Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite 24-02-2021

Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite 24-02-2021

It's Wednesday and you know what that means! 
I’m James and this is your weekly AEW Dynamite Review! 
So, let’s dive into all the action from this week. 


First match-up is: Jon Moxley vs “Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth.  
The match starts with Nemeth going straight for the pendulum DDT, but Moxley had it well scouted and blocked. Not taking too kindly to this, Nemeth gave an almighty slap to the jaw of the former AEW world champion, knocking him down to the canvas.  
Moxley would then go on to brutalize the Hunky one, the momentum was in Moxley's favor, he attempted a clothesline, to which a wary Nemeth ducked and landed I have to say a rather beautiful dropkick.  
Moxley took notice of this and with full force landed a full impact Paradigm Shift to seal the victory.  
Winner: Jon Moxley.  
A short and sweet match, yeah it was a squash match, but it was effective in showing that the Mox Man is fully ready for the Exploding Barbed Wire Match.  
After the match, Moxley cut a promo and sat on a chair in the middle of the ring.  
he speaks of what he has to do to regain the World Championship.  

“From the moment that I woke up in the morning without the AEW World championship I knew I would do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes…I will crawl through the mud, I will crawl through barbed wire, landmines, whatever it takes to get back to the top and take the hill. It turns out that's exactly what I'm going to have to do.  

“What comes to your mind, what images come to your mind…when you hear the words ‘exploding barbed wire deathmatch’? What images come to your mind? Fire, blood, burns, torture, agony, vintage Japanese wrestling magazines? How do these images make you feel? Disgusted? Revolted? Do your palms sweat? Do your hands shake or do you get a sick thrill? I’m an addict. I’m addicted to this. I’m addicted to being in this ring. I’m addicted to coming out to this ring, all the blood, sweat and tears, from the bottom of my soul, bare in the ring, it’s a feeling I can’t get enough of!  

“So, the idea of the exploding barbed wire deathmatch—it’s too attractive, it pulls me in. I can’t resist it, even if it is some kind of trap by Kenny Omega and his boys. Kenny, you are not the first in a long, sad line of guys to try to take me out. Win, lose, or draw, everybody in this building, everybody watching at home, everybody’s who’s been with me, who stuck by me through everything, you will know that when it’s all said and done, that I gave you everything that I had. And if it does come to an end at REVOLUTION, live on pay-per-view, in an exploding barbed wire deathmatch, that feeling that I can’t get enough of, that seems like a perfect way, a hell of a way to go out. 
I can’t wait for this match! It's going to be brutal and I love it! 


Match 2: “Absolute” Ricky Starks and “The Machine” Brain cage vs. Varsity Blondes. 

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The early goings of the match see’s the Varsity Blondes being in control, showing good teamwork in breaking down Ricky Starks. Both teams going back and forth with offences. Pillman Jr attempted a springboard maneuver but was pushed to the outside flooring and landed hard.  
on the outside, Cage seized an opportunity and landed a powerbomb on the edge of the steel steps and ring post.  
With a now beaten Pillman back in the ring, Cage and Starks worked him over. It was all Starks and Cage until Pillman managed to dodge and make the tag to Garrison, who unleashed a flurry and cleaned house! Now with the Blondes back in Control, they landed a dropkick powerbomb combo and got a near fall.  
then.... The arena lights went out! 


A video came on showing “The Icon” Sting, rescuing TNT Champion Darby Allin from a body bag in the middle of a desert.  
The lights came back on, snow began to fall in the arena, out came sting, dragging a body bag to the entrance ramp, he unzipped it. Wait who’s that inside the bag?  
it was Hook! Taz’s son was inside the bag??  
this led Sting to point all the way up to the rafters and there was Allin making his way down to the ring using the zipline with skateboard in hand. (Never been a fan of the whole zipline from the rafter's thing, sure enough it was cool once, but personally, I hate the idea)  
he laid out Cage and Starks using his skateboard, both Allin and Sting were on a roll with landing blows and exacting revenge for last week.  
Sting with his trademark stinger splash and then finally the scorpion death lock!  
I do hope the street fight lives up to the hype, after a long feud, it needs a big payoff.  


Next up: Tony Schiavone interviews Miro and the newlyweds, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford.  
it starts with Tony saying that the interview feels uncomfortable, When Miro asks which part, Schiavone replies with what happened at the wedding.  
Sabian chirped up and asks Tony the fact that their having an interview was a joke and that Beach Break was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, then questions what happened.  

Schiavone told Sabian that it was destroyed by Charles “the Butler” and Orange Cassidy.  

An angered Miro stated that they couldn’t even go on honeymoon because of Cassidy and Charles.  
He states that he likes Charles, he’s a nice man, he tells Tony that he can come home anytime.  

As Miro was talking to the camera, Schiavone was handed a note which only read as “Will you wrestle us at Revolution?”  

This angered Miro more, stating that it is childish and him being with Cassidy is childish, he takes the paper and crumples it up, puts it in his mouth and spits it out at Schiavone.  
(what? Is that even allowed to happen? Is that even safe?)  

Match 3: Brandon Cutler (have to mention he’s 8-1 in AEW) vs. Jake Hager of the Inner Circle 

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The match starts off with Cutler throwing a big right hand, to which Hager ate all of it like a juicy meal, Hager then threw Cutler to the, Hager charged in like a bull on speed, but was dodged following up with a flurry of fists. Hager was having none of it and landed a wheelbarrow German suplex. Hager then deadlifted Cutler and landed another suplex, Sending Cutler back to the corner he landed some blows to the rib cage (nice textbook style there, wearing down the body, I like it!) 

The Match goes on and Hager hits a massive boot rocking his opponent, following up with the Hager Bomb! 
Using his quickness, Cutler manages to dodge and pull the top rope down, sending Hager to the outside. Cutler shoots like a bullet and lands a Tope Suicida, looking to keep the momentum he goes airborne and attempts a Tope Con Hiro.

Hager caught him and planted him with authority, then used Cutler like a rag doll by a landing a huge clothesline followed up by the pin to get the win! 

Winner: Jake Hager.  
Not a bad match, Cutler showed us what he can do and has an impressive repertoire. Hager as usual showed off his strength and his amateur background. Good match all told, I enjoyed it.  

After the match concluded, The Inner Circle made their way to the ring (Wardlow, Santana and Ortiz) and joined Hager in a post-match beatdown on Cutler.  
Out comes AEW World Tag Champs the Young Bucks and made the save, super kicking both Santana and Ortiz, they went for Hager but he managed to escape unscathed.  

Matt picked up a microphone: “Yo Chris Jericho…MJF…hey boys we don’t have to wait until REVOLUTION, how about you get your stupid asses down to this ring right here, right now!” 
This prompted MJF and Jericho to appear on the big screen and Jericho asked: “We ran into someone wandering around backstage. Does this belong to you?” He held up a bloodied and unconscious Papa Buck! Jericho rammed Papa Buck into the AEW semi-truck, right smack against Nick Jackson’s graphic! MJF picked him up and this timed he shoved Papa Buck headfirst into Matt Jackson’s graphic! 

“He looks pretty rough. You’d better call a doctor. Or better yet, come back here and pick up your trash,” said Jericho. 

“See you boys at REVOLUTION,” said MJF, and then he and Jericho did The Bucks’ famous pose. 

MJF and Jericho escaped in an SUV as Matt Jackson chased after them by foot! Daddy Buck was taken away in an ambulance. 

Next up: A video package aired for next week’s episode of DYNAMITE: THE CROSSROADS—featuring Shaq & Jade Cargill vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet (with Arn Anderson)! 
Nothing special about this, basically a hype package, I never did understand why celebs enter the rasslin’ world, I mean is there really any need?  

Match 4 on the card: Isiah Kassidy w/ Matt Hardy and TH2 vs. “Hangman” Adam Page. 

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The match starts before the bell could even ring as Page lands a punch to Kassidy! Page is on a roll with stomps and tosses Kassidy across the ring (anyone got any coin?)  
Kassidy rolled out of the ring with Page in tow, making their way back into the ring Kassidy managed to land a kick to Page as he was entering back into the ring.  

Page manage to regroup and landing a stiff lariat from the corner, he stared down at Hardy who was at ringside as Hardy began to taunt him.  

The match was a battle of attrition, neither men wanting to lose, the momentum shifts from one to the other, it was great viewing for any wrestling fan!  

TH2 caused a distraction leaving the ref Aubery Edwards to deal with them, this allowed Hardy to distract Page who was about to execute the Buckshot Lariat, and rammed Page’s shoulder into the steel ring post!  
All kinds of chaos had descended on the match as The Dark Order’s Silver and Reynolds sprinted down to the ring. Edwards had, had enough of Hardy’s antics and ejected him from ring side and the match! Kassidy didn’t allow this to distract him much, as he carried on about his way.  

with Silver and Reynolds shouting out words of encouragement to Page he rallied all the energy he had. A back and forth of exchanges ensued, but Page rallied enough to hit a Deadeye to get the win!  
Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page.  
Fully loved this match! It was exciting and a breath of fresh air. As a very good friend of mine pointed out to me, Page is the man for long storylines. I can now understand why he is a future company babyface! Page is a sure fire hit for a world title run in the future! Hopefully this feud will be the payoff leading to that.  
After the match Hardy appears again: “You chose the Dark Order over Big Money Matt Hardy. I wanted to give you the world but you betrayed me. And now I’m going to hurt you in more ways than you can imagine. And I’m also going to hurt every single member of the Dark Order that you love so much,” said a vengeful Hardy over the loudspeaker. From the entrance tunnel, Hardy took #5 Alan Angels and tossed him off, (seriously no coins??) sending him crashing through a table! The Dark Order and Page chased Hardy to the back! 

Next up: The AEW Women’s World Championship Semi Final Match: Dr. Britt Baker w/Rebel not Reba vs “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose.  

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From the outset, Baker couldn’t take Rose off her feet, no matter how hard she tried. Rose enjoyed toying with baker and slammed her hard with two scoop slams, (they looked like they hurt) 

A frustrated Baker threw a temper tantrum outside of the ring and threw her toys out of the pram.  

The match was all Rose, Baker managed to get some offence in, with the help of Rebel, who caused her fair share of distractions, didn’t escape unscathed, she was planted on the apron and cannon ball sentonned for her troubles.  

Baker with all the distraction was lying in wait for a returning Nyla, attempting the Lock Jaw submission, but the big Rose powered out and smashed Baker hard on the canvass.  

After a pin attempt, only getting a two count, Rose had her back turned allowing Baker to land a thrust kick not one but twice! Rocking the Native Beast. Attempting the Lock Jaw for a second time, Rose again powered out, back to her feet, Rose landed a hard right to the face of Baker and followed it up with the Beast Bomb, a pin attempt and to everyone's surprise, Baker kicks out at two! The woman’s got guts I'll have her that. Rose furious at this delivers a second Beast Bomb and this time gets the win!  
Winner: Nyla Rose.  
Not a fan of the result in all honesty, Rose seems to be in the title picture a lot. Personally, I think Baker is deserving of a title shot, she’s a great heel and would make a great champion.  

Main event time now: Rey Fenix vs. “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer w/Jake “The Snake” Roberts, in a FACE OF THE REVOLUTION Ladder match qualifying match.  

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The match starts quick with Archer shoving Fenix; however, Fenix responds with a slap of his own followed by chops and kicks to the legs.  

The match is high octane and fast paced, with both stars showing why they’re all elite! With a back-and-forth flurry of offence, neither men willing to backdown!  

one move after another with blocks and reversals, it was hard to pick a clear-cut winner. Archer with the advantage of have Roberts at ring side, he grabbed the feet of Fenix as he climbed the top turnbuckle, sending him crashing to the ramp, safe to say he got some extra milage added to his fall!  

after several minutes, Fenix made his way back into the ring, and Archer was met with a springboard frog splash.  
a pin attempt but Archer kicked out, he then whipped Fenix into the corner, Fenix at this point is really unsteady on his feet, was clubbed back down to the canvass. Archer went for a chokeslam but an alert Fenix escaped.  

Archer showing no give, sent Fenix to the outside and followed up with a crushing whip into the steel barrier.  
The match continues and both men are giving their all! Rey Fenix just will not stay down as he continues to try and topple the big man Archer.  

the closing stages of the match saw Archer on the receiving end of the Spanish fly, but somehow Archer had powered out at two! Fenix is in disbelief! And quite frankly, so am I! Archer now back in control slammed Fenix hard with a choke-slam and went for the pin, but Fenix kicked out at two! Man, what a match! 
Archer couldn’t believe the tenacity the Fenix was showing in this match! Archer lined him up and finally managed to put Fenix down curtesy of the Black Out.  
Winner: “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer. 
What.A.Match! This is hands down the best match of the night! Rey Fenix is an amazing athlete with amazing charisma, he’s like a young Rey Mysterio, the things he can do inside the ring is just phenomenal and inhuman!  
surely this is an early match of the year contender, right? It has to be! Both men showing the utmost respect to eachother as they share a fistbump in the middle of the ring! That's what i like to see! They gave the fans a hell of a match!
so, what did you make of this week's Dynamite? Let us know in the comments below! 
I’ve been James, you’ve been awesome. Thanks for reading!