Champion Stripped Of World Title!!! - Progress Press Release

For immediate release on behalf of Progress Wrestling.

Champion Stripped Of World Title!!! - Progress Press Release

Progress wrestling have released the following statement.


Sunday 15th, May (London, England): PROGRESS Chapter 134: ‘No Mountain High Enough’ took place today at The Electric Ballroom in London and ended with the PROGRESS Wrestling World Championship being declared vacant as well as the fulfillment of one of the longest-held desires of the PROGRESS hardcore fanbase.

The main event match between PROGRESS World Champion Jonathan Gresham and fan favourite Gene Munny resulted in this unexpected turn of events. 

Munny would qualify for June's Super Strong Style 16 event if he defeated Gresham, as both men had not lost in PROGRESS in 2022. 

Before the match, Gresham's long-time buddies, Lykos Gym, attacked Munny, prompting management to add a clause stating that if Gresham was disqualified, the PROGRESS Championship would be stripped from him. 

Not only did the Lykos duo attack Munny again later in the game, resulting in his disqualification, but they did it in full view of the referee, assuring that Gresham would lose the title he had worked so hard for.

While PROGRESS now has a vacant global championship for only the third time in the title's ten-year history, Gene Munny has finally achieved his long-held goal of being entered into Super Strong Style 16, which takes place in London over three nights from June 3rd to 5th. 

While supporters will be ecstatic to see Munny in the event, they will be interested to hear from PROGRESS management in the coming days about what this implies for the championship's immediate future.

Gresham won the title by defeating Cara Noir in a Champion vs. Champion match on March 20 at the "Chapter 130: Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, Dodge" event.

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