Bischoff Says ROH Purchase Was a Bad Business Decision by Khan!

Once again Easy-E Blasts Tony Khan’s decision making, this time relating to Ring of Honor. Get the details below!

Bischoff Says ROH Purchase Was a Bad Business Decision by Khan!
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Eric Bischoff is no stranger to controversy, and he is no stranger with regards to going up against WWE. While he has had a shaking history in the industry, he was responsible for WCW ‘s rise in the mid 90’s but as history showed that fizzled out. Keeping that in mind, does he have a point this time?

Khan officially purchased Ring of Honor back in May this year buty thus far ROH has not produced any weekly television programming and while the Pay Per Views that have been held are genuinely some of the better events this year, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to them as they are scattered out throughout the year thus far. In his recent tirade against Khan, Eric Bischoff believes that the decision to purchase Ring of Honor was, simply a bad business decision.

Bischoff recently spoke on the latest episode of "Strictly Business," and the former WCW President and WWE Hall of Famer described the Ring of Honor product as a very niche product prior to the AEW acquisition before going on to reveal why he doesn't think Ring of Honor will appeal to the mainstream wrestling community and its fans/audience. 

"How many YouTube viewers did Ring of Honor get before they were purchased? You're talking about tens of thousands, maybe? It was an insignificant, off-the-radar, unknown brand, except for the most active of the internet wrestling community who sought it out.

The library was worth almost nothing. A lot of that library is so poorly produced it doesn't lend itself to a premium streaming platform. You know, there's some legacy to it because some talent came out of there, which is notable and interesting as backstory. But there's no real value in any of the assets."

Keeping that in mind, the former WCW President did state that Ring of Honor could work as a developmental brand for AEW, which is something that has been theorized by many fans and insiders alike since the buyout. Bischoff states that this will only work if Khan creates a strong infrastructure and makes sure to hire the right people to support the brand moving forward. Additionally, Eric Bischoff believes there is a serious need for coaches to0 be put in place who can mold and train talent for a nation and worldwide television audience instead of a niche indie audience.

What do you think?

Do you agree with Eric Bischoff? Was this a bad business decision?

Do you think ROH needs to obtain some regular structure and produce weekly content?

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