Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite Run Down 21st April 2021

James gives us a rundown of this weeks AEW episode!

Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite Run Down 21st April 2021

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! 

This is your AEW Dynamite Run Down! 

This weeks Dynamite brought action and great matches! So let’s dive in! 
• Christian Cage vs. "Powerhouse" Will Hobbs (with Team Taz)
• AEW Women's Championship Match: Hikaru Shida vs. Tay Conti
• TNT Championship Match: Darby Allin vs. Jungle Boy
• Hangman Adam Page vs. "Absolute" Ricky Starks
• Trent w/Orange Cassidy vs. Penta El Zero Miedo w/Alex Abrahantes)
• Billy Gunn vs. QT Marshall (with The Factory)
• Jim Ross interviews The Pinnacle
• Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston return

We start the night off with: “Hangman" Adam Page vs “Absolute” Ricky Starks.

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The match starts out with both men landing heavy, hard shots. It’s fast and furious, Starks got caught in mid-air by an alert Hangman and with full force, slams Starks down hard to the canvas! The match is fast-paced and with plenty going on in and out of the ring.

As the match continues, its an all-out survival of the fittest as both men show that neither are willing to back down. Hard impact moves and near falls, the match has it all at this point.

Both men find their way to the top rope, they share exchanges with Page coming out the victor in the small exchange thanks to a Fall-Away Slam followed up by a huge Clothesline. Somehow Starks manages to kick out. Great match so far, Page lines up the Buckshot Lariat. However, Starks is one step ahead and lands a Spear! This time it’s Page who kicks out at two.

As both men battle away, Page looks to utilise the Deadeye but Starks blocks it, Page reverses again and hits Starks with a submission. Page wrenched Starks neck and ankle simultaneously forcing Starks to tap out. 

After the match, in typical Team Taz fashion, Taz came out and talked trash to Page and told him to start watching his back. At this point, Hook attacked Page from behind working over the ankle, Brian Cage joins and it looks as thought it was going to be a gang assault, until the Dark Order came and made the save! 

Winner: “Hangman" Adam Page. 

Great match, solid opener and great action. Starks impresses me quite a lot. Hangman is, as always great to watch and is well on his way to the AEW World Championship. Fully enjoyed this one. 

Next we have: Trent vs Penta El Zero M 

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The match starts with Penta oozing confidence, which he’s soon taken down a peg or two as Trent hits a Double Knee, following up the attack with a Back Suplex.

The action is thick and fast with both men battling in and out of the ring. The high-flying doesn’t take long to start as Trent launches himself over the top rope taking down Penta.

The match goes on with Penta landing a Slingblade and a Stiff Kick. Trent refusing to back down lands a Swinging DDT, but Penta retaliates with a thunderous Canadian Destroyer (Man, those are popular lately, aren’t they?) now both men are down!

Penta now back to his feet, gets in the face of Orange Cassidy who’s at ringside, however Cassidy the ever cool cat that he is, doesn’t respond.

As the match draws to it’s close, Alex grabs a mic and starts trash talking, telling Trent that Penta said that he sucked, his friends sucked and Trents momma Sue also sucked. After the verbal abuse, Alex runs to ringside where he’s met by Orange Cassidy who confronts him! Penta seizes the opportunity and Superkicks Cassidy. Trent tries an attack, but misses allowing Alex to hit Trent with a Mic, Penta follows up with a Package Piledriver to pick up the win! 

Winner: Penta El Zero M 

I liked this match, both Penta and Trent putting on a good match. Cassidy and Alex played well with the storytelling in the match. Fast paced. Great match. 

Next we have The Pinnacle: 

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For me, this is a masterclass in cutting a promo!

MJF starts by telling JR that he gives Jericho an F for putting over talent. He follows this up by saying that at age 25 Jericho was a curtain jerker and MJF at the age of 25 is already a top star (ouch, major burn!)

He goes on to mention that he’s undefeated in AEW and has beat Jericho before and goes on to challenge him an the rest of the Inner Circle to bring the fight and try and pin him. MJF says he is a mark, a mark for Jericho’s spot and at Blood and Guts, he will take it! 

Next up: AEW Women’s Championship match: Hikaru Shida (c) vs Tay Conti. 

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A great show of respect from both competitors as both ladies bow to each other. (I like that, respect being shown!) But that quickly went out the window as both started laying in hard Forearms.

Conti gets the upper hand and slams Shida hard down to the mat. The match is hard hitting and high impact with stiff shots, It’s certainly a match where both women are giving their all in the ring to bring great entertainment!

Towards the ending of the epic encounter, Conti hits a Pump Kick and follows up with the TayKO, but the resilient champion kicks out at two! After a further back and forth of strikes, Shida catches Conti with a huge slap heard throughout the arena, and then landing a backbreaker, the end is nigh when Shida hits a thunderous knee to Conti and picks up the win! 

After the match, Dr. Britt Baker came out and proclaimed that she wants her title shot! Baker is the new no.1 contender. 

Winner And Still AEW Women’s Champion: Hikaru Shida. 

Friggin’ loved this match! Both Shida and Conti put on a hell of a match! For those who call Conti a botch artist, how wrong you are! She’s an amazing star within AEW and is a future Women’s Champion. Shida was amazing as always and FINALLY Baker gets a title shot! That should be a great match to see! 

Next up: Inner Circle Promo. 

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Jericho talks about Blood and Guts, he says that it will be one of "the most violent and brutal matches ever seen." Hager then starts throwing straws and saying the Pinnacle will need them (I’d stick to being silent there Jake, promo’s were never really your thing).

Santana goes on to say that FTR name dropped an awful lot about wanting to face them, but need a group behind them to do it. Jericho, in typical Jericho fashion says he wrote a show tune for MJF and goes on to sing it. Quite catchy actually.

He tells them that it’s fun to make jokes and the Blood and Guts will be a lesson in violence. Next week both factions will have a good ole fashioned Parley to discuss the rules. I’m getting a pirate vibe here.. 

Next we have: Billy Gunn vs QT Marshall w/ The Factory

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Gunn wastes no time in going after the Factory, taking out Aaron Solow and Nick Comoroto.

Back in the ring he unleashes on QT, laying in shots and throwing him out to ringside. Gunn is like a smoking Gun, (pardon the pun), relentless in his assault. It turns into an all out brawl between the Gunn club and The Factory. Back in the ring, Billy manages to brush off an attempted Cutter by QT.

QT tries to escape the ring but Billy doesn’t allow it. While the referee isn’t looking Anthony Ogogo lands a major blow to the guts of Billy allowing QT to finally hit the Cutter and pick up the win! 

After the match, Ogogo hands a chair to QT that looks awfully wooden, but before he gets the chance to use it, out comes Dustin Rhodes, who unloads on him. A distraction from Ogogo allows them both to scarper, however Comoroto is met by Dustin who smashes the wooden chair over him. It ends with them being split up by AEW personnel. 

Winner: QT Marshall. 

An okay(ish) match, nothing super spectacular. Good to see Billy putting over younger talent. Not in bad shape to say he’s in his late 50s. Not much to say on the match otherwise, really. 

Next up: The Elite

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In their private trailer, Callis starts bragging about the group and their quality. He states that Omega will soon be the new IMPACT World Champion and Matt Jackson goes on to say that they’re the reason why the group is business in Japan, and they’re the group that started the company.
They go on to say that Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston are back tonight and that when they keep talking, a car horn keeps beeping. Omega says that it’s pissing him off. Much to the delight of fans, Moxley and Kingston appear and drive straight into the Elites trailer. Moxley climbs out of the truck with a pipe in hand, but the Elite had already made their escape! 

Next, Christian Cage vs “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs. 

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The match starts out with a standard Collar and Elbow tie up. Hobbs gains the early advantage by utilising his size advantage.

The majority of the match Hobbs had Cage where he wanted him. Fully in control, Cage did get some momentum in by landing some hard shots and great moves.

A back and forth series of big moves from both men, putting on a good match for AEW fans. Cage manages to land a Powerbomb, following up.with a high-flying Frog Splash. Hobbs manages to kick out at two, Hobbs regains control once again, but he gets over zealous and starts to mock Cage who manages to fight back and hit the Kill Switch for the win! 

Winner: Christian Cage. 

Good match, still love seeing Christian back in the squared circle. Kinda liked Hobbs, still has some way to go but I like him. 

MAIN EVENT TIME: TNT Championship Match: Darby Allin (c) vs Jungle Boy w/Luchasaurus. 

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As the bell rings, the two lock horns for the title.Exchanges made of holds and near falls, both looking for the momentum and advantage. A good showing so far from the champ and challenger,

Allin hits a hip toss and the aggression soon seeps through, following up with hard Shoulder Barges. The match soon descends into a brawl outside the ring as both men go over the barricade (it looked painful, but was that a mistake? I’m not too sure if that was meant to happen.)

Making their way back into the ring, Jungle Boy hits a hard elbow with Darby retaliating with a hard chop. The match continues and at several points, Jungle Boy looked to have had the match won, It was that close!

The closing stages saw Jungle Boy hit a barrage of strikes to a dazed Allin, He then charges at Allin but the champ hits the Last Supper to a pin and picks up the win! I have to say, by the skin of his teeth! 

Both men put on a hell of a match! With a show of respect. Afterwards, however, they were both attacked by Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. Lance Archer comes out to make the save, but was soon overwhelmed by the numbers game, then Sting returns with his trusty bat to even the odds! 

Winner And Still TNT CHAMPION: Darby Allin. 

I loved this match, great showing by both men. A lot of respect for both these guys! Love Darby and Jungle Boy both are sure fire future world champions without a doubt!
I’ve been James, you’ve been awesome! Let us know in the comments what you thought of this weeks Dynamite.