Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite! February 10th 2021

AEW put on another great show last week, and James is here with the round up!

Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite! February 10th 2021

Hi, I'm James, and this is your weekly Dynamite review.                                                                                            

This week kicks off with the TNT championship on the line! And the start of the AEW women’s championship eliminator tournament. Let’s dive in as I give you the low down on this week's Dynamite! 

Match 1: TNT championship match: Darby Allin © vs “the Bad Boy” Joey Janela.  

Kicking things off is this championship match. The match starts out with a collar and elbow tie up, with Allin getting the upper hand. These two have had quite the war in the past. A good showing of tactical wrestling in the early stages by Allin gains the advantage, but not for long as with a small back and forth, Janela gains the advantage hitting Allin with a face first suplex to the apron of the ring following it up with a flying forearm suicida through the middle ropes, taking the champion down. Janela taking control of the match now, it would seem he has the champion where he wants him. The two continue to battle with Janela attempting a corner side suplex, but Allin reverses and lands the shotgun dropkick sending Janela to the corner and apron.  

Allin quickly goes on the attack working on the arm. Using the ropes like a tag partner, Allin pulls Janela into the ropes and sends him to the outside; Allin then launches himself through the middle rope like a full speed steam train, crashing into Janela sending them both hard into the barricade. Back into the ring and Allin attempts an arm bar, but Janala breaks by getting to the ropes; there's no safety though as Allin kicks the bottom rope to the teeth of Janela. The two continue, with Allin going for a middle rope springboard coffin drop but a wary Janela counters into a belly to back suplex, dazing the champion following up with a thrust kick and going for the pin. Two count, Allin manages to fight back; a back and forth ensues followed by a series of mat wrestling and pins. A great match to start the night by two promising talents. Both men on the middle turnbuckle, landing an avalanche code red and going for the pin, two count. Allin with a hammerlock take down followed up by a coffin drop, pins and gets the win!  

Winner and still TNT champion Darby Allin.  

Great match to start the night off, I enjoyed this one. Both men showing that they can go all out and put on a show. I feel these two will be huge stars in the future. Just unleash their potential and we may see two future world champions! I like Janela, he’s very talented and is a solid worker in my opinion, he just needs the right direction and I think he’d be a top star.  

Jon Moxley promo:  

He talks about how the time for talking is over and if KENTA wants his IWGP US title, he’ll have to stand in the ring against him; two of the hardest hitters and nastiest suckers in the game are going to unload on each other, a war of attrition. One man will be left standing. He states that he’s teaming with a man who’d tried to kill him multiple times in Lance Archer and that tonight’s match is unsanctioned. That it’s just for fun. In that, the promo ends.  

Backstage: The Inner circle.  

In recent weeks, tensions have been building between MJF and Sammy Guevara. Guevara heads into the Inner Circle's locker room and asks them to leave while he has a word with MJF. They reluctantly leave Guevara and MJF to talk. Guevara tells MJF that he knows he’s trying to take control of the group, and that he’s seen it happening for weeks, to which MJF tells him that he thought he was jealous and that Sammy hates Chris Jericho and that he feels he should be front and centre. MJF manipulated Sammy into saying he hated Chris Jericho, unbeknownst to Sammy he was in fact recording the whole thing.  Sammy spotted this and confronted MJF, but this wasn’t received well. Sammy takes the phone and throws it against the wall and gives him the whole capital of Thailand treatment. Oh, I felt that one, my spider sense was tingling!

Match 2: “The Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson w/ Arn Anderson vs Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi 

The match starts off quick as Rhodes sends Avalon into the corner, following with a series of stomps to the chest. Rhodes staying on the attack tags in Johnson. Avalon manages to get a headlock locked in, but gets pushed back to the ropes. With a blind tag made in by Bononi, he enters the ring and quickly gains the advantage with a forearm to the back of Johnson while Avalon distracts. After taunting Johnson, he drags him across the ring and tags in Avalon. He sends Johnson into the corner, but showing great agility he runs up the turnbuckle and flips over Avalon sending him into the corner. Utilizing his speed (actually love the fact he has immense speed) he nails a dropkick, sending Avalon crashing and cowering to make a tag. Having reversed offence, Bononi attempts a powerbomb, but the speed of Johnson allows him to escape and make a tag to Rhodes who’s eager to get in the ring. After three attempts, Rhodes finally manages to knock the big Bononi down. Bononi regains the advantage hitting a pump handle face slam taking Rhodes down. The big man starts to have his way. 

 A flurry of stomps to Rhodes from Bononi rendering Rhodes unable to mount any offence. He tags in Avalon, who’s offence, well, it wasn’t very effective! And after a kick to the mid-section, Avalon makes a tag into his partner. After quick tags Avalon hits a low dropkick to the face of Rhodes. Rhodes seems to be favouring the left shoulder after the slam from Bononi earlier in the match. Avalon applies the sleeper hold; Rhodes fights out but Avalon is unrelenting, he goes for a springboard move but is caught and gets nailed with a gut buster to the shoulders of Rhodes. Rhodes is hurt at this point; the left shoulder is causing him pain. He gets the tag and Johnson comes in full throttle. Bononi enters the ring but is soon taken out, and finds himself on the receiving end of a corkscrew over the top rope by a leaping Johnson. With a dazed Avalon in the ring, he quickly goes on the offensive, landing a fisherman neck breaker and attempting a pin, which is broken by Bononi. Rhodes is sent to the outside allowing Bononi to slam Johnson down to the mat. Rhodes grabs the feet of Bononi, and the two battle it out at the side of the ring giving Johnson time to roll up Avalon and get the three count, giving him his first taste of victory in AEW.  

Winner: Lee Johnson and Cody Rhodes.  

Not a bad match in fairness. A good showing of three talents. I was impressed with the size of Bononi but I feel he’s still a bit green. Avalon is okay, but nothing special; I feel he was just there to showcase the other talents. Johnson is impressive, I like his speed and his agility. With the right pacing he could be a breakout star. One to watch.  

Tony Schiavone enters the stage and interviews both men. Johnson states he wishes he had a world of words, but he doesn’t. Johnson then thanks the Nightmare family, says that hard work pays off, and that the Nightmare family did this for him.  

Backstage promo: AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks and IMPACT! World tag team champions The Good Brothers.  

Dasha Gonzalas enters backstage and asks what happened with the Young Bucks being eliminated early in last week’s tag team battle royal. Frustrated, they ask the Good Brothers to appear onscreen. The two had a disagreement where the Bucks said the Good Brothers caused the distraction that lead to them being eliminated. The Good Brothers deny the claim and said that they were after Private Party. They go on to say that it was Santana and Ortiz that eliminated them. Matt states that he doesn’t want to wait to defend the titles and that next week, how about The Young Bucks vs Santana and Ortiz for the titles. Both teams agree and ends with the too sweet gesture.  

Backstage: Dasha Gonzalas is with “Hangman” Adam Page.  

She interviews Page and states that teaming with Matt Hardy last week, they were successful. She asks if there was a future tag team in the making, but before Page could answer, Hardy appears onscreen. Hardy states that he’s hired out a bar, that Page can drink anything he wants and the tabs on him. He accepts Hardy’s offer and says he will meet him there. Page leaves but is greeted by the Dark Order, who have a rather awkward encounter. Not much else to that, it was awkward and I don’t know, it just feels as though Dark Order are lost and have no real direction.  

Match 3: “The Bastard” PAC w/Fenix vs “the Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth.  

The match starts out with Pac staring down Nemeth unimpressed with what he’s seeing. They lock up, but Pac lands kicks to the gut and back of the head. Pac has all the control in the match and hits the snap suplex. After a running elbow in the corner, the Bastard ascends the top rope and lands a huge dropkick taking the Hunk down. It's all one-way traffic in this match. Trash talking in the face of Nemeth, he tries to mount a comeback but soon finds out why his opponent is called “The Bastard”... a series of hard and vicious kicks takes Nemeth down and he rolls out of the ring. The two carry on and eventually make it back into the ring. Nemeth does amount some offence by hitting a DDT, shades of a certain cheerleader. Pac rolls to the outside with Nemeth in tow. However, Pac regains control and shoves Nemeth into the barricade. Back in the ring now, Pac has Nemeth in the corner and lays in stomps to the chest area. Nemeth is helpless and cannot seem to get out of the gates; with the chants from the crowd “finish him Pac” he is all too pleased to appease them. He climbs the top turnbuckle, and with amazing hangtime lands the black arrow, converted to the brutalizer forcing Nemeth to top out.  

Winner: “The Bastard” PAC.  

This one was just one way traffic. Pac looks in tremendous shape; we know he was stuck in the UK for quite a while, but there’s no signs of any ring rust. Nemeth on the other hand, I was impressed with him upon his debut but I don’t feel he’s found his footing. Hopefully he can find himself and become a big player, but for now, I don’t see it.  


A replay of last week’s disastrous wedding shows, with Miro stating that he blames Orange Cassidy for last week's monstrosity. He goes on to say that no one messes with the best man. Chuck chimes in and says that it was obvious that Cassidy was going to be in the cake.  

I mean, an overly sized cake, about 6ft in height, what did you expect to be in there, a giant monument of the happy couple?  


Dasha Gonzalas is backstage with the Inner Circle. She begins to question the rift, but MJF quickly interrupts her and states that Sammy had sucker punched him in the ribs. Jericho adds that they have a match and need to focus, and that they will deal with this later. Following this the Acclaimed rap their way onto the stage. Never did like live singing on the way to the ring. Lil’ Jimmy, you there? 

Match 4: Chris Jericho and MJF vs The Acclaimed.  

Both MJF and Castor start the match, but MJF rolls out of the ring clutching his ribs. Good ol’ JR comments on this by saying, good excuse if they lose. MJF enters back into the ring and tags in Jericho, but Castor gains the advantage. While keeping control, he tags in Bowen. Jericho, being the veteran he is, lands a boot to the face and gets the tag in to MJF. With MJF favouring his ribs, The Acclaimed go on the attack, assaulting the injured ribs. MJF manages to regain the advantage and drags Castor to his side of the ring and tags in Jericho, with both men laying stomps to a cornered Castor. They work well as a tag team and land a double flapjack. Now the Inner Circle begin to gloat as they feel they have the match where they want it. With the Inner Circle in control, MJF applies a head lock but fails as his opponent breaks free. Trying to stay on the attack, MJF attempts a double axe handle, but is met with a shot to the ribs. That looked like it hurt! Managing to make a tag in to Jericho, he quickly gains the advantage and sends Bowen to the outside where a waiting Inner Circle pounce on the attack. They then throw him back into the ring, with Jericho feeling in control, he attempts a suplex, but Castor reverses and lands one of his own. Making his way back to his corner and tagging in MJF, the smack talk starts with MJF screaming in Castor's face. A series of back-and-forth follows as both men make the hot tag. Bowen runs wild in the ring, a huge dropkick to Jericho, followed with a hard slam to MJF then hitting Ortiz off the apron. The closing parts of the match with Bowen being attacked by the Inner Circle followed by a lethal Judas Effect from Jericho for the win.  

Winners: The Inner Circle.  

Okay, I liked this match; I see some good things from the Acclaimed, but again I feel the wrong team won. I do hope there’s a big payoff to the Inner Circle angle they have.  

After the match, Guevara comes out with mic in hand. Jericho picks up a mic and asks him what his problem is, with Sammy replying that if one more thing happened with MJF he was done. With that, Sammy states he’s done and quits the Inner Circle. Poor Jericho looking all upset, oh well, maybe Sammy can toss a coin? We'll see.  


As Sammy’s leaving the building, he says he needs time away from the place and leaves the area. The camera cuts to the bar where Page and Hardy are enjoying drinks. Hardy feigns taking shots and tells Page that he knows he doesn’t want to be a tag team man. He tells him that he can make them millions for a 30% fee. Page agrees to this and Hardy hands him a contract to sign. Page signs but as Hardy's back was turned, Page switches contracts and signs that instead. Hardy leaves thinking he got a major win.  


Tony Schiavone is with Sting, who greets him with a fist bump. Tony asks Sting about the upcoming street fight. Before he could answer, Tazz interrupts and states that they’re on a road trip. He goes on to reveal that they have attacked Darby Allin and he’s tied up in a body bag attached to the back of their car. They drive off as Sting races to the parking lot. Well, I thought that dragged on a bit. 

Match 5: AEW Women’s World Championship eliminator tournament: Thunder Rosa vs Leyla Hirsch.  

Before the match could start, Rosa stated she had three pieces of business to take care of,  

Win the AEW Women’s World title.

Win back the NWA Women’s title.

Fight Britt Baker. 

The match starts out with Rosa unleashing on Hirsch. With Hirsch managing to fight back. A series of submission moves from both athletes. Great start to this one! Rosa with a flurry of hip tosses taking Hirsch down, followed by a huge body slam then senton for the pin, two count only. The two continue, Hirsch showing great amateur wrestling skills as she tries to take Rosa down. As the match goes on, Hirsch lands a hurricanrana sending Rosa to the outside. But Hirsch was all ready and waiting to unleash a suicida making sure Rosa stays down. With both women on the outside, they continue to battle, making their way back into the ring. Hirsch works a submission on Rosa but she manages to escape. Rosa gains the advantage and lands a neck breaker over the top rope.  
With Rosa keeping the pressure on, she attempts a pin but only gets a two count.  

There's a back and forth punches from both competitors with Rosa managing to land a snapmare followed by leg scissors.  
Hirsch manages to escape, but Rosa isn’t letting up. She sends Hisch to the corner and hits her with thunderous chops. that makes my chest hurt that does! The back-and-forth continues with Hirsch going high risk, but misses the moonsault. Rosa with a hard kick, goes for the pin, two count. Rosa, who is not to be beaten, hits a huge side slam, pins and gets the win! 

Winner: Thunder Rosa.  

Loved this match, genuinely love Rosa in all honesty. I think Hirsch has a solid future, clearly has talent. Hopefully this will help build the AEW Women’s Division, can’t help but feel it’s missing that magic, here’s hoping.  


Tony Schiavone is with Jungle Boy. He states that he wants to talk to FTR. He says that the match he and Dax had is still being talked about. He goes on to say that since that match, he came out of it a different man, and that the next time they meet, he will make them both his bitch.  

Ooh I smell a changing in the air. Jungle Boy is turning into Tarzan! Which reminds me, where’s Johnny Bravo?  

Match 6: AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and KENTA vs IWGP US Champion Jon Moxley and The Murderhawk Lance Archer w/ Jake “The Snake” Roberts in a Falls count anywhere match.  


The match starts out fast as KENTA hits Moxley with his briefcase containing the contract for a match against Moxley for the IWGP US Championship as the bell rings. He attacks Archer on the back but has no effect on the big man.  

Omega takes Archer down by going for the knees. Moxley now back to his feet, turns the tide on KENTA, but Omega is ready to attack and gain the advantage. Both Omega and KENTA argue on who gets to put the hurting on Moxley. It's clear that these two aren't on the same page. With Moxley in the corner, both men land knees. Archer now back in the ring takes KENTA almost out of his boots with a massive clothesline.

A showing of teamwork from Moxley and Archer as they gain the upper hand. With Omega and Archer in the ring, Archer attempts a powerbomb, but Omega reverses into a hurricanrana. Moxley back up now, takes Omega out of the ring and the battle between Moxley and KENTA is on! 

A back-and-forth of hard shots, a series of finisher attempts but both reverse, Omega attacks Moxley with a trash can moonsault before he can hit the Paradigm Shift. Following a running dropkick onto Moxley with the trash can, KENTA sets him up in the corner, in comes Archer, ladder in hand, and drives KENTA down.  

With KENTA on the outside, Moxley with a suicida to KENTA, while Archer slams Omega into the ladder. At this point the match is nothing short of a war! Neither team willing to relent in their attacks. They brawl all over the arena, hard impact moves and shots, all four men showing signs of battle scars. Chairs, tables, barbed wire baseball bats, this match has it all!

The closing stages of the match ends with the Good Brothers gracing us with their presence, attacking Moxley and Archer. it’s now a 4 on 1 assault. The Good Brothers hit the Magic killer on Archer with Omega following up with the V-trigger and nails the one-winged angel to take the win! 

Winners: Kenny Omega and KENTA.  

That was an amazing main event! Perfect way to end the show. Action, drama, weapons and carnage! Loved it. KENTA and Moxley are certainly going to put on a damn good show for the IWGP US title. I'm happy to see AEW, IMPACT! And the NWA teaming up and showcasing their talents. But hot damn, great show this week! 

What did you the viewers think? Did you enjoy this week’s show? Let us know in the comment's below!  

I've been James, you’ve been awesome, and I'll catch you next week for the next Dynamite review!