Big E injury update!

Big E injury update!

With news just breaking, Big E has announced he had just been to his first appointment with his doctor following the neck injury he suffered on Smackdown earlier this month whilst working a tag team match alongside Kofi Kingston, where they faced off against Ridge Holland and Sheamus.

We already knew that he suffered a fractured C-1 and C-6 vertibrae, however according to his doctor, this was a lucky escape considering some of the other outcomes that could've took place as a result of this injury.

Apparently, Big E could've suffered a stroke, paralysis or even worse, death.

This puts into perspective how serious the injury was and how lucky he is to have escaped much more serious consequences.

Big E took to Twitter a few hours ago and had this to say:

"Had my first doctor’s appointment and learning (because of the C1 fracture) I narrowly escaped a stroke, paralysis or death is very sobering. Life feels even more precious and valuable now."

Big E had previously been included in a planned match for Wrestlemania which is just around the corner. It is unclear whether this planned match will undergo changes with the absence of Big E or whether the plans will be scrapped completely.

This issue pales in comparison to the situation however and we here at Real Rasslin, as well as the rest of the wrestling community, are thankful the situation didn't have any of the other outcomes the doctor mentioned. We wish him a speedy recovery!