AEW beat WWE Live Crowd numbers for September

AEW beat WWE Live Crowd numbers for September
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It has been reported today that AEW has beaten WWE's Live Crowd numbers in the month of September by a significant number.

Not all information is currently available. However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter states:

"We’ll have more next week on this when I go through all the September business numbers, but AEW did outdraw WWE significantly per show. I’ll figure with and without Arthur Ashe Stadium. For October advances, AEW is slightly ahead paid even though both Miami shows are not doing well. Really October looks closer to a dead heat with both companies way down from September because nobody has the big shows like AEW had in Newark and New York and WWE had in Philadelphia"

AEW this month hit a massive fan attendance of over 20,000 people for the Dynamite Grand Slam.

Great news for AEW, not so great for WWE. But with less huge events coming for both companies this month, who knows what will happen?

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