Change Made to PWG Battle of Los Angeles Line Up!

PWG made the announcement on January 10th that not only was one of the BOLA Competitors being replaced but that they were also Retiring!

Change Made to PWG Battle of Los Angeles Line Up!

It seems the iconic Battle of Los Angeles Tournament 2022 is shaking things up as we draw closer to the date of the two-day event. On January 10th, 2022, PWG announced that unfortunately tournament entrant Phillip Five Skulls, a wrestler who actually doesn’t exist mind you, will no longer be able to compete in the BOLA due to his unexpected retirement!

PWG Made the announcement via Twitter, as you can see below.

Not even five minutes later, PWG made another announcement via Twitter that “Speedball” Mike Bailey will be making his return to the promotion as Phillip Five Skulls' replacement in the prestigious independent wrestling tournament.

At this time, the final line up for PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles Tournament 2022 is;

Alex Shelley
Kevin Blackwood
Lio Rush
Black Taurus
Jack Cartwheel
Davey Richards
Lee Moriarty
Jonathan Gresham
Buddy Matthews
Daniel Garcia
“Speedball” Mike Bailey
JD Drake

The Battle of Los Angeles Tournament will be held on January 29th and 30th this year instead of in its usual time slot. Bailey has been making some serious moves, as earlier in the day on January 19th GCW also announced that “Speedball” would be making his debut at their “Say You Will” show on January 15th.

Be sure to stay tuned to Real Rasslin for any further news and updates regarding the BOLA!