Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite! 17/02/2021

James is back with a review of the latest Dynamite!

Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite! 17/02/2021

AEW Dynamite review – 17-02-2021 

Hi, I’m James and I'm back with your weekly Dynamite review! Let's dive straight in!

Match 1: “Hangman" Adam Page and Matt Hardy vs TH2. 

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After last week’s #shenanigans with the contract signing, whether Hardy knew if Page had switched the contract or not, it created a match as a result.   

Before the bell could ring, TH2 had jumped Page and Hardy, taking the fight straight to them. Momentum had shifted when Page began laying into Evens with a flurry of chops, then tagging in Hardy. Landing a few shots of his own, he tagged Page back in landing an impressive running shooting star press and pinning, only to get a near fall. Working as a team, the performed a double suplex on Evens. With page back on the apron, Hardy hit the powerbomb but didn’t seen the blind tag made by Angelico. With Angelico now in control of Hardy, he lifted a prone Hardy, climbed the tope rope and landed a double foot stomp. Now TH2 double teaming Hardy, Evens attempting a back spring elbow, but the crafty veteran countered with a side effect! Page tagged back in and cleaned house with great momentum. A mis communication as Hardy tagged himself in as Page was going for the Buckshot Lariat, leaving Page looking displeased, this gave the advantage back to TH2.   

As luck would have it, Page and Hardy regained control, with Page connecting a double buckshot lariat on both members of TH2, allowing Hardy to hit Angelico with a Twist of Fate and getting the win.   

Winners: Page and Hardy  

Good match in fairness, however the real story is what happened after the match!   

After the match, Hardy demanded a microphone and said stated that Page had looked like a million bucks and it made him very excited because he’s going to make a lot of money off him, and how he was glad that Page had signed with him last week. This cause page to question how well Matt had read the contract, but it was fully executed, with Hardy replying he hadn’t 
This led to the Jaguars' mascot came to the ring with a contract. The contract wasn’t a talent contract. It was for a match—Page vs. Hardy at REVOLUTION, and if Hardy loses, Page gets all of Hardy’s earnings from the first quarter of 2021!  

This angered Hardy and stated that Page was nothing but he thinks he’s a man of Honor but if he had to put something on the line, that Page should too, so, if Page loses, he has to give all of his earning from Quarter 1 of 2021.   

Page agreed to the terms, saying he thinks they have themselves a big money match!  

Then an attack from the Jaguars’ from behind which was revealed to be Isiah Cassidy of private party. Hardy had offered a bounty to TH2 if they joined the attack on Hardy which they accepted, this led the Dark Order to come out to Page’s aid leaving Hardy, TH2 and Kassidy running like scolded dogs!  

Backstage segment: Alex Marvez interviewed Santana and Ortiz, along with the Inner Circle backstage  

Chris Jericho stated that Guevara is dead to him because Sammy walked out on the Inner Circle.  

Match 2: 1st round Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Match: NWA World Women’s Champion Serena Deeb vs. Riho 

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The match started with Deeb and Riho locking up, the early going showcased a good base wrestling move set, neither women having any real advantage, however Riho escaped a side headlock by stepping on the back of the left leg of Deeb, this left good ole Jim Ross pointing out the trouble Deeb’s having with that left knee, and the fact she was wearing a knee brace.   

The match continues as Riho bridged out of a pin attempt, following up with a basement dropkick. Deeb refusing to stay down, fought back and managed to catapult Riho, leaving her opponents neck landing right on the bottom rope.   

Back and forth the match goes with Riho hitting a snap dragon suplex, Deeb landed hard and I heard that impact, hard on her shoulder, this allowed Riho to back her up into the corner with hard elbow strikes. Deeb battled back and landed a series of European uppercuts. She hurled Riho into the corner, Deeb charging in like a red eyed bull, but Riho countered with a smooth head scissors taking Deeb down. Riho, believing she had the momentum attempted a northern lights suplex, but a well aware Deeb had it scouted and managed to block the attempt.   

the match went on with back-and-forth exchanges, reversals, hard shots and stiff hits. Riho gained the advantage just enough to hit the 619 followed up by a diving foot stomp right on the spine of Deeb, ouch!   

Riho climbed the top rope and landed a cross body (almost like a feather in the wind but with a hard impact) only to get a near fall. Then almost like a viper, Deeb hit a powerbomb from nowhere then placed Riho in the stretch muffler. Managing to break the hold via the bottom rope. Riho had shifted the momentum and landed a northern lights suplex, again climbed the top rope and landed the double foot stomp to the guts of Deeb. Kicking out at two, Riho looking flustered attempted a running knee strike, but with the way the match went Deeb had managed to dodge it.   

I love this part, a series of pin attempts going back and forth, it was Riho who managed to get the win!   

Winner: Riho  

Okay I fully loved this match, both ladies putting on a classic match! I’m really impressed with Deeb and she’s fully deserving of the NWA women’s championship. Good to see Riho back, she looks great as ever, well fought match! And she advances!   

Next up: A video package aired of Shaq and Jade Cargill training for their upcoming match against Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet  

The match is scheduled to take place on the march 3rd edition of Dynamite!   

Nothing much to say to this really, just the pure enjoyment of watching big Shaq training. Reminds me of STEEL...  

Match 3: “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy w/Chuck Taylor vs Luther w/Serpentico. 

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The match starts out with Serpentico landing a tope Suicida taking out Chuck Taylor before the bell even rang! This had distracted Cassidy, which allowed Luther to land a big pump kick followed by a powerbomb. Cassidy being the ever-cool dude that he is, lands a powerbomb of his own from the apron down to the matts at ringsideSerpentico got into the ring again to which Taylor had stopped him with the awful waffle (question: why that name?)  

Cassidy landed the orange punch to Luther and it was enough to seal the victory!  

Winner: Orange Cassidy  

Nice and short, can’t complain at that. Good to see Taylor back with Cassidy.   

Promo: “The Machine” Brian Cage, Taz, and Hook walked to the ring.  

Team Taz came out with microphone in hand, Taz said he was tired about hearing all this talk about Sting calling out Team Taz every week. He went on to say that Sting sent his snow down to Texas and that Team Taz are down a few men tonight, and that there’s only three of them tonight and invited the Icon to come out to the ring.   

Sting appears from backstage with his trademark bat in hand. This led Taz to tell sting that he just stepped in the ring and that it was the worst thing he’d done, that there was no Darby Allin and without the bat, he’s done and that he needs the bat.   

A spirted Sting threw the bat to one side and removed his jacket. And wasted no time in throwing punches!  

Hook grabbed Sting’s bat and landed a hard shot from behind, as sting turned around to face Hook, Cage saw his opening, with strikes and then landing a powerbomb, leaving Sting in the middle of the ring as Team Taz left the ring.   

The longer this feud goes on the more I'm less invested in it to be honest. I get it’s a slow build but this feels painfully slow.    

Next up: a very strange segment with AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, along with Don Callis, were visiting a kindergarten class.   

Omega brought along a copy of The Young Bucks’ autobiography to read to the class of kids.  

“Uncle Kenny’s gotta go. Lots of business to do. Lots of charities today,” said Don Callis.  

They left Michael Nakazawa to stay with the kids, but the kids said they hated Nakazawa. The children ganged up on him and attacked him.  

Okay, I don’t get this, I’m all shades of confused on this one. let’s move on, shall we?   

 Match 4: AEW World Tag Team Champions the Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz 

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With Mum and Dad in the front row, The Young Bucks were ready to put on a show for them as they took on Santana and Ortiz!  

It was going to be a match of high flying and power as these two teams began the match. Using his power, Santana used his power to block an arm drag attempt from Nick Jackson. A tag from Ortiz allows Matt to tag in.   

With Matt hip tossed both Ortiz and Santana followed by a drop kick to Ortiz, Santana tagged back in, but a waiting double drop kick from the Bucks sent him down. The match is already to a wild start!  

Santana and Ortis work sufficient as a team and use the Magic Killer backbreaker move. As the match went on both teams put on a non-stop action showing. Both teams holding nothing back as they gave it their all. A series of big moves from both Bucks and Ortiz and Santana, trash talking, hard hits and showboating.  

At the closing stages of the match, Santana and Ortiz power-bombed Matt into the front row following with trash talking. Nick had used a small package cradle to pin Ortiz getting the victory for the bucks.   

Winners: AEW world tag team champions: The Young Bucks.  

I liked this match. I'm not the biggest fan of the Bucks, but they do give a good match. Still, now don’t get me wrong I do like a high-flying style but sometimes it’s like watching a ninja film with all the flipping they do. 

After the match, the Inner Circle pulled the old heel move and ran down to the ring and began their assault on the Young Bucks in a straight up gang assault.   

With Omega, Callis and The Good Brothers watching the assault backstage on a TV monitor, Omega questioned if they were going to make the save. Brandon Cutler tried in vain to save the Bucks himself but the big Jake Hager soon stopped him in his tracks and slams him hard onto the entrance ramp. Ouch.   

This left MJF and Jericho to put the Bucks in their respective submission moves “Ahem” (Salt of the Earth and the Lion Tamer) causing the Bucks to tap out.   

Out came the Good Brothers, a bit late mind, leaving the Inner Circle to scatter out of the ring, but not before Jericho made sure he shoved Pappa Buck at ring side.   

Guess you just found yourself on the hit list...  

Next up: Brandi Rhodes said she was going to do the gender reveal of the baby live on DYNAMITE.   

A cute but cringy segment now with Cody and Brandi Rhodes coming out.   

Brandi had said that not even the father Cody knew the gender of their unborn baby.  

As they made their way up the ramp, a pyro of pink went off. So, I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say it’s a girl?   

Or she’s giving birth to a pyro of pink?  nonetheless Congratulations to the Rhodes’ and baby Rhodes, still a long road to go.   

Match 5: FTR w/Tully Blanchard vs. Matt & Mike Sydal 

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The Match starts off with Cash ramming Mike into the turnbuckle, with Dax chopping away at the chest of Mike, yeah... that looks like it hurts.   

Matt gets the tag in, and lands hard kicks to Dax, with Cash getting the tag back with an unknowing Mike found himself on the receiving end of a vicious belly to back suplex.   

Matt re-joins and takes out both members of FTR with his speed and offence, Mike now back to his feet, graciously Moonsaults to the outside of the ring. Meanwhile in the ring Matt rolls up Dax which is broken up by Cash with an Uppercut reminiscent of one Dory Funk.  

Matt attempts a high-risk top rope move, but Dax grabs his leg from the outside, causing the shooting star man to lose his balance.   

With Matt down, Cash and Dax used their double team finishing move to pick up the victory.   

Winners: FTR  

The match could have gone on a little longer, FTR naturally picking up the   

win, but all I seem to see is FTR vs high-flyers, I'd love to see them go up against a grounded tag team.  

That match with Dax and Jungle boy I still can’t get that out of my head, amazing.   

After the match was over, referee Paul Turner had called for Doc Sampson to come to the ring to check on Mike, but FTR wouldn’t let that happen as they grabbed the bag and pulled out a pair of surgical scissors, oh dear, it looks like Mike's hair was going to get unexpectedly chopped, but the lights went out.   

Out came Jurassic Express to make the save, Luchasaurus finding a brand-new mask with both Horns back on. I thought I'd never see the horny mask again; Jungle Boy got his hands on Dax once more and placed him in the Snare Trap but FTR managed to escape and high tail it out of the arena

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Match 6: “Mad King” Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade w/Bunny vs. IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley, and “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer w/ Jake “The Snake” Roberts & Rey Fenix!  

Main event time now, and the match starts out with nothing but a brawl!  

Both teams going at it with flying fists. After order is restored, Blade had control while he tagged in The Butcher and he quickly landed the leg drop. Kingston then tagged in and nailed a clothesline on Moxley. The tags keep on coming as Blade tagged back in and with a powerslam kept Moxley grounded.   

Good strategy to have with the quick tags, keeping fresh while giving a beatdown, impressive teamwork.   

Moxley managed to mount a small comeback, managing to get the tag in to Archer who would dominate proceedings, hitting Blade with a belly-to-belly suplex, Archer showing his balance walked the top rope, okay I've done the undertaker shtick before, you get the drift, comes thundering down on Blade.   

Moxley makes that tag back in and punts square in the head of Blade, then punishes him some more with a suplex. After a frenzy of action and big moves, all 6 men are down and the match descending into chaos!  

Moxley and Kingston trading blows with Kingston going for the back fist only for the IWGP US champ to absorb the full impact, seeing his opportunity to power through and hit the paradigm shift getting the victory.   

Winners: IWGP US Champion John Moxley, Lance Archer and Rey Fenix  

Once again, another great main event! I fully love Fenix and his in-ring ability is amazing, Archer as always is amazingly impressive, for a big guy he has great agility and speed.   

After the match, no surprises and The Good Brothers, came out and laid a beating on Moxley from behind, while Omega and Callis made their way to the ring.   

Omega brandishing a piece of paper in Moxley’s face, stating that he was aware that there was a rematch clause in the contract, and that at Revolution on march the 7th he will in fact face Moxley one more time, but Omega will name the stipulation. and that match will be …   


Omega found himself a little too close to Moxley as he managed to headbutt the champion, busting him wide open, Omega didn’t take too kindly to this, and nailed Moxley with too hard and vicious V-triggers!  

Damn, what an ending to this week's show!! I mean and Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch? okay Revolution is one I'm staying up to watch!  

What are your thoughts on this week's show?   

let us know in the comments below!   

I’ve been James, you’ve been awesome, thanks for reading!