Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite 03/03/2021

Here is this weeks Dynamite round up

Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite 03/03/2021

Hey, I’m James, It’s Wednesday and you know what that means!

This week saw huge new debuts and great matches!
So, with that being said, let’s dive into the world that is AEW Dynamite!
We start off the night with: “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet vs Shaquille O’Neal and Jade Cargill.  


We start with big Shaq and Cody locking up, but size advantage allowed Shaq to launch Cody half way across the ring, following up with a hard chop (even I felt that pan hand sized chop) and landed a huge big back body drop. Jade tagged herself in, Red Velvet entered and the two went at it! No love lost between these two athletes as they went back and forth landing blows and kicks. Red Velvet attempts a high-risk cross body from the top turnbuckle, but a well scouted Jade managed to counter it and went on to Pie-Face Cody In the corner. 

This prompted Cody to run across the ring and hit Shaq, leaving Shaq to go to the outside of the ring where The Nightmare Family were at ringside. Austin Gunn hit a chair shot on Shaq which angered the big man. This led to a Shaq attack, as he slammed all members of the Nightmare Family on the outside flooring.

The match continued, a frustrated Jade pulls out a table from beneath the ring and sets it up.

Red Velvet went out to ringside and knocked down Jade and then set up a second table of her own. As the two got back in the ring Red Velvet had the advantage and took down Jade once again. Now with Cody tagged back in he and Shaq went at it, Shaq gained the advantage and Powerbombed the Nightmare (Beautiful show of Respect from Shaq there to the Late Great Mr. Brodie Lee).

Cody, reeling from this, somehow made it back to his feet, but lured Shaq in and landed a hard strike and wait, what? Cody slammed big Shaq? Holy S**t!

As the closing of the match comes, Cody sprints across the ring and takes it right to Shaq, sending both men off the apron and through the tables that Jade and Velvet had previously set up.

In the midst of all the chaos, Jade countered a spear and pancaked Velvet down to get the win!  
Winners: Shaquille O’Neal and Jade Cargill 
Not a bad match and was certainly entertaining! Shaq actually put on a great match, not a huge fan of Cargill. Velvet had talent, looking forward to seeing more of her in the future. Overall, pretty decent! loved the tribute to Mr. Brodie Lee, great show of respect made by Shaq, that hit me in the feels.  
After the match, Tony Schiavone went to get updates on Shaq who was taken to an ambulance after his table crashing performance, however when Schiavone knocked on the door, Shaq was nowhere to be found!  

Match 2: “The Bastard PAC” and Rey Fenix taking on John Skyler and D3.  

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Okay, I blinked, what happened? Wait, I missed the match??

The match was literally blink and you’ll miss it. PAC Launches himself over the top rope and lands hard on D3! PAC isn't in the mood tonight, that’s for sure. He lands the 450 splash on to a downed Skyler, Fenix tagged in and hits a sit out powerbomb and picks up the win.  
Winners: PAC and Rey Fenix  
Damn, well that was quick, wasn’t it? Nothing much to say really. Quick squash match, Moving on... 
 Next, we have the “Demo God” Chris Jericho and MJF’s REVOLUTION Press Conference! 

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Accompanied by Wardlow, Santana, and Ortiz of the Inner Circle. The media (including Conrad Thompson from Grillin’ J.R., Eric Bischoff from the 83 Weeks podcast, and representatives from Barstool Sports) was present to ask questions. It was presided over by Dasha Gonzalez. 

“With all the accolades that I have, remember I am also a seven-time world tag team champion, and it’s time for me and MJF to beat the hell out of The Young Bucks this Sunday at REVOLUTION, just like we did to Papa Buck,” said Jericho. 

“I’m sick of everyone trying to make Papa Buck a martyr. It was self-defence. He attacked my partner last week and he got his backyard blood on my custom suit!” said MJF. 

Eric Bischoff interjected with a question: “Do you know the condition of Papa Buck, Chris, and in your list of stupid ideas, where does motivating The Young Bucks to come at you with vengeance rank?” 

“We don’t know his condition and we don’t care,” replied Jericho. 

The Young Bucks’ music hit and they stepped onto the stage with their tag titles! 

“We knew you pricks would hurt our friends, but we had no idea you’d harm our father. You made this thing personal,” said Nick Jackson. 

“Our dad is the greatest father in the world. He taught us about faith, family, love. Chris, MJF, he did all the things your fathers clearly failed to teach you. He taught us to dream big and he built a wrestling ring in our backyard with his bare hands when we were kids. That DIY spirit is what created The Young Bucks and Being the Elite. Hell, that’s what helped create this very company. Without our dad there would be no Young Bucks, and there’d probably be no AEW. Without AEW, MJF—you’d still be waiting for a call back from the Rosie O’Donnell Show, and Chris, you’d probably be jerking the curtain at the Performance Centre tonight! He also taught us to stand up for ourselves,” said Matt Jackson. 

The Bucks super kicked both MJF and Jericho! The Good Brothers made their way out and helped the Bucks, by setting up a table on the stage. Nick Jackson jumped off the top of the entrance tunnel onto Ortiz who was laying prone on the table! Matt Jackson did a stage dive onto Santana through a ringside table! 
Well, their match is going to be full of fireworks at Revolution! I cannot wait!  
Match 3: FTR and Tully Blanchard w/ JJ Dillon Vs. The Jurassic Express 

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The match starts out with Tully pushing Marko into FTR’s corner and landing a few stiff shots. Dax and Jungle Boy both got the tag in. Dax started to chop away at Jungle Boy and followed up with hard body shots. Dax seemed to have the edge over Jungle Boy but he managed to rally back, and connected with a high dropkick, and then hit a German release suplex on Cash!

He applied the snare trap on Dax but Cash intervened and pulled Jungle Boy out of the ring. With the referee distracted, JJ Dillon got involved and slipped his shoe to Dax who then laid an almighty shot to Jungle Boy with it only to get a near fall!

As the match went on, Tully tagged in and began laying into Jungle Boy with hard rights. Jungle Boy at this point had taken a huge amount of punishment but managed to break free long enough to make the tag into Luchasaurus. He exploded in the ring with huge kicks to both Dax and Cash. Marko entered the ring and both men hit a double team with Luchasaurus slamming him onto Tully.  

The match is wild with all six men going toe to toe, big impact moves and hard shots making this a great match. 
The match concludes with Tully landing a slingshot suplex on Marko, but was met with a tail whip courtesy of Luchasaurus, while down at ringside a man dressed in black interfered, allowing FTR to hit the spike Piledriver on Luchasaurus,  leaving Tully to get the win.
Winners: FTR and Tully Blanchard. 
Great match in fairness, Tully even at his age has still got it! Now I know that AEW get a lot of flak for bringing in old timers, but if they can still go like that, it’s great nostalgia for old school wrestling fans.  
After the match had ended, FTR began to celebrate, the masked man entered the ring again and revealed himself to be none other than Shawn Spears! As all four men stood in the ring, they held up four fingers. Arn Anderson appears from the entrance tunnel and held up a four-finger salute to them! Is this, is this a new generation of Horsemen?  
Next up is: Paul “not the big show” Wight. 

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Schiavone gave a welcome to the new signee and welcomed Paul Wight to AEW. Paul showed his happiness to debut on his new "Big Show", he talked about the new show: AEW Dark: Elevation, which will air on YouTube on Monday, March 15th where he will be commentating and calling all the action with Schiavone!  
here’s what he had to say:  

“Starting out on TNT, and now getting the chance to come back to TNT, it’s a privilege. And just so you know that I’m taking this announcing job seriously, I have a scoop for you, Tony. I have the biggest scoop ever. This Sunday at EVOLUTION, AEW is going to hire, and put in contract, a hall of fame worthy talent, a huge asset, and it’s not who you think! Tune in this Sunday to find out who it is! AEW’s next major signing! 
This has been heavily hyped, better not be just some Punk... Maybe it’s Captain Insano? Who knows, could even be a water boy. Or a giant Santa Claus??  

 Next up we have: The Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals! 
United States Bracket Winner “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero) vs. Japan Bracket Winner Ryo Mizunami! 

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Ryo and Nyla locked up with Nyla overpowering her opponent and sending her to the to the ropes. Ryo flurried Nyla with stiff shots. Nyla fired back with forearms as Ryo came back with her own hard strikes. The match continues and both women are giving it everything they have in the ring to earn a shot at the AEW Women’s Title.

Nyla attempted a senton off the top turnbuckle but Ryo managed to roll out of the incoming assault, both women back to a vertical position, Ryo speared Nyla and herself out of the ring to the outside.  

After a vicious leg from Ryo, she hit a big splash off the ropes as Nyla just barely made it back into the ring as the referee almost made the ten count. 

Both women went back-and-forth, trading heavy and hard shots. Hard impact moves from both competitors and near falls, this wasn’t going to be an easy win for either of them!

The closing moments of the match saw Nyla attempting the Beast Bomb but Ryo battled out and hit her with an exploder suplex. Ryo climbed to the top rope but Nyla met her up there and superplexed her back down to canvas! Somehow, someway, Ryo managed to find her second wind and speared Nyla! Eventually hitting the guillotine leg drop and picks up the win!  

Winner: Ryo Mizunami - she will Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship at Revolution!  
I’ll admit it, I enjoyed this match. Glad Nyla didn’t win, give someone new an opportunity for the strap, should be a good match at Revolution, looking forward to this one!  
After the match, Shida came out and presented Ryo with a trophy and began to congratulate her on her win, however a less than grateful Ryo lands Shida with a hard forearm. This didn’t sit well with the champ and she answers back with a forearm of her own, knocking the tournament winner to her knees! Shida stands tall holding up her women’s championship and reminds everyone that she is the one to beat!  
Next Match: Tony Schiavone interviews Sting. 

Sting says he’s ready for the street fight at Revolution and that’s he’s never been in better shape. Ricky Starks comes out and begins to say that he still has it, but stands behind what he said, Sting is no longer the Icon. Leading Starks to Slap Sting Hard (I felt that one!)

Sting begins to beat down Starks and all hell breaks loose with Team Taz and Darby Allin ascending the ring, all members of each team going at it, but it was Sting and Allin who got the upper hand with Allin hitting the shotgun dropkick forcing Team Taz to leave the ring and to collect themselves! 

Match 4: We have The Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: The Dark Order’s 10 (with -1 accompanying him to the ring) vs. “Platinum” Max Caster of The Acclaimed! 

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The match starts out with 10 clotheslining Max and knocking him down with a running shoulder tackle. After another clothesline, 10 had sent Max over the top rope down to the flooring at ringside. 

10 had attempted a shoulder tackle but Max managed to doge and sent him charging into the ring post, following up with a basement dropkick.

Momentum seemed to be in Max's favor now, but a back body drop from 10 shifted the momentum and 10 brought the “Spine to Pine”. He speared Max but only got a near fall. 

Then from out of nowhere, Max hits a surprising 
brainbuster, he climbed the top rope to attempt the Claim to Fame, although 10 had it scouted and moved out of the way. 10 hit the powerbomb but Max got his feet on the rope breaking the pin attempt.  

Jack Evans of TH2 came out from under the ring and blasted 10 with the boombox. Max quickly went for and got the pin after the blindside attack made by Evans. Matt Hardy came out and greeted Evans with an envelope full of money. (is that all it takes to get money?? I have to try this, purely for scientific reasons).

Winner: Max Caster  
Short and sweet, pretty decent even with the length of the match, this storyline is playing out well, I like it.  
Main Event time Folks! Match 5“Hangman” Adam Page & Dark Order’s John Silver vs. Matt Hardy & Marq Quen (of Private Party)! 

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The match starts out with Silver overpowering Quen and takes him down with a single leg takedown. They fought to the corner of Quen, where Hardy hit a kidney shot to Silver.  

Hardy got the tag in and applied a headlock. Silver battled out and got the tag into Page, but Hardy wanted no part of Page and tagged back in Quen. Page unleased an ass 
whoopin’ on Quen! 

The match went on and soon, Hardy got involved again and hit a side effect on Silver on the side of the ring apron, and began a stomping session! Hardy then climbed the second turnbuckle and jumped off, but Silver had the wherewithal to block the attack and followed up with a standing sliced bread! 

As the match continued, Page launched Quen to the corner where he wanted Hardy to tag in, but Hardy refused point black. With Quen landing a dropkick and taking Page down, only then did Hardy decide to tag in like a shark smelling blood in the water.

Hardy attempted the Twist of Fate, but Page managed to counter and hit a back suplex. Silver got the tag in and hit Hardy with a hard spear.  

The closing stages of the match saw Page landing Quen with a pop-up powerbomb and followed up with a Buckshot Lariat and for the win! 
Winners: “Hangman” Adam Page and John Silver. 

Another solid match this week, I really like John Silver, he’s awesome, this storyline between Hardy and Page has been well played out and I feel there will be a great payoff at the end of it. I’m fully loving this new Matt Hardy, it’s great.  

After the match Hardy attacked Page and Silver with a microphone, The Dark Order raced down to the ring from the back and descended upon Matt Hardy! The rest of the teams from this Sunday’s upcoming Casino Battle Royal sprinted to the ring and all hell broke loose! 

 Overall, another great showing from the AEW crew! I can’t wait for Revolution!  

As always, I’ve been James, you’ve been awesome.

Thanks for reading!