Adams BUMPER All Elite Assesment

After a slight delay due to technical issues, Adam is back with 2 weeks worth of AEW Dynamite.

Adams BUMPER All Elite Assesment

Hey guys! Adam here with another AEW Dynamite Review (well, technically two). Firstly, I want to apologise for the lack of review from last Saturdays Dynamite. I had Issues with my PC and when I got it sorted, I figured I may as well do a double-whammy this week instead. But said issue is fixed, so normal service will resume from now on. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get this Bumper All Elite Assessment underway! 


AEW DYNAMITE 23/10/2021 


Bryan Danielson vs Dustin Rhodes – World Title Eliminator Tournament 

The two men shook hands as a show of sportsmanship as the match began. The pair of superstar's trade arm drags with each other getting the match started. They both take each other to the mat a few times, before Danielson takes Dustin to the mat and then places him in a bow and arrow stretch. Dustin manages to get to the ropes to force the break. Danielson drags down the ropes and Dustin goes over the top, then Danielson hits a suicide dive to the outside of the ring. Dustin manages to rally and hit a senton off the apron to Danielson on the arena floor. 

The match gets back inside the ring, and Dustin is in control. Danielson dropkicks Dustin in the knees taking him to the mat, following it up with stiff kicks. Bryan goes for a back suplex but Dustin manages to counter it with a german suplex. Dustin throws chops at Danielson's chest, but Danielson comes back with chops of his own and a headbutt taking Dustin to the mat, before going in for a cross arm breaker.  

Danielson goes to the top rope, but Dustin pops up off the mat and hits him with a right hand, making Danielson stumble. Dustin then manages to hit a superplex to Danielson off the top into a cover, but Danielson kicks out at 2. Both men get back to their feet and start trading punches with each other. Dustin powerslams Danielson and slams him into a cover of 2. Dustin has Danielson in the corner and dropped ten punches onto his head. Dustin attempts a running bulldog but Danielson counters. Danielson dropkicks Dustin into the corner, following up with chops to the chest and kicks, but Dustin comes back with a flying clothesline from the top into a cover. Danielson kicks out at 2, and transitions to the Le Bell Lock but Dustin touched the ropes again, forcing the break again. 

Dustin is on one knee against the ropes, and Danielson starts at him with kicks to the chest. Dustin gets a rush of adrenaline and tries to rally back with a right-hand uppercut, but Danielson counters that with a roll up. Back to their feet and Danielson hits a massive enzuigiri on Dustin. Danielson goes for the running knee but Dustin saw it coming and counters with a lariat. He follows this up with a piledriver on Bryan into a cover, but Danielson kicks out at 2. Bryan Danielson hits a couple of roundhouse kicks to Dustin, placed a guillotine on Dustin. Dustin falls to the mat and Danielson locked his legs around Dustin. This proved to be too much for Dustin, and the referee calls the match to and end and Dustin fades away. Danielson advances to the next round of the tournament. 

Wow, what an opening match again. AEW are really knocking out these opening matches. Both men put on an incredible performance, and Dustin proves he can still go at it at the ripe age of 52, and STILL looks good doing it. 

Tony Schiavone interviews Sting in the ring for an update on Darby Allin 

Tony starts by asking Sting simply for an update on the condition of Darby Allin. But before Sting gets chance to reply, MJF interrupts.  

“Cut my music! Sting—Darby’s little emo daddy. I’m not out here trying to start a fight. I’m here to have a gentlemen’s chat. I don’t think you want to answer Schiavone’s question because then you’d have to tell the truth. The truth is Darby Allin’s not coming back. You can distract them with face paint and snow, but you ain’t fooling MJF. You’re a bad person, Sting. When your friends need you most, where are you? It’s because of your negligence that Darby Allin has wound up in the same spot as your old friend Lex Luger—in a wheelchair!” 

At this point Sting has heard enough quite obviously, and as MJF steps into the run, Sting drops him with a right hand, but Wardlow and Shawn Spears jump in to attack Sting and Spears hits him round the back multiple times with a steel chair.  MJF sits down on a chair over a fallen Sting, “Darby, Darby, Darby. I know you’re in a whole lot of pain and I know you’re watching. Did I break you mentally, Darby? Look at Sting. Look at him! I want you to understand something. No matter how many times people chant your name, understand this, they can’t chant your name all they want, because if you come back, this is your future. You will always fall short. You will always be second best to me and me alone. Because I am the past, the present, and the future of professional wrestling.” 

MJF, Wardlow and Shawn Spears are making their way out of the ring, and Sting gets back to his feet. MJF kisses the Dynamite diamond ring, nailed Sting right between the eyes with it taking Sting back to the mat.  

Penelope Ford vs. Ruby Soho – TBS Womens championship Tournament 

Penelope throws her leather jacket at Ruby to distract her and get some cheap shot punches in as the bell rings. Ruby tries to come back from a surprise attack, but Ford grabs Ruby’s hair and rammed her into the turnbuckles. Following it up with vicious stomps. Ruby gets back to her feet, but Ford does a front handspring into a spear on Ruby still in the corner.  Ford goes for a running high boot, but Ruby dodges it, hanging Ford up on the rope. The pair trade some headlocks, before Ruby kicks Ford in the midsection and follows up with a thrust kick into a cover. Ford kicks out at 2. 

Ruby keeps in control of the match, just as The Bunny skips her way down to the ring. The Bunny distracts Ruby allowing Ford to hit Ruby in the face with a big boot. Ford is keeping control of the match now as we head off to an ad break. We come back from the ad break, just as Ruby rallied back with a back suplex on Ford. Both females are back to their feet, and Ruby chops away at Ford following it with an enzuigiri into a cover. Ford kicks out at 2.  

Ford manages to hit a surprise cutter on Ruby into a cover, but Ruby kicks out at 2. Ruby comes back with a back heel trip on Ford, but Ford comes back from that with a back kick. Ford hits a gut buster on Ruby into a cover, but Ruby kicks out at 2 again. Ford attempts to use the brass knuckles, but the referee saw them as she fumbled them, and kicked them out of the ring. From this mishap, Ruby gets off a roll up on Ford for the win.  

A bit of a shorter match here, but it was a decent match nonetheless. Showed off both females' talent, just wish it could have gone on longer. I really hope Ruby Soho wins this tournament.  

Bobby Fish vs. Anthony Greene 

Honestly, and i apologise, but I'm not even going to review this match. It was extremely short, and it wasn’t a particularly great match in my opinion. Fish basically destroys Greene, and continues to attack him after he wins the match. Maybe this match was just to get fishes W/L ratio up? 

Fish continues to attack, grounding and pounding Greene, until CM Punk runs out to the ring to help even up the odds. Punk invites Fish back into the ring, but Fish wants nothing to do with Punk. 

Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston – World Title Tournament 

Archer is making his entrance, and Kingston attacks him from behind. Archer was having none of this and counters his assault. Kingston tries a drop toe hold, but Archer stops in his tracks whilst Kingstone goes to the floor. Archer grabs a fan from ringside, picks him up and powerslams him onto Kingston, and the picks the same fan off the side of the ring, and chokeslams him one Kingston! 

Kingston tries to come back, but Archer just shrugs off his attempt, and splashes him in the corner, followed by a running knee. Archer tries to go for Black Out but, Kingston applies a cross face bringing Archer down. Archer comes back and hits Kingston with a lariat from behind and followed up with a baseball slide to Kingston’s back, just as it goes to an ad break. 

Back from the break, and Archer is still in control. Archer stomped Kingston down to the mat when Kingston tried charging in. Archer attempted a moonsault but Kingston rolled out of the way. Archer under-rotated the move, and landed extremely awkwardly on his head.  The medical staff checks on Archer but he refuses help and gets back in the ring. Kingston wastes no time and rolls up Archer for the pinfall victory. 

Decent match again here, Lance Archer showing his size and power. But Jesus Christ that botch looked harsh. Not quite brock Lesnar harsh, but very harsh, indeed. 


Jungle Boy vs. Brandon Cutler 

Unfortunately here, another match not really worth reviewing. Jungle boy gets a very quick submission victory over Brandon Cutler. 

After the match, Jungle Boy grabs a microphone. “That was a nice little warm up. To be honest, I’m feeling pretty good still. And I’m ready to go again. So…why don’t one of you Elite pieces of shit come out right now. Any one of you! No?” 

Jungle Boy locks Cutler in the Snare Trap again and Cutler begs for help on the mic.  Adam Cole comes out to the ramp with a microphone. “If you want to fight the Elite so badly, I’m right here. So why don’t you and I fight right here, right now?” 

Cole walks down to the ring but it was an obvious setup. The Young Bucks come from behind and hit Jungle Boy with superkicks. The SuperKliq pulls Jungle Boy to the top of the stage. The Bucks hit the BTE Trigger on Jungle Boy. The Bucks hold up Jungle Boy and allow Cole to hit him with a running knee from behind. The Young Bucks grab Jungle Boy and throw him off the stage sending him crashing through a table. 

Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson vs. Malakai Black 

The match starts quick as the pair lock up with a collar and elbow tie-up. Cody tries for the figure four but Black pushes out of it. Black uses a side headlock takeover and then Cody walks into an elbow strike from Black but sends one of his own Blacks way. Black hits Cody with a kick and some combination offence, then put a knee bar on Cody. Cody turns it into a counter and then stomps on Black’s face to escape. Cody tries to take control, but Black hits him with a back elbow sending him to the mat. He tries for a cover but Cody kicks out at 1. both men get back to their feet, and Cody hits Black with a powerslam as he runs out the corner. He attempts a cover, but Black kicks out at 1. 

Cody attempts a figure four again, but Black gouges his eyes to escape the hold. Black rolls out the ring and pulls a steel chair out from under the ring. Brock Anderson and Lee Johnson walk out and surrounded the ring. Brock snatches the chair off Black and slides it back under the ring as it goes to an ad break. 

Cody Rhodes hits Black with the Cross Rhodes off the apron and through a table at ringside as we come back from the ad break. As Cody picks Black off the floor, Black shoves Cody into the ring post and both men now have a crimson mask. Arn Anderson gets into the ring, and Andrade El Idolo walks onto the ramp. Andrade’s assistant Jose jumps into the ring from behind but Arn hits Jose with a spinebuster As Arn turns around, Black sprayed mist into his eyes. PAC comes running out to the aid of Cody and brawls with Andrade on the ramp.  Both Cody and Black are back in the ring now, and Cody manages to hit Black with the Cross Rhodes into a cover, but Black kicks out at 2. 

Black manages to rally back, as he jumps off the top rope with a diving foot stomp on Cody on the mat, followed up with a knee strike, then a suplex into a cover, but Cody kicks out at 2.  Black hits a massive back heel kick to Cody which sends him to the mat and the ropes. Cody manages to rally back with a suicide dive to the outside of the ring to Black. He throws Black back into the ring. Hits him with the Cody Cutter, and then the Cross Rhodes. He follows both these up with the Tiger Driver ’98 and gets a pinfall victory over Black. 

What a match this was, another ppv worthy main event by AEW, I'm starting to expect nothing less. Such a good performance by the 2 superstars, but it is a shame Black has to lose his undefeated streak.  


AEW DYNAMITE 27/10/2021 

Onto this week's episode of Dynamite now, and it's another corker of an episode. 

CM Punk Vs Bobby Fish 

Opening match of the night here, and CM Punk is making his Dynamite wrestling debut, and looking to carry on his undefeated streak since his return to in ring competition. The match gets underway with the pair trading a couple of kicks, but Punk takes Fish top the mat. Fish comes back and pushes Punk into the turnbuckle and throws some kicks to Punk, following up with a snapmare into a headlock. Fish hits knee strikes on Punk but Punk took Fish down and drops an elbow. Punk manages to come back, and hit Fish with 3 body slams in a row. he goes for a short arm clothesline but Fish counters with a back elbow followed up with a senton. 

Fish hits a snap suplex on Punk into a cover, but Punk kicks out at 2. Punk comes back from this attack and clotheslines Fish to the outside of the ring. he follows this up with a suicide dive to the outside.  Punk rolls Fish back inside the ring and Punk climbs to the top rope but Fish rolls back outside. Punk steps onto the ring apron, but Fish kicks his legs out from underneath him. Both men are back inside the ring and Fish charges at Punk with an elbow into a cover but Punk kicks out at 2 again. Fish continues to attack Punk, focusing his attack on Punk’s left knee, which ends up outisde the ring.  

Punk rallies back with strikes on Fish on the outside, but Fish hits Punk with a knee strike sending him back in the ring. Back in the ring, Fish hits Punk with kicks to the inside of his leg focusing on the same knee. Punk uses forearms to push Fish away off the turnbuckle. Punk goes to the top rope, balances on one leg and drops an elbow off the top turnbuckle to Fish. Both men get back to their feet, and Punk hits Fish with a neck breaker followed by a clothesline into a cover, but Fish kicks out at 2. Punk goes for the GTS but Fish counters with a dragon screw followed up with a sliding clothesline. Punk comes back and lifts Fish again and finally connected with the GTS. Punk covers Fish and gets the pinfall victory. 

Yet another decent opening by the elite brand. A shorter match than the past few weeks, but a decent one nonetheless. I love seeing Punk in action. 

MJF w/ Wardlow & Shawn Spears vs. Bryce Donovon 

Ermmm, yeah. If this is a match. Over EXTREMELY quickly. MJF kicked Donovon and then whipped him into the corner. He quickly hits the Heat Seeker pendulum piledriver and pins Donovon with one finger. So now that’s out of the way, this is the decent bit....... 

MJF has words for Darby Allin after the match. “Darby, on September 29th, you made a mistake and interrupted me when I told everyone that I deserved to be the AEW World Champion, which is true. And you threw the gauntlet down and now you’re too scared to show up for work. I knocked out Sting with my Dynamite diamond ring. Now that Darby’s out of my way, there’s nothing stopping me. I am the past, the present, the future…” 

Sting’s music begins to play and MJF pretends to act scared. The lights turned back on and MJF laughs, saying it was all a joke. The lights turned off again and MJF says “Very funny Spears.” Spears says it wasn’t him who turned off the lights. Sting appears in the ring and hits Wardlow and spears with his baseball bat. MJF retreats and fan in the crowd dressed in an Invisible Man Halloween costume unmasked and reveals himself to be Darby Allin. MJF runs away and Darby Allin attacks Wardlow and Spears. Darby pulls out a skateboard covered with thumbtacks from under the ring. Both Darby and Sting clear the ring of Shawn Spears and Wardlow, and then Darby gets on the mic “Max…FULL GEAR!” said Darby Allin. 

Not saying anything about the match, but the after segment was decent. I'm growing to absolutely LOVE MJF and strongly believe Hes the best heel in the business. I'm definitely looking forward to this match, it's had a great build up.  

Sammy Guevara vs Ethan Page – TNT Championship match. 

Third match of the night here, with an interesting stipulation. If Sammy wins, the Inner Circle gets the 10-Man Tag Match at FULL GEAR. If Sammy loses, he must leave the Inner Circle, and eveyone is barred from ringside.  

Sammy bolts down the ramp goes straight for a knee strike on Page, sending Page to the arena floor. He follows this up and leaps over the top rope with a back flip onto Page. Sammy throws Page onto the timekeeper’s table and then into the barricade. The two men get into the ring, and the bell rings. The pair trade punches with each other, and Sammy hits a snap suplex and goes for a cover, but Page kicks out at 1. Sammy is in control of the match, but Page rallies back by dropping Sammy across the turnbuckles and takes control of the match while it goes to an ad break. Page was looks for Ego’s Edge but Sammy escapes and drops Page with a clothesline following up with an eziguri in the corner. Sammy then follows this with a springboard cutter onto Page and then a spanish fly for a near fall. Page ends up outside the ring, and Sammy hits a beautiful shooting star press onto Page on the outside. 

Page manages to rally, he climbs to the top turnbuckle but Sammy meets him up there. Page picked up Sammy and body slammed him off the top. Page hit a running shoulder tackle on Sammy. Page get Sammy up, looking for the avalanche Ego’s Edge but Sammy counters with a hurricanrana.  Sammy goes for a standing shooting star press but Page moves, and Sammy manages to get a quick pinfall roll up for the win!  

After the match, Page attacks Sammy from behind and Scorpio Sky sprints to the join the assault. Jericho and the Inner Circle run out to come to the aid of Sammy, but Scorpio Sky and Page retreat quickly. Jericho grabs a microphone: “Sammy won his match with you, Page, and that means there’ll be a five-on-five, ten men tag match at FULL GEAR. Page, Sky, American Top Team against the reunited Inner Circle. And by virtue of Tony Khan, this match will now be a Minneapolis Street Fight! Tell Dan Lambert to be at DYNAMITE next week so we can tell him which members will be facing us” 

Decent match, but a disappointing ending in my opinion. But it was a fun stipulation for a title match. I'm loving this feud. 

Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida – Womens TBS Championship first round match. 

The pair start the match with some beautiful chain wrestling. Shida get on top and kicks at Deeb in the corner. Deeb slides out the ring and grabs the leg of Shida and wrapped it into the ring post. Shida counters as uses her legs to pull Deeb into the steel post. Deeb was on the outside of the ring and Shida left the ring to bring Deeb back in with a middle rope Supplex into a cover but Deeb kicks out at 2 as the match goes to an ad break. 

As we come back from the break, Deeb is hitting European uppercuts on Shida, but Shida comes back with hard fists. She whips Deeb into the corner and hits her with a running elbow. she follows this with a missile dropkick, then a delayed vertical suplex into a cover but Deeb kicks out at 2. Deeb attempts to rally, but Shida dropped an axe kick and then follows up with a release German suplex. Another near fall for Shida. Shida connects with a running knee strike on Deeb for another near fall! Both females trade a few holds, and Shida pushes Deeb with her legs who lands hard on the arena floor. 

Shida jumps off the ring steps missile dropkick on Deeb. She fights back by wrapped Shida’s legs across the ring post and applying the figure four leg lock. Shida comes back and blasts Deeb with a question mark kick after a pinfall attempt by Deeb. Shida attempted a running knee strike but Deeb counters with half Boston crab into an inverted figure four. Shida made it to the ropes to break the hold. Deeb picked up the broken plaque but Shida kicked Deeb, knocking it out of her hand. Deeb pokes the eyes of Shida and rolls her up, but Shida kicks out 2. Deeb attempts the Deebtox, but Shida counters it into a pinfall to claim the victory! 

 After the match, Deeb chop blocked Shida. she grabs a steel chair and swings it at Shida repeatedly across her knee. referees, run down to stop the assault on Shida but Deeb hangs on as long as she could until she lets go. 

An amazing match here between the 2 females. I'm growing to really love the women's division on AEW more than on WWE.  

Jon Moxley vs Dark Order’s Number 10 

Erm, yeah, again. Shades of Saturdays dynamite here. A Very quick on dominating victory for Moxley, not anything to say really. He wins the match again by pinfall after hitting the paradigm shift.  

I like that they're showing how dominant Moxley can be, but I want to see him wrestle long matches again, not these squash matches. Hopefully his next match will be a different story. 

Cody Rhodes comes out to the ring with Arn Anderson. 

Cody: “Whether you believe it or not, I hear you. I hear you online. I hear old wrestling managers shouting at clouds on social media. And I heard you this Saturday. I had one of the best wrestlers in the world, Malakai Black—I hit a Tiger Driver ’98, but for a brief glimmer I thought about hitting a different move. Would I have popped up? Would I have broken a rule?  

“But you know why I didn’t? Because that was the easy way out. I feel like as a fan you have the right to cheer or boo, but if you’re going to acknowledge the man who signs the checks, please acknowledge the man who built this bank."

“The easy way out is not the way. I will not turn. And the reason is simple, because I love you guys and I’ve loved you my entire life. So, if anybody thought that maybe I got a little ‘Hollywood’, I apologize to all of you and those in the Nightmare Family. And Arn Anderson, if I’ve never told you, let me tell you right now: it is a damn honour to stand in the ring with you. I apologize. You were right” 

Andrade El Idolo walks out with a mic, “Cody, these people don’t like you. The people don’t like me. But the difference is I don’t like the people. Cody, you made stupid choices. First, that stupid tattoo. Second, you got in my business. Look at me, I am Andrade El Idolo. But, wait. But if you want, I can make you my little bitch.” 

The lights in the arena go out all of a sudden. When the lights come back on, Malakai Black was in the ring. He sprays the black mist at Cody Rhodes. Black and Andrade El Idolo begin to both assault Arn Anderson. PAC sprints out to the ring to even up the odds. PAC flips off Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black. AEW officials have to hold back Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo! 

The main event - Dark Order vs The Elite 

The Elite come out, dressed as the Ghostbusters, and The Dark Order dressed as various characters. The match gets underway, as Adam Cole kicks at John Silver, who is dressed as Bambi. Silver comes back and hits a head butt on Cole and followed up with a back body drop. Kenny Omega tags in, Proton Pack and the lot. Evil Uno tries to splash Kenny Omega in the corner, but Omega turns round and Uno splashes into the proton pack instead. Omega takes off the proton pack off and throws Evil Uno outside the ring. Matt Jackson tags in and starts throwing punches at Evil Uno. Evil Uno comes back and starts riding Matt like a horse as he is dressed as a cowboy. 

Evil Uno takes Matt to the corner and tags in Grayson, and start splashing Matt. Colt Cabana, dressed as Brandon Cutler, cold sprayed Matt whilst the referee is distracted. The Dark Order triple powerslam the remaining 3 members of The Elite and victory pose in the middle of the ring as we go to the last ad break of the night. Though the ad break, The Elite are just taking control and picking apart Grayson. Back from the break, and Grayson manages to come back. He launches himself off the shoulders of The Young Bucks and hits a hurracanrana on Kenny Omega. 

Grayson avoids a double superkick from the Bucks, and tags in Colt Cabana. He cleans house on the Bucks. Cabana hits the Flying Apple on Adam Cole, but Nick Jackson superkicks him. John Silver tags in and hits a release German suplex on Nick Jackson. Silver gets super kicked from behind. Omega hits Silver with a snapdragon suplex, and before you know it's all 8 members of Dark Order and the Elite in the ring trading offense, and Nick Jackson accidentally superkicks the referee. 

The elite hit triple low blows on Dark Order, before they grabbed their proton packs and hit the Dark Order with splashes. They lay down their proton packs on the mat, and Power bomb Colt Cabana onto them. The top end of a costumed horse runs out to the ring, but the Super Elite took im out with the BTE Trigger. They take off the horse’s head and it was Brandon Cutler with his mouth taped shut. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man hit the Dead Eye on Matt Jackson. He takes off the mask, to reveal himself as Hangman Adam Page. John Silver hits the spin doctor on Matt Jackson and pinned him for the victory 

I won't lie, I was a tad confused towards the end of this match as to what was happening. I enjoyed the match as a whole, but the ending I struggled to keep up with. I did enjoy seeing The Elite lose though, and seeing them all dressed up.  


So that’s that folks, I apologise again for a delayed review, and giving 2 weeks at once. Normal service will be resumed from the next episode of dynamite and it will be out and published within 48 hours going forward. An enjoyable couple of weeks here, I look forward the next couple of weeks running up to FULL GEAR. Thanks for reading, Adam.