AEW EVP's essentially stripped of creative control!

AEW EVP's  essentially stripped of creative control!

As per Cassidy Haynes of, Sources within the company have told him that creativity was essentially completely taken away from the EVP's, and now every decision comes through Tony Khan. As always, AEW talents are allowed and encouraged to pitch their ideas and give suggestions, but "creative is absolutely Tony Khan's prerogative now." 

Cody was the only EVP at one point to regularly attend office meetings with Khan, but his role has greatly diminished. 

Haynes was told that "basically they no longer have final say in creative or talent hiring. Any of them. TK pulled back on the reigns and took that power away from all."

It has also been stressed that Cody 'doesn't really have much of a relationship with any of the EVP's anymore.' Apparently the others are still great friends of his, but Cody's role has been shifted to being the man on the outside mostly looking in.

What are your thoughts on this? Personally, the creative control given to the EVPs really proved AEW is a people's company and it made it truly unique. Let us know in the comments your thoughts!