AEW Dominate Upcoming WWE Raw Ticket Sales, Solution = Enter the Tribal Chief!

WWE are being dominated by AEW ticket sales at the UBS Arena in Long Island for their Raw taping in November. Roman Reigns announced to appear on Raw in an effort to boost ticket sales.

AEW Dominate Upcoming WWE Raw Ticket Sales, Solution = Enter the Tribal Chief!

WWE Raw seems to be in a concerning position as its tickets sales for their November 29th Long Island, NY show is failing to sell as many tickets as its main competitor, All Elite Wrestling. In a move that can be seen as a knee jerk reaction to the depressing ticket sales, the current Universal Champion the “Tribal Chief” himself, Roman Reigns, will be in attendance for the red brand on this night. The UBS Arena announced the appearance via Twitter with the following:

To some, this may come across as strange considering that Reigns was the Number 1 Draft Pick in this year’s WWE Draft on October 1st, which saw him stay on the blue brand at the Head of the Table. It is however pertinent to mention that WWE’s current Roster Split does have very loose rules in relation to superstars appearing on the opposing brands show. Roman Reigns is currently on a long reign as the Universal Champion and is seen by many as one of, if not THE figurehead of the company with his stellar work on Smackdown as the Universal Champion, a reign that has already exceeded 400 days and shows no sign of slowing down.

Currently AEW ticket sales seem to be dwarfing WWE's ticket sales in the Long Island area as AEW has to date sold 7,536 tickets for a December 8th episode of Dynamite in the UBS Arena. This figure is interesting as it is more tickets than WWE has even made available for their November 29th episode of RAW in the same arena. Currently as it stands, WWE has sold less than half as many tickets for Raw than that of AEW for Dynamite.

Only time will tell if the announcement of an appearance by the “Tribal Chief” will help WWE close the gap at the box office at the UBS Arena and help them regain some much needed fan interest in the Long Island area.

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