Can you smell what Bo Dallas is cooking?

Can you smell what Bo Dallas is cooking?
Credit WWE

It has been over a year since Bo Dallas, real name Taylor Rotunda was released by WWE.

Many fans may be asking what Taylor has been up to since his release from the company. Well, not long after his release he had told fans that he was going through a life changing experience which coincidentally has led him to test out his culinary skills on YouTube nonetheless.

He wasted no time in releasing his first introduction video explaining what he is planning to do on his culinary journey.

His first YouTube video sees Taylor making The Best Damn Cast Iron Chicken Thighs.” I have to admit on first glance it was a very entertaining watch (coming from someone who's tried and failed on making a YouTube cooking show) I could see many fans of Taylor flocking to his YouTube channel and enjoying his show.

You can see the video below.

I find it very interesting wondering what former professional wrestlers end up doing once they've left a company like WWE.

What do you guys think or Bo showing off his cooking skills? Will you be watching? Why don't you let us know down in the comments below.