Billy Corgan Issues Statement Explaining Why Nick Aldis Was Suspended, Believes Aldis Is Working An Angle for Himself.

Billy Corgan Issues Statement Explaining Why Nick Aldis Was Suspended, Believes Aldis Is Working An Angle for Himself.

In a recent interview on the Busted Open podcast, Billy Corgan has spoken about issues arisen between the NWA and Nick Aldis leading Corgan to say Aldis is using his departure to work an angle for himself. 

Corgan went on to explain the actions for the suspension after Aldis made his departure public in January. Aldis had informed Corgan about his plans to leave the company in the last week and has since questioned Aldis' motives in 'burying' NWA on his way out. 

Here's what he said below:

“Why does he have to bury the locker room, why does he have to bury the product? And again, I have heard all this stuff privately for years. These are not new criticisms. He and I have battled about the product for years and he has helped make the product behind the scenes better with those battles, so this is not a sensitive, reactionary thing. But how do I as the leader of this company allow a key talent, the most highly-visible talent in the company, up until he opens his mouth and tells people he’s leaving, allow him to blast the company?

“I can’t have a guy like that show up, because what message does it send to the locker room? There’s a lot of people in the locker room that are not happy about this.”

Corgan has stated that Aldis is still under contract with the company and is still getting a pay packet. The suspension has only taken him out of future NWA events. When asked about which remarks made by Aldis upset him the most Corgan, he replied that it was the fact Aldis made it so public with his frustrations.

“Nothing, I just think that it’s talking about these things in public. I don’t understand what the point is. Why is he working an angle when he’s leaving? Why is he using the NWA’s good name, or my good name, to get himself over in a way that’s not necessary? If he’s everything he thinks he is, go into the free market like any free agent and test your mettle. He’s working — and I’m using the industry term here — something. I don’t know what he’s working, but he’s willing to sacrifice me and the NWA to prove something or get something going or go do something early because someone’s given him an iggy and said, ‘Hey, if you can get out early…’ This is not cool, he’s under contract, he’s a paid talent. He didn’t come to us and say, ‘Hey, I’d like to get out for ‘x,y,z…’’ I’ve been in those situations, I can deal with those things. I used to tell Nick in the early days of the NWA that if Vince [McMahon] calls you tomorrow, I’ll release you from your contract. So why is a guy like that, me, who’s willing to let a guy go chase bigger opportunities, why does this guy [Aldis] got to burn down the company 50-something days out when he can just leave in 50 days? It’s not what he said. I’ve heard it all. Criticisms of the company are valid, it’s OK. But why does a key talent who is supposed to be a locker room leader doing this on the way out, basically setting the pay-per-view into a weird cloud, and then after we said publicly he’s not going to be on the pay-per-view, then he tweets — what are we, on the schoolyard? He tweets, ‘hey sorry fans, I won’t be there. I was prepared to perform. Don’t watch the product, it’s terrible, but I won’t be there.’ C’mon. That’s not a clear message. That’s somebody working something that I can’t see.”

Corgan made it known that Aldis could have left the company and then made his opinions public, which would have made them valid. As of now, he's still under contract with the company. Corgan believes that Aldis has ''Scorched the earth'' and can't see a way for the two to reconcile their differences. While Corgan has appeared on the Busted Open podcast once before and had voiced his negative opinion on Aldis, but that was to work an angle between the two. 

He stated that he'd have preferred the fans to remember when Aldis as a champion, instead he's tearing apart the company he helped build back up. He goes on to say that Aldis went into business for himself which has left the NWA to defend themselves from any unwarranted criticism. 

Ending the interview, Corgan says he believes that Aldis is damaging his own stock and his future, which may result in him regretting his comments in the future. 

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