AEW Rampage beats SmackDown in key ratings demographic but ties in others

AEW Rampage beats SmackDown in key ratings demographic but ties in others

Some news has come to light outlining the fact that AEW's show Rampage has been beating Friday night SmackDown in the online demographic.

Although they are leading in terms of numbers online according to FS1, in terms of the key demographics for such groups as The 18 to 49 age group things seem to be fairly equal but fluctuate from time to time.

It's safe to say with the rise that AEW seems to have at the moment with both Dynamite and Rampage, in terms of popularity for most of the demographics that both companies seem to be fighting for, this is a huge feather in AEW's cap. 

This is probably the main reason as to why WWE have taken steps to make the last 30 minutes of each of the flagship shows ad free and more impactful than usual in order to maintain their standings with AEW in terms of ratings.

In total viewership, Smackdown dropped from the usual 2.2 million range to 866,000, a substantial dropoff which shows the built-in advantage WWE has by being on the Fox broadcast network instead of a cable network each week. Last October, Smackdown dropped to 881,000 total viewers. It's easy to see why Fox were quite unhappy with this, but I guarantee AEW were quite pleased to see that they had beaten SmackDown in terms of ratings.

As AEW themselves had drew more viewers, even though Rampage is only an hour long on average, total viewership rose to 578,000 from 502,000 last week, although it’s still the second lowest viewership for the series since it premiered in August.

It's great to see that AEW are making the right decisions and steps in the right direction because in the 30 minute overlap, AEW actually defeated WWE Smackdown by about 15 percent in the most coveted 18-49 demo – 328,000 to 285,000.

Let us know what you think of the story and comment on how long you think this battle may last? Who do you think will win? We'd love to hear from you!