AEW CEO Tony Khan Shoots on WWE; Comments on Miro's Future in AEW

WWE treated Miro like S**T!!!

AEW CEO Tony Khan Shoots on WWE; Comments on Miro's Future in AEW

In an interview with Inside The Ropes, the president and CEO of AEW, Tony Khan, spoke out about the treatment of former WWE superstar Miro ( known as Rusev in WWE).

Miro has been widely criticised over the booking he has received during his wrestling career by many so far.

The critics believe that the time he had spent playing video games was not the best use of time considering his career was hanging in the balance.

Khan had Quoted from Inside The Ropes:

“Miro’s going to be a big star here. It’s really hard for people to come into AEW when you have a ranking system unless they come in at the start of a new year cycle and I didn’t want to wait till January to bring Miro in.

“I thought he got beaten down so bad… I saw some jackass on Twitter was like, ‘This guy drove a tank at WrestleMania and now he’s doing this,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, then he got kicked in the nuts and they treated him like s**t for years.’ He drove a tank out five years ago, that’s not the guy I signed. The guy I signed has been abused for years and he’s being rebuilt, he’s going to be a huge star in wrestling and he is a huge star, he’s a huge name in wrestling but he wasn’t treated like it for a long time.”

He went on to defend the fact that he couldn’t put Miro on the main event card as well as title picture because he had a 0-0 win-loss record, but when the records in 2021 start from scratch he will be able to be in the main event and compete for the title.

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