Brittish Grappler Returns at Rev Pro Show!

Gabriel Kidd made his return to wrestling after taking time to deal with escalating mental health issues. Get the details below!

Brittish Grappler Returns at Rev Pro Show!

Gabriel Kidd has been out of action since February this year, but was able to overcome and make his return at this past weekends Revolution Pro Wrestling's Epic Encounters event. Before his exit earlier this year, Kidd was in a bad place mentally. Kidd had struggled with his mental health for some time and was not afraid to share his story on his Twitter account. 

This last Sunday however, he made his triumphant return to the squared circle with a surprise appearance competing against Dan Maloney, who made an open challenge in the middle of the show. Maloney originally called out NJPW Legend and Suzuki-Gun leader Minori Suzuki who was in attendance to face Will Ospreay, but Ospreay had to cancel due to a kidney infection. So when Maloney made his challenge he was shocked that WCPW talent Gabriel Kidd answered the call to a thunderous reception from those in attendance. Kidd was able to score the victory over Maloney after a Corkscrew Tombstone!

Right now, the future is uncertain for Kidd regarding how frequently he will compete and where he will compete. Some are hoping that he will plan on returning to Japan but right now all the focus is on the fact that he is back after facing his issues head on and getting back in the ring. 

Kidd had seen some rough and difficult periods in his life early this year and his struggle became a very public one due to a combination of a series of promos he cut inside the ring and posts he had made via social media. During this time fellow Brittish Wrestler, Will Ospreay intervened on Twitter in a bid to help Kidd as he pleaded with fans not to contact Kidd. 

Gabriel Kidd is one of the many Wrestlers who shined a spotlight on their struggles with mental health in recent times. Kidd was lucky enough to receive a tonne of support from peers and fans alike which has in turn brought him back to the world of professional wrestling. 

All of us here at Real Rasslin wish Gabriel Kidd nothing but the best moving forward in both his public and private lives. 

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