Adams All Elite Assessment: Winter Is Coming 15th December 2021

Another week, another Assessment. Adam is here with another weekly dose of AEW Dynamite!

Adams All Elite Assessment: Winter Is Coming 15th December 2021

Hey guys, Adam here, so you know what that means....... Yep, you guessed it! Time for another edition of my All Elite Assessment! 

So, we're not heading into a normal weekly showing of DYNAMITE here, but DYNAMITE: WINTER IS COMING! After last years edition of Winter Is Coming, I'm going into this excited and can't wait to see what it brings. So lets get right in about it! 

This week's episode of AEW DYNAMITE: Winter Is Coming is being aired live from the Curtis Cullwell Center in Garland, Texas! On commentary we have Tazz replacing good Ol’ JR. I'm enjoying Tazz back on commentary. Really do enjoy it.  


First match of the card tonight, and we’re not doing things by halves. To my surprise we're actually starting the show with the AEW World Championship match between ‘Hangman’ Adam Page and ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson. Now I expected this match to be the main event, as I'm sure everyone else did also, but I'm not opposed to it opening the show either. Will we have a new AEW World Champion in Danielson and can he remain undefeated in competition? or can Page keep hold of his title? Well, we’re about to find out. 

So, the match gets underway.  Both men locked up in a collar and elbow tie-up with both men trying to get the upper hand of one another. Page gets the advantage over Bryan and backs him into the corner. Danielson pushed Page away and runs to the opposite corner and starts showing off doing star jumps, taunting the champion. The pair do a test of strength and Danielson comes out on top, but Page takes him to the mat. They both trade manoeuvres slowly with each other seemingly to keep energy. Page is clearly getting frustrated with Danielsons ignorance of smirks and star jumps and begins to push him. Page gets in a side headlock takedown on Danielson taking him down to the mat, but Danielson manages to do the same thing. Danielsons attempts to sweep Page's legs from underneath him, but Page jumps to avoid it, and follows up with a stiff kick to Danielsons chest. 

Both superstars throw each other against the ropes, and Danielson tries for a leapfrog over Page, but Page catches him and body slams Danielson to the mat. Danielson wastes no time as he grabs Page’s legs form underneath him and begins to wrench on them. He starts to work on Page’s back with knee strikes to the back before going into the Romero Special, transitioning into a Dragon Sleeper. The pair get back to their feet, and they start trading blows in the middle of the ring with various chops, headbutts and punches, before Danielson manages to push Page into a corner. Page manages to turn this around and get in the 10 blows to the head in the corner on Danielson. As Page walks back over to Danielson in the corner, Danielson manages to grab hold of his ankle and pull it out from under him. As Danielsons works on Page’s ankle, he moved onto body shots as his legs were locked. 

Both men manage to get back to their feet and trade chops with one another. Page runs at Danielson, but he gets thrown over to the run apron. Page tries to go for the buckshot lariat but Danielson sees this and punches him down onto the arena floor.  Danielson goes to attempts a suicide dive to the outside of the ring, but Page jumps back into the ring and connects with a big boot making Danielson go to the outside. Pages jumps off the top rope with a flying clothesline onto Danielson standing on the ring apron, taking him to the arena floor, and then follows this is with a dive over the rope rope taking Danielson down. During the ad break, Danielson is controlling Page all over the ring. He hits him with palm strikes to the back of the head and kicks to the sternum, and again taunting Page with star jumps. Page tries to rally back, but to no avail. 

As we come back from the ad break, we see Page manage to come back and get a suplex on Danielson. Danielson gets backed up into a corner as Page chops away at his chest. Page throws Danielson into the opposite corner and runs at him, but Danielson runs up the turnbuckle and jumps over Page in typical Danielson fashion, before hitting a running clothesline. He goes for a crossbody attempt, but Page catches him and transitions it into a fallaway slam. 

Page throws Danielson back into the ring and goes to the top rope, but Danielson gets up and meets him with a roundhouse kick bringing Page back down to the mat, before driving knees into the mid-section of page. Danielson manages to get Page onto the ropes trapping him with his arms there, as he chops and kicks away at his upper body. Page is hung up on the middle rope, as Danielson climbs to the top rope and hits a diving knee drop to the back of Page’s head. He goes for the cover but Page kicks out at 2 as the match goes to an ad break.  

As we come back from the ad break, we see Page manage to come back and get a suplex on Danielson. Danielson gets backed up into a corner as Page chops away at his chest. Page throws Danielson into the opposite corner and runs at him, but Danielson runs up the turnbuckle and jumps over Page in typical Danielson fashion, before hitting a running clothesline. He goes for a crossbody attempt, but Page catches him and transitions it into a fallaway slam. Danielson gets to his feet with the help of the ropes in the corner, but Page meets him there with vicious chops to the chest. Danielson reverses an Irish whip on Page and gets him into the corner and charges in, but Page manages to lift him up and hang up Danielson on the top rope. Page springboards off the middle rope and connects with a lariat to Danielson, making him roll outside of the ring. Pages takes this opportunity to suicide dive to the outside of the ring pushing Danielson into the barricade, and follows this up with moonsault from the top rope taking both men out on the arena floor.  

Page realises the count from the ref has begun and rolls Danielson back inside the ring. He lifts Danielson up and hits a Death Valley driver into a cover, but Danielson kicks out at 2. Page lifts Danielson onto the top turnbuckle, seemingly looking for a superplex, but Danielson manages to slip between the legs of Page and jumps up behind him. Pages makes Danielson fall back down to the mat with back elbows, and attempts a moonsault, but Danielson moves out of the way leaving Page to fall belly first onto the mat, and Danielson goes for the roll up cover but Page kicks out at 2. Clearly Page is getting wiped out, but manages to attempt a roll up of his own, but Danielson counters it into the Le Bell Lock, but Page manages to free an arm and roll Danielson up, forcing Danielson to kick out at 2. Danielson manages to get an ankle lock on Page, but pulling him away from the ropes gives a massive kick to the mid-section of Page and follows this up with more knee strikes. Danielson goes for his patented triple running knees into the corner, but on the last one Page manages to counter with a pop-up-powerbomb into a cover, but Danielson kicks out at 2. 

Page is setting up for the Buckshot Lariat but Danielson sees it coming and he rolls out of the ring. Page doesn’t waste the opportunity and hits Danielson with a sliding dropkick through the ropes. Page goes to the top rope looking for another moonsault, but Danielson meets him up there and pushes him off to the arena floor. Danielson take this opportunity to push Page into the ring post, and repeatedly slam him into it, which leads to Page being busted open as the match goes to another ad break where the doctors are checking over Pages head. Back from the break, Page is trying to get back into the ring, but Danielson hits a sliding dropkick, and follows it up with a jumping knee off the ring apron to the head of Page, and starts working on the open wound with punches.  

Danielson gets Page into the corner and gets the ten punches to the head straight onto the open wound of Pages head, and keeps in control of the match slowly working on Pages arms. He hits a German suplex on Page into a cover but Page kicks out at 2, but Danielson transitions the kick out into the cattle mutilation hold. Page escapes the hold, but Danielson throws kick after kick to the body of Page, slowly backing him up towards the corner, before Page dodges the last kick making Danielson kick the ring post! Pages doesn’t hold up coming back and locks up Danielsons arm in the metal barricade and kicks his arm whilst trapped. Both men are back inside the ring now, and Page manages to lock in the figure four leg lock. Danielson manages to roll himself over to the ropes forcing the referee to break the hold, and the match goes for another ad break.  

During the ad break, Page is just all in control of Danielson. We come back from the break and we see Danielson is trying to rally and come back with various kicks and punches and even manages to attempt an armbar into a triangle hold, throwing vicious elbow strikes to Pages head, but Page manages to get his leg onto the bottom rope forcing Danielson to break the hold. Danielson starts throwing punches at Page, but out of nowhere, Page hits Danielson with a tombstone piledriver into a cover but Danielson kicks out at 2 again. Both men very slowly get back to their feet, and Page props Danielson up on the top rope and chops away at him. Page tries for a superplex but Danielson hits him with short jabs to the ribs, taking Page back down to the mat. Danielson follows up with a jumping knee strike onto Pages arm, before hitting a shoulder trap suplex into a cover, but Page kicks out at 2. Danielson takes Page onto the top turnbuckle and hits with Page with a top rope back suplex, and slowly crawls for a cover but Page again kicks out at 2. 

Danielson starts using hammer and anvil strikes on Page and starts pulling back on his arm with an armbar, but Page makes it to the bottom rope to force the break and rolls onto the ring apron. Danielson follows Page outside and attempts the Gotch style piledriver on the apron but Page counters and hits Danielson with the Dead Eye on the apron. Both men are looking absolutely fucked. Danielson pulls himself up onto the timekeepers table to get back to his feet, and Page launches himself off the top rope at Danielson, but he moves out of the way and Page goes crashing through the timekeepers table himself and the match goes to another ad break. Danielson exposes the concrete floor underneath the rubber covering, and hits a horrible looking DDT on Page onto the exposed concrete. The slow-paced usual ad break stuff ensues for a short while, and the action geta back in the ring. Danielson attempts to suplex Page off the top rope again, but Page landed on his feet and follows up with a massive lariat taking Danielson out. The two superstars' trade blows in the middle of the ring, before Danielson begins to head butt Page. 

Page goes for a rolling elbow strike but Bryan counters and the pair switch between roll up cover attempts on each other. Page goes for another rolling elbow strike but Danielson counters it with a roundhouse kick. Danielson hits another roundhouse into a cover but Page kicks out as the 5-minute time limit gets announced. Danielson does what he has done to the other members of the Dark Order, and traps Page’s arms and begins stomping viciously on Page’s face. Danielson goes to the corner, lining up for the running knee but Page catches him and counters with the Dead Eye into a cover but Danielson kicks out at 2 again. Page uses Danielsons move against him, and trapped Danielsons arms and begins stomping Bryan’s face. Page lets go, removed his elbow pad and goes for the Buck Shot Lariat but Danielson counters it with the Le Bell Lock as the one-minute remaining warning was announced. Page escapes the Le Bell lock and slingshots Danielson into the ropes and hit a massive lariat on Danielson. Page sets up for the buckshot lariat and hits it on Danielson, but just as he goes for the cover, announcer Justin Roberts declared the match a draw as Danielson and Page went to the full 60-minute time limit! 

Jesus Christ what a match we have just witnessed! It started a bit slow, I won't lie, but after seeing that it was going for the full hour I can now see why. They clearly needed to save their stamina. I am abit gutted about how the match ended, I would have like to see a clear winner, but on the other hand I can see why it ended this way, to protect each of the superstars from a loss, but I think this may have been the time for Danielson to take his first loss. Hes such an over and well-established superstar, and his run so far have been well protected, but he doesn’t lose anything in a defeat to a guy like Adam Page. 



Second match of the night, and we have Wardlow Vs Matt Sydal. And yeah, just don't bother, genuinely seemed like a filler match. And it isn't because it is following such an amazing match, it was genuinely pointless. Wardlow gets the victory after multiple powerbombs. 


This match of the night, and we have Serena Deeb Vs Hikaru Shida. Deeb attacks Shida as she tries to enter the ring before the match started. Shida responded by hurling the kendo stick she was carrying at Deeb! The match officially gets underway and Shida take Deeb down to the mat and starts throwing punches down on her, but Deeb rolls over and starts throwing punches back on Deeb. The pair break up from each other and quickly start trading punches with each other in the corner. 

Shida uses a hammer throw on Deeb into the corner and then sprung off the middle rope looking for a cross body but Deeb rolls through and counters with a leg lock but Shida gets to the rope. Deeb hits multiple Uppercuts on Shida working her into the corner. Shida comes running out of the corner and hits Deeb with a running dropkick. Shida goes for a running knee into the corner on Deeb, but Deeb moves and Shida hits her knee on the turnbuckle. Deeb capitalises on this and sweeps Shida's legs and locks in a figure four leg lock as Shida’s leg was tied up around the ring post utilising the full 5 count of the referee as the match goes to an ad break. During the break, Deeb just carries on working over Shida with multiple holds showing how many she knows. 

As we come back from the break, we see both females in the middle of the ring trading blows. With Shida coming out on top. Shida hits Deeb with a step-up enziguri into a cover but Deeb kicks out at 2. Shida goes to the top, but Deeb catches her and bring her back down to the mat.  Deeb goes and exposes the turnbuckle and hit Shida with a neck breaker on it, and followed up with a powerbomb into a cover but Shida kicks out at 2. Deeb hit two consecutive neckbreakers on Shida and goes for another but Shida counters it with a falcon arrow. Both females are trading blows in the middle, but Shida catches Deeb on the back of the head with an axe kick. Shida goes for a roll up Deeb, but Deeb counters and transitions into a single leg crab. Deeb wrenches back on the leg and then slaps at Shida’s ear. Deeb goes and pulls off the turnbuckle pad. She tries to send Shida into the exposed corner but Shida reversed it by kicking Deeb into it. Shida goers in and jackknifed Deeb for the pin for the victory! 

A decent quality match here from the females division again. Serena Deeb is growing on me more and more now she is in this company. Love her. 



Main event time now, and we have MJF vs. Dante Martin for the Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF makes his entrance in usual fasion with a mic and a promo   

“This place is a dump! You got a problem with me, Texas? Maybe you’d like me if I was more like you: anti education and pro incest. CM Punk, you’ve got the balls to come out here and pretend that all I use is low hanging fruit.” 

“Well, CM Punk, the second he got nervous last week, all he could come up with was, ‘Your local sports team sucks’ for 10 minutes. I didn’t realize that having an undefeated streak against underwhelming challengers made you championship material. I just thought that made you the new Ryback” 

“Dante Martin, you may be a great athlete, but I’m not CM Punk. I’m not going to pretend I care about the young talent. It’s easy to forget I’m the top talent in this company and I was born in 1996. I’m about to be the three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner. Dante Martin, I don’t claim to be ‘the best in the world’. I just am.” 

Dante martin makes his entrance after, and the match gets underway. MJF immediately takes down Dante with a side headlock takeover into a cover but Dante escapes and kips up off the mat. the pair of superstar's trade various moves with each other but in a very slow fashion before Dante hits a 450 knee drop on MJF into a cover but MJF kicks out at 2. Dante goes to hit the nosedive but MJF moves so Dante holds of on the execution as MJF rolls to the outside of the ring. 

Dante attempts the nose dive again but MJF pushes him off the ropes and sends him flying into the barricade. MJF follows this up by launching Dante into the barricade again as we head to the final ad break of the night. During the break, Dante attempts to rally but fails. As we come back from the break, the action is back in the ring, MJF goes to hit a powerbomb but Dante rolls up MJF and MJF kicks out at 2. 

MJF manages to hit a powerbomb and tries a pin attempt with his feet on the ropes, but referee sees it and stops the count.  both men end up on the top turnbuckle, and MJF comes back down allowing Dante to hit a big dropkick on him. MJF ends up throwing himself out of the ring, and Dante jumps over the top rope and down onto MJF on the arena floor. And follows this up with a suicide dive over the turnbuckle. Dante launches himself over the top rope and hits MJF with a shooting star press outside the ring, his knee hitting MJF hard in the face. Both men get back in the ring, and Dante dropped MJF to the mat with 2 big punches. 

Dante hits MJF with a leg lariat in the corner after raining down the ten punches, and then uses a back slide for a cover but MJF kicks out at 2. Dante tries again rolling up MJF in a small package for another two-count. The two then go on to trade roll ups with each other, each of them trying to get the victory before MJF hits Dante with a Liger Bomb into a cover but Dante kicks out at 2 and rolls out of the ring. The action gets back inside the ring, and Dante connects with the nose bleed springboard. He almost had MJF pinned but Ricky Starks runs out and places MJF’s foot on the bottom ropes to stop the pin. Out of nowhere, MJF applies the Salt of the Earth armbar and forced Dante Martin to tap out giving him the victory. 

A half decent match here. But not main event worthy in my honest opinion. It was lacking something but can't put my finger on what it is 

FTR come out to the ring to help MJF celebrate. All of a sudden, the arena lights went dark. As the lights come back on and Sting and Darby Allin are in the ring. They attacked FTR but MJF hits a low blow on Sting, and then FTR and MJF begin to beat down on Darby and Sting, but then CM Punks music hits, and he sprints down to the ring, baseball bat in hand 

 “You don’t want to do it one on one in Texas. That’s fine! Next week on DYNAMITE, your friends against mine!” setting up a trios match next week on DYNAMITE. 

That’s all she wrote this week folks. And I must admit, this is the first time I have ever been in 2 minds about a show from AEW. It's not that it was a bad show, I just think that they blew their load too early with the hour match for the world title which was amazing, but completely over shadowed the rest of the night. Saying that, I understand why they had to do it that way, even though it was disappointing for the rest of the night in my opinion at least anyway. 

So that’s it from me this week, stay safe, stay elite, and I'll catch you all next week!