Brian Cage Wins XPW World Championship!

Brian Cage Wins XPW World Heavyweight Championship At XPW’s Rebirth Event

Brian Cage Wins XPW World Championship!
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At XPW‘s Rebirth event on November 7th 2021, Brian Cage and Willie Mack both made history.

In an epic match between the two superstars, Mack defeated Cage to win the XPW World Heavyweight Championship, and in doing so, he became the first man to win the championship since Shane Douglas had held it at the end of the promotion’s initial run in 2003. This match was the final match of a one night tournament to crown a new champion.

HOWEVER, this didn't happen without controversy,

Shortly after the match, the owner of the company, Rob Black, decided to screw Mack. He came to the ring to count the pin after three referees weren't enough to bet the job done. Black then got into a fight with the match’s first official, and the distraction let Cage hit Mack with the title belt. Black immediately counted the pin, so Cage won the title in a very controversial manner indeed.