Last Man Standing matches are not uncommon at Royal Rumble PPV's with one of the most notable happening at the Royal Rumble 2004 between Shawn Michaels and Triple H. That match ending in a double count out or as fellow writer James may say a No Contest. 

Personally I was looking forward to seeing Adam Pearce fight in a WWE ring at a major PPV like the Royal Rumble but I'm sure this match will still be ok and the added stipulation certainly helps unless it ends the same way as the infamous 2004 one did.

What do you think about the changes made? 

Do you have a prediction on how this match will go?

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