Anthony Ogogo out Injured, career in the balance.

The former boxer turned wrestler is fighting to save his career.

Anthony Ogogo out Injured, career in the balance.

AEW star Anthony Ogogo is reportedly out injured due to an ongoing issue with his left eye. The former Olympic Boxer feels he may be on borrowed time as he joins the AEW injury list to undergo his tenth eye surgery.

It is believed that the issues with his left eye are from his days as an Olympic boxer and years of damage caused in the ring, the injuries were career ending for his boxing career before he was able to join the professional ranks, and it's possible it could cause problems with his new career in wrestling. 

Ogogo has shown some promise in matches with Cody Rhodes, so it would be a shame to see him have to retire. Hopefully, that won't be the case.

We at Real Rasslin wish him luck with his surgery and hope he has a speedy recovery.