Alex Hammerstone wants to take MLW World Championship Worldwide!

The Master of Muscle Mountain and the MLW World Heavyweight Champion recently conducgted an interview with Rene Dupree where he spoke about his current reign as MLW's top dog, get the details below!

Alex Hammerstone wants to take MLW World Championship Worldwide!

The MLW World Heavyweight Champion has made it clear that he wants to take the championship worldwide.

Alex Hammerstone has shown himself to be a competent and dominant champion, he relinquished the National Openweight championship after an impressive 865 day reign and as of this moment has held the MLW World Heavyweight Championship for 291 days beating the likes of Jacob Fatu, Mads Krugger and even Davey Richards to retain his title.

During a recent interview with Rene Dupree on his podcast Cafe de Rene, Hammerstone had this to say:

“It’s wild, Once you get there, now that I’m here, it just feels like my spot I should always have, right. But there was a time when it really felt like that was an unattainable goal. But now it’s where I’m at. Whereas what’s next, [it’s about] creating a legacy and making that belt look great, and I think I’ve been doing [that] so far in MLW. And I think I’m gonna continue to do that, not only there, but take the belt kind of around the world and continue being a great champion.”

As a fan of Hammerstone myself, I certainly hope he keeps this title reign going and does take the championship to new heights around the world.