AEW Accused of Bullying Former Employee

Cody and others accused of bullying and gaslighting

AEW Accused of Bullying Former Employee
Image Credit: Bleacher Report

Last night a man named Louie Benson, who says he worked with AEW as a video editor through employment with Comeback Studios, took to Twitter and accused Cody Rhodes of "bullying and gaslighting" him.

In a lengthy statement, Benson shared detials of the allegations including being told Cody thought of him as a "stalker fan" based on an interaction at All In. However Benson added "This doesn't make sense to me because every other time I had met him, he seemed friendly, even initiating physical contact with me."

The statement continues "I was told over and over again If Cody asks, we'll fire you"

Benson also claims that "Cody apparently requested that I not be present when he was in our building" and "I was told not to talk to any talent"

Further into the statement, Benson claims that he was not allowed to post on social media about his job with the company, whilst his coworkers could.

Benson claims that during a chance encounter with Cody, Cody "greeted me like nothing was wrong and gave me an aggressive high five after complimenting my All In shirt" Benson continues "I barely squeeked out the word "Hi" as I walked past him to my office where I sat at my desk and hyperventilated because I was terrified I would lose my job because I just so happened to be in the same building at the same time."

Benson claims that after finally recieving a credit, as a "production assistant", he posted on social media thanking people for their support. However, he claims that the following week he found out that Cody had messaged Benson's boss with a screenshot of the post and a thumbs down emoji. "I'm told that I have to delete all my social media or be fired" Benson claims. He continues "I asked my direct boss if he had read the tweet. Not in a snarky or hateful way. The response was my other boss shouting "DON'T F**KING TALK TO HIM LIKE THAT!" at me."

Benson claims "This led to my 6'5 Hall of Famer boss getting in my face, intimidating me into deleting my social media in front of him, saying Do it. Now"

Benson adds that his boss would constantly remind him "AEW doesn't want you. You would NEVER be hired without me."

Benson claims he went months without Twitter and that during that time he was mocked by his bosses for pointing out that it was illegal to force him to delete Twitter and that he wasn't sure if he wanted to work there anymore.

Further into the statement Benson claims that in February "Cody made positive remarks to my face, saying that I had gone through hell and pushed through and I was the man now, going as far to say "I like Louie now". Benson adds "I don't know if this was an attempt to apologize for how I was treated. Heck I don't know if he KNOWS how I was treated."

Benson later claims that bosses accused him of "just wanting to be seen" and having ulterior motives anytime he wanted to do anything.

Benson claims that he had requested 3 days off whilst he moved home but whilst the 3 days were accepted, he was met with accusations of being lazy and that he should only need 1 day and should have chosen a weekend.

Benson also claims that we would request 7 further days off to quarantine and texted "I can work from home, I don't care." but work was never sent, though a coworker did check up on him intermittently. He adds "The day I returned from quarantine, they sent me home immediately, telling me to take another covid test, and when I got home they asked me to do a meeting which was between me, my boss and 2 coworkers for some reason for them to tell me that I didn't offer hard enough to work from home during quarantine."

Benson claims that he was then told to "come up with a plan to keep my job" and that it was suggested he work 60 hours a week, with no extra pay, to impress them whilst also learn skills more relevant to the job, outside of those 60 hours. Benson added that only raises were only given to those that worked themselves ill orwould have a partner mad at them for working so many hours. Benson says that this was when he decided the job wasn't worth it anymore.

He adds "You hear so much that AEW is a family atmosphere, but clearly that experience isn't given to everyone"

Benson closes the statement saying that he doesn't want any sympathy and doesnt want to bury anyone or turn people against AEW.

He says "I still watch the show every week and buy the PPVs." adding "I'm not even a disgruntled former employee. I'd still be there putting up with it if they hadn't given me the push I needed. If anything, I hope people involved read this and adjust how they deal with people going forward."

At the time of writing there is no official response from AEW.

Several wrestling fans have pointed out Tweets that Benson has made in the past. Two tweets in which Benson mention Cody, one posted 24 July 18, reads "@CodyRhodes what are the odds we could get some kind of Cody bbq at @Starrcast18 because your meat sounds delicious and I want it in my mouth" another, posted in 2012, reads "Cody's jacket makes me want to look at his wiener. More than usual"

Benson responded to criticism of these tweets, and other unrelated tweets which contain racial and homophobic slurs, saying that "I'm deeply sorry for language I've used in the past. All I can do is apologize, reflect and attempt to grow from it. If you think that tweets of a teenager somehow invalidate the experience of an adult, I'm sorry."

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