Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Beach Break 3rd February 2021

James gives us all the happenings from a special episode of All Elite Wrestling!

Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Beach Break 3rd February 2021

Hi, I’m James “The Reviewer" Anthony, and this is my Dynamite review! 

This week was action packed to say the least, with shocking debuts, holy matrimony, exploding battle royals, and a crazy end to the evening! 

So, with that being said, let's dive in! 

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Match 1: Team Battle Royal to determine the new #1 contenders to AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks for a title shot at Revolution

The match starts fast-paced, with a frenzy of tag teams all going after each other! The AEW World Tag Champs, the Young Bucks, leap off the stage to start the match. A flurry of double super-kicks! It’s absolute chaos! Isaiah Cassidy with a high-risk, high reward leap off the top rope into a cluster of wrestlers. Eliminations soon ensue as Martin, trying to eliminate Quen, finds himself eliminated instead. Reynolds goes for the pump kick, but he in turn is eliminated by the big man, Jake Hager! 

This match is in chaos! I can’t keep up with it! 

The ending leads to three men, one from each team. Martin of Top Flight, Sammy Guevara of Inner Circle, and Chris Jericho of Inner Circle. (I should add here that Guevara’s tag partner in this match was Jake Hager while Jericho’s Tag partner was MJF). 

Now that all three men are the last ones left. It’s become a numbers game as Jericho and Guevara double team Martin, using their Inner Circle relationship. Martin manages to break free and hits a double DDT on both Guevara and Jericho. With the match continuing, Martin throws out Guevara, but, by the skin of his teeth, he manages to stay in the match! Phew, this is an intense match! Jericho seeing an opportunity to eliminate Martin, inadvertently eliminates Guevara instead! Jericho then hits the Judas Effect on Martin eliminating him from the match! 

Winners: Jericho and MJF. 

After the match the Inner Circle celebrates in the ring, they will face Young Bucks at Revolution for the AEW World Tag Team Championships! 

A great opening match, plenty of action, and very fast-paced. I feel the wrong team won. I understand they’re building Jericho and MJF as a team, but I feel as though an already established team should’ve won. But hey ho. 

Next up: Darby Allin and Sting. 

The segment starts with Tony Schiavone introducing Darby Allin and Sting. Team Tazz interrupts before they can even say anything, he begins to talk about how they are not allowed inside the building because they’re being punished for attacking people last week. He goes on and says that they’ll be watching next week when Darby puts his TNT Championship on the line against Joey Janela. Starks speaks up and says he doesn’t think Sting is still the Icon that he once was. 

Sting states that he will be there next week to make sure it stays a one-on-one match and vows that team Tazz wouldn’t get involved. Sting says Starks needs to take a closer look if he doesn’t see the Icon anymore. Sounds like a challenge to me that Starks. Going to take him up on it? 

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Match 2: Dr. Britt Baker w/Reba vs. Thunder Rosa

The match starts with Rosa getting the early advantage. With chops in one corner followed by chops in another corner, Baker reverses and manages to gain the advantage, applying a wristlock to which Rosa fights her way out and hit a series of elbows in the corner, Rosa then rolls out and hits a dropkick following it up with a Cannonball to a cornered Baker.

Rosa goes for the pin but only gets a two count. The match is aggressive, which was expected as these two women have so much animosity towards each other. A flurry of punches from Rosa, leading to more chops in the corner. Rosa goes for a big splash but misses. Baker, seizing the opportunity, ends up tying her up in the ropes, she wraps Rosa’s arms around the corner post. 

Pretty solid so far. I like the fact that both women are showing so much aggression here. 

The crowd begins to cheer Rosa on with chants of “Thunder Rosa" which angers Baker who begins to taunt them. Baker drops her guard and goes on the attack. Rosa, having the wherewithal to dodge and shove Baker into the ring apron, follows up with a throw into the guardrail. Rosa is unrelenting as she grabs the arm of Baker and smashes it into the ring post! The two keep the battle going with Baker regaining control with elbows and chops to the chest. 

Baker throws Rosa back into the ring, Baker now with momentum lands knees to the face sending Rosa down! Adding a stomp to the face for good measure. Rosa trying to fight back is quickly taken down by a DDT. Both women now back on the outside, Baker manages to take Rosa down again with stomps on the entrance ramp. Rosa battles her way back to her feet and lands the Death Valley Driver. Reba screaming at the camera. 

The action continues back in the ring, with Rosa hitting a big splash to a cornered Baker, again hitting a dropkick, Rosa goes for the pin but only a two count! What a match! 

Baker fights back again, managing to hit the slingblade, going for the pin but only gets the two count. Baker with control again. The two slug it out with Rosa winning the exchange. With hard kicks, she goes for the Fire Thunder Driver, but Baker reverses into the Air Raid Crash and goes for the pin! But the resilient Rosa kicks out at two! With Rosa down, Baker demands the surgical glove from Reba and signals for the Lock Jaw. She has trouble locking it in due to the injured arm after the ring post smash earlier. Rosa manages to get to the bottom rope, Baker quick to stay on the offensive, hits the Curb Stomp, and goes for the pin, again Rosa won’t stay down and kicks out at two! A back and forth of reversals ensues with Rosa landing a back body slam, followed up with another Death Valley Driver, a pin attempt but Baker kicks out at two! 

An inch away from being a victory! Rosa’s in complete shock, what does she have to do to put Baker away!? 

Frustrated, Rosa attempts an arm submission, Reba rips off the turnbuckle to distract the referee long enough for Baker to roll up Rosa, a kick out, Rosa sends Baker to the corner, Rosa goes on the attack but Baker reverses and sends Rosa face-first into the exposed turnbuckle! Rosa is out, Baker locks in the Lock Jaw and gets the win! 

Winner: Dr: Britt Baker. 

Man, what a match! The physicality, aggression,made this into a pure war! I thoroughly enjoyed this match! Both Rosa and Baker putting on a damn good show tonight. It could have gone either way. Once again Reba plays a big part in Baker's win. I have a feeling Rosa will want some retribution. This feud is far from over. 

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Match 3: “Hangman" Adam Page and Matt Hardy vs Chaos Project. 

The match starts with Luther trying to play mind games with Page. Matt and Serpentico start, Matt gets the early advantage, with Matt attacking Serpentico in the corner. With a tag to Page, he lands hard chops in the corner, followed by a clothesline, then a suplex. With Page in firm control he tags in Hardy, he hits an elbow drop from the second rope, the two battle some more with Serpentico managing to get a headlock but Matt reverses and hits the side effect. Serpentico escapes and makes the tag to Luther, who turns the tide and gets the advantage. 

He tags in Serpentico, with a double team, Luther slams Serpentico onto a grounded Matt. After Luther tags back in, he lands a body slam on Matt. Another quick tag to Serpentico, he goes for a Swanton, but misses giving Hardy the chance to tag in Page, he’s in a frenzy, with a dive to the outside on Luther, quickly back into the ring landing a hard spinebuster to Serpentico. A resilient Serpentico fights back before getting hit with a hard elbow shot. Luther back in tries hitting a cannonball but misses the target.

Page lines up for the Buckshot Lariat, and lands it with precision. But before he could go for the pin, Hardy tags himself in and gets the win for the team. 

Winners: “Hangman” Adam Page and Matt Hardy. 

Good match, short and sweet. Not sure what Hardy’s motives are, but Page should be wary. Overall pretty decent. 

Short Video Package: 

The package shows the upcoming AEW Women’s Championship Tournament. The matches will take place across the USA and Japan. 

Backstage Segment: 

Marvez is backstage with the Inner Circle’s Chris Jericho and MJF. Jericho has a box as they celebrate winning the Tag Team Battle Royal. Sammy comes in and states that only Jericho and MJF are the #1 contenders. He asks why are they always the collateral damage. Jericho chases after Guevara. MJF states that it’s time he has a conversation with the Inner Circle as Wardlow closes the door. 

Hmm, MJF seems to be turning the screw in the wedge of Inner Circle and Guevara.

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Next up: The marriage of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. 

Let’s see how this goes. Wrestling weddings never really go well do they? Let's get to it! 

It starts with Tony Schiavone interviewing Kip Sabian backstage. He goes on to congratulate him. “The Best Man” Miro goes on to say that Chuck has never had a girlfriend, taunting his “butler". 

Vickie then comes on screen to say it's time, they all leave the area. “Father" James Mitchell is waiting in the ring. Kip, Miro, Chuck, and Vickie Guerrero all enter the ring, and one by one, shake hands with Mitchell. As the wedding march chimes, Penelope Ford enters in a wedding dress, looking gorgeous (has to be said because she’s killing it in that dress) escorted by Jerry Lynn. 

Mitchell gets proceedings underway, Mitchell says the vows are sacred and hands over to Kip who says his vows. Kips says this was meant to be. Says he will cherish Ford forever and she is hot inside and out. Okay, that was kind of sweet? I mean as vows go, that was simple, yet too much at the same time. 

Penelope reads hers and says she loves Kip so much and says he has the biggest... thankfully Kip interrupts. Too much info there Penelope, didn’t need that image in my head. 

Mitchell says it's time for the rings. Kip says “I do”, Penelope says “I do”, they put the rings on each other's hands. Miro says not to ask if anybody objects. Mitchell pronounces them man and wife and they may kiss. They exchange their first kiss as a married couple. Aww, cute. (I should say, in an article we posted, this is an actual marriage, it’s being legitimised with an official marriage licence) 

Miro makes a toast and tells Charles to get the champagne. He says he knows how it feels to be married, and goes on to say he is their wedding present. He Asks about the big present in the ring. Charles says its his, Miro responds by saying he's seen how this works and attacks the present but it's empty. He tells Charles to clean it up.

Miro says “What is love?” with the crowd beginning to sing “Baby don’t hurt me.” (thanks now I’m singing it!) Miro stops them, and says lets get some cake, Miro then realises he is handcuffed to the corner post by the foot. 

Charles attacks Kip and Ford falls into the cake. Kip accidentally hits Miro, Ford jumps on Charles as her new husband begins an attack on him. Orange Cassidy is in the cake!! Cassidy lays into Sabian and hits him with a slam.

Taylor and Cassidy have ruined the wedding and begin to celebrate as a cuffed Miro and a cake covered Ford look on. 

The crew starts taking down the wedding set while Ford and Miro are still in the ring, while Miro is screaming at people down at ringside, Ford bursts into tears as the wedding ends. 

Ah, wrestling weddings. They never really pan out too well do they? Shame.. moving on! 

Segment: Shaquille O’Neal. 

The big man Shaq, says on the "Inside the NBA" TV show, that he’ll beat up Cody and he’ll wrestle him. He demonstrates his “Black Tornado" manoeuvre. The match will take place on March 3rd on AEW Dynamite! 

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Match 4. “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer w/Jake “The Snake" Roberts vs. “The Mad King" Eddie Kingston in a Lumberjack Match

The match starts quickly as Archer begins the assault! Archer is sent into the ropes where he’s tripped by Lumberjack's, led by The Butcher and The Blade. Both attacking Archer, it’s the old face vs heels scenario that happens as they begin to argue. 

This enables Kingston to pounce and gain momentum. Kingston begins to attack the Lumberjack's at ringside, but they fight back naturally. With Archer getting back to his feet, he leaps through the sky and lands a huge one-man dive taking all lumberjack's and Kingston down! 

The match continues with back and forth offence with Kingston gaining the advantage. Using his shirt, he begins to choke Archer. With an elbow to the chest, he goes for the pin but only a one count. He throws Archer to the outside area using the lumberjack's advantage. Kingston now dominating Archer and being in firm control, begins wrenching on the ear. Kingston uses the ropes to gain more leverage, followed by hard chops. 

He then throws Archer to the outside once again to get attacked by the Lumberjack's. They begin their assault and throw Archer back into the ring, where a waiting Kingston tries to pounce. However, Archer turns the tide and hits Kingston with a full nelson powerslam. Archer follows up and hits a suplex. Archer goes for the pin and gets a two count.

Bunny gets into the ring and jumps on Archer’s back, Archer goes for the Blackout but Kingston attacks him before he can connect with it. 

Kingston directs the lumberjack's to go on the attack, but Jake Roberts attacks, Kingston manages to hit the exploder suplex, with Blade bringing a table into the ring. A huge spear from Bear Bronson sending him through the table, evening the odds. Archer hits a right hand and then hits the uranagi, he goes for the pin but only gets a two count. After a clubbing lariat from Archer, he hits the Blackout for the win! 

Winner: Lance Archer. 

Decent match, could have been a little better, but no complaints. I have a feeling this will last longer, hopefully ending in a more serious match between the two. But other than that, not bad. 


It was revealed that FTR had been suspended due to their actions last week when they assaulted Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus after Jungle Boy defeated Harwood. Blanchard states that everyone is afraid of them, he goes through various reasons on why they’ve been cheated. He goes on to say that all they want is a tag title match. Harwood states that they’re not bad men. But then Marko Stunt appears on the screen, and we find out that he has been kidnapped. Those dastardly men them!

Backstage segment: 

Darby Allin and Joey Janela share an exchange of words. Janela states he and Darby have a well documented history, and that the stakes have never been higher. Allin will defend his TNT Championship against Janela next week on Dynamite! 

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AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers vs. Jon Moxley, “ The Bastard" PAC, and Rey Fenix

The match starts with Anderson and Pac throwing punches back and forth. After a shoulder block from Anderson, Pac hits back with a hurricanrana. Anderson is rocked but makes a tag to Gallows, Pac makes a tag to Moxley, who circles Gallows, trying to get inside his head, Gallows gains the upper hand. The two go at it, Moxley tries a sunset flip, but Gallows sits out. After an elbow drop, Moxley goes for a pin but Gallows quickly kicks out at one. 

Gallows tags in Anderson, while Moxley makes the tag to Pac. Fenix enters the ring and both men hit standing moonsaults. Pac tries the pin attempt but is hampered by Omega who leaps from the top rope. This gives Anderson the advantage. A series of quick tags from The Good Brothers and Omega gives them control of the match. Pac at this point has suffered a 3 on 1 beat down but manages to fight back, and a back and forth of shots follow between the Bastard and the World Champion. After a snap suplex from Pac, he tags in Moxley, who hits a couple of clotheslines and lands Omega with a huge slam and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. With the Good Brothers at ringside, Moxley hits a suicide dive taking both men down! Omega makes his way outside and launches Moxley into the guardrail. 

Moxley gets a beat down outside the ring. With Gallows throwing him back into the ring. Both Omega and Gallows mock Moxley while in the corner and he suffers stomps from Omega, Anderson tags in. Omega mocks Moxley in the ropes once again as Gallows tags in.

The match continues, and both teams have beat the hell out of each other! In the closing stages of the match, Death Triangle hit double moonsaults to the outside. Fenix makes his way back into the ring and hits a cutter on Omega and pins him but only gets a two count. 

With chops going back and forth, Fenix gets caught in the ropes and Omega hits the snap dragon suplex, followed by Gallows hitting a big boot. Pin attempt, but again only a two count. Pac gets the blind tag, he takes down Gallows.

Gallows hits a superkick on Pac. With Omega, Gallows, and Anderson triple-teaming up on Pac in the corner. A triple suplex, then a pin attempt, Moxley interrupts and breaks up the attempt and Pac kicks out. Omega hits V-Trigger followed up by the One-Winged Angel, however, it is interrupted by Moxley and Fenix who then attack Omega. Pac hits a suplex. 

Pac tags in Moxley. Moxley applies a sleeper hold, Moxley and Omega enter a slugfest. Omega breaks free and hits the V-Trigger, after a huge clothesline in return, Fenix hits the hook kick, followed by a huge suicide dive. Moxley attempts the Paradigm Shift, but Omega counters and hits the Paradigm Shift on Moxley! Pac hits the 450 splash to break up the pin attempt, Anderson tags in and gets hit with a Gun Stun by Moxley, Fenix hits the moonsault and attempts a pin, but only gets a two count. Fenix flies off the top rope but Anderson colunters and hits Fenix with a spinebuster. Gallows is tagged in and the Good Brothers hit Magic Killer for the win.

Winners: AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and IMPACT! World Tag Team Champions the Good Brothers. 

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After the match, all three men attack Fenix and Moxley, Archer enters and makes the save clearing the ring, he goes to attack the Good Brothers who are at ringside. With Moxley and Omega still in the ring, Moxley is blindsided by an attack by... wait, is that... IT’S KENTA!! KENTA IS ATTACKING MOXLEY! He hits the GTS leaving Moxley lying motionless in the middle of the ring. Omega smiles as he admires KENTA's work. 

The show ends as Omega celebrates.

A great main event to end the show but wow!  KENTA!! Certainly, a debut to remember! This week's Dynamite “Beach Break" has been full of action, a rather unorthodox wedding, surprises, and much more! 

A pretty good show, and a good showing of talent from NJPW, IMPACT! And NWA. 

Overall I was pretty satisfied with this week's episode. But what do you, the readers think? Did you like it, could it have been better? Let us know in the comments below! 

As ever, I've been James, you've been amazing and thanks for all your continued support!