Booker T Responds Briefly to Tyrus’ NWA World Title Win!

Booker T is a man who can be very opinionated, especially when it comes to wrestling outside of the WWE, recently he pulled back his opinion on Tyrus’ big win. Get the details below!

Booker T Responds Briefly to Tyrus’ NWA World Title Win!
Pic Credit - Wrestling Observer

Booker T is a legend in the business who has had a huge career in the ring for promotions like WCW, WWE and TNA. He is a former grappler who can be very outspoken and opinionated when it comes to discussion around wrestling, more so when the discussion is about wrestling outside World Wrestling Entertainment. On the latest episode of his “Hall of Fame” podcast the Two-Time, Two-Time WWE Hall of Famer and his co-host Grad Gilmore discussed the recent controversies that are engulfing the National Wrestling Alliance.

"I don't know a whole lot about NWA other than I see it sporadically, and I know they've got that studio feel of wrestling like the old Crockett promotion from back in the day," Booker T discussed before asking his co-host who is the current World Heavyweight Champion, to which Gilmore informed him that it was indeed Tyrus.

"Okay, that tells me everything I need to know," Booker T said laughing.

Gilmore followed this up by asking the WWE Hall of Famer what his favorite Tyrus match is, to which Booker T responded with the below comment.

"Whichever one was the quickest." Both men continued to laugh.

In recent times there has been a lot of turmoil within the ranks of the NWA which has seen them become the butt of a lot of jokes within the wrestling community. The ptomotion has also seen its fair share of heat too with the current situation going down within the promotion, such as the heat between owner Bill Corgan and former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. Recently Billy Corgan angered many fans with his remarks seemingly disrespecting women’s wrestling while also engaging in a public war of words with Aldis over the state of the promotion, as well as putting the title on Tyrus, who has become a very divisive and outspoken figure outside of the ring for his right-wing political views and commentary during his appearances on Fox News.

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