Adams All Elite Assessment!

Adams Back With His All Elite Assessment!

Adams All Elite Assessment!

Hey guys, Adam here. I'm still around, don’t worry. I had to take some time out for personal reasons. But fear not! I'm back, I'm still All Elite, but unfortunately, no longer king. I well and truly messed that one up, didn’t I?   

So, I'm ready and raring to go, and jump straight back in with my Weekley dose of AEW Dynamite goodness for you all to sit back, and enjoy.  

This week's episode of Dynamite comes to you from the UBS arena, in Long Island, New York! 

Joining Tony Schiavone and Excalibur on commentary tonight is the Human Supplex machine, Tazz, as JR is taking some time out to get treatment for skin cancer, get well soon JR!  


So the show opens with MJF’s music playing. Were in his hometown right now so the crowd goes wild for the homeboy as you'd expect. However, he doesn’t appear, instead, CM Punk walks out, and the crowd lets out absolutely deafening boos to him. MJF may be one of the greatest heels in the business, but you wouldn’t think it from this reaction to punk right now.  the music cuts and Punk walks down to the ring with no music. Above the boos, you can hear the odd CMK Punk chant coming across. Clearly no love for him here. 

CM Punk grabs a Mic.  

“That’s all you got? Chicago was so much louder. MJF is your guy, right? That’s why I’m out here. The guy who said in my hometown, Chicago, that he is better than Roddy Piper in Portland. He’s not even better than Roddy Piper in Hell Comes to Frogtown” 

In the middle if talking, punk un zips his jacket to reveal a four pillars t-shirt, but one of the pillars is replaced with Britt Baker. 

“So here’s what I want. I wanted to see how you guys would all react to this. MJF is your guy. See when I was a kid I hated Dennis Rodman when he played for the Detroit Pistons. And then he played for the Chicago Bulls and then he was my worm. So, I’m not mad at you. I just feel a little sorry for you” 

“So next week AEW Champion ‘Hangman’ Adam Page faces “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson at Winter is Coming. And after that I’d like to get in the picture and I know MJF wants in too. So we need to settle this. So I’ll lay out the challenge. I want MJF and I want him one-on-one. And I don’t want him to run like they do in Long Island. I want him to stand and fight like they do in Chicago” 

And I don’t have an out for this. I want MJF versus CM Punk. And I’ll do it tonight. I don’t think he’ll agree to it. And I don’t think there’s a man in the building that’ll agree to it. And if that’s your guy, you’re all chicken shit” 

I've paraphrased most of this promo or id be here forever typing it out, but honestly go and watch the promo if you can. It was amazing. Clear heel acting from Punk here and I loved it so much. 



**Heads up here, so much going on, this match is hard to review in text, so it'll be quite vague until the last few superstars are in there by themselves** 

First match of the night, and we have the Dynamite Diamond battle royale, where the last two men standing will fight next week at DYNAMITE: Winter is Coming for the Dimond Ring prize. Too many participants in this match to list them all, but the only one who received his entrance was MJF. Right at the start after the usual battle royale start off brawling, Jay Lethal almost eliminated MJF, but Wardlow saved him.  MJF nearly eliminated again but Shawn Spears saves him from the outside. 

Wardlow picks up Lee Moriarty and eliminates him with a press slam over the top rope with ease. 

The Bunny slipped brass knuckles to Matt Hardy from the outside, and he knocks out Jay Lethal and quickly eliminates him. As Hardy was celebrating in the corner, Dante Martin runs over and pushes Hardy over to top the arena floor eliminating him. Powerhouse Hobbs and Wardlow, the two powerhouses, try to slam each other down to the ring, but neither budge an inch. Wardlow gets Hobbs to the ring apron, and Lio Rush hits a hand stand flip and kicks Hobb to the arena floor eliminating him.


Lio Rush charges at MJF to get him out the ring, but Wardlow grabs Lee Johnson and Lio Rush to stop him getting eliminated. Lee Johnson and Lio Rush team up to get Wardlow over the top but MJF runs behind and eliminates all three men! While apologising to Wardlow, Frankie Kazarian charges at MJF but MJF ducks and pulls down the top rope making him go over to the outside getting eliminated.  

This leaves Dante Martin, Ricky Starks and MJF in the ring. Effectively Team Tazz Vs MJF. The two Team Tazz members start backing MJF into the corner, but out of nowhere Dante Martin turns around at Ricky Starks and launches him over the top rope before tearing off his FTW armband!  

Dante Martin and MJF will be wrestling next week. MJF walks out of the ring, and Ricky Starks jumps into the ring and attacks Dante Martin. MJF was at the top of the ramp, wondering what to do, before he runs in the ring. MJF looked at Ricky Starks and then he and Starks continued the beat down on Dante Martin. CM Punk runs down to the ring but MJF retreats. Ricky Starks puffs his chest at CM Punk. Dante Martin kicks Starks behind the head and then Punk hits the GTS on Starks. Future tag match coming up maybe?? 

I enjoyed this match, but I do enjoy a good battle royale, especially when there is something on the line outside of a title belt. I would LOVE to see AEW to their own version of a Royal Rumble. Would be amazing to see with the amount of talent they have at their disposal.  


Next match of the night, and we have The Acclaimed & 2point0 w/ Daniel Garcia vs. Jurassic Express & Varsity Blonds w/with Christian Cage and Julia Hart. Christian Cage gives Jurassic Express abit of a pep talk and then heads to the back. 

Jungle Boy and Anthony Bowens begin the match for their teams. Bowens shoulder tackles Jungle Boy following up with chops in the corner. Caster tags in but Jungle Boy takes down Caster with a hurracanrana. 2point0 come in and Jungle Boy takes them both down clearing the ring of all 4 of the opposing team. Griff Garrison gets the tag and launches himself over the top rope and lands on all four members of the opposing team. The Varsity Blonds used some combo offense and Pillman hits a high dropkick into a failed pinfall attempt. 

Bowens stamps on Pillman in the corner and 2point0 taunts Pillman. Jeff Parker hits a back heel kick on Pillman into a cover but Pillman kicks out at 2. Pillman manages to come back and hits a backdrop on Parker, but Caster tags in and prevented Pillman from making a tag to a fresh partner. Jeff Parker tag in and puts the pressure on Pillman. Pillman tried to go for the tag to Luchasaurus but he fails to get it again. Bowens tags in and kicks Pillman directly in the face to stop another attempt at a tag. This is seeming like a 4 on 1 handicap match at the moment. The Acclaimed try to double suplex Pillman but Pillman escapes it by hitting them with double knees and finally manages to get a tag on Luchasaurus. 

Luchasaurus shows off his power over all 4 opponents, stacks 2 each in opposite corners and launches himself onto both pairs of men, following with a double clothesline on 2point0! Luchasaurus goes for a double chokeslam on 2point0, but it gets stopped, and he ends up hitting The Acclaimed with it instead. The match breaks down with all 8 men, before Pillman tags in and hits Bowens with a fisherman’s falcon arrow. Daniel Garcia jumps onto the apron but Eddie Kingston runs down and pulls Garcia down and pushes him into the steel ring steps. Max Caster tries for the Mic Drop, but Jungle Boy moves and locks in the Snare Trap forcing Caster to tap almost immediately 

Decent quality match here from the 8 men. Would have preferred to see 2 normal tag matches though, but just my personal opinion. Easily can get lost with 8-man tag matches. 

Kingston takes the camera man backstage with him. Ortiz is back there with Kingston. Out of nowhere Daniel Garcia and 2point0 jump Kingston and Ortiz and it just breaks down into absolute anarchy. 


Next up, we have a tag match, The Young Bucks w/ Adam Cole(BAY BAY!!) & Brandon Cutler vs. CHAOS w/Orange Cassidy. 

Rocky and Nick start the match lock up. Nick Jackson has wrist control on Rocky, but Rocky hip tosses Nick following up with a dropkick and a deep arm drag. Chuck Taylor tags in but Matt Jackson gets a blind tag in. Taylor doesn’t waste any time and sends Matt head first into the corner and making a tag. The Young Bucks manage to come back with tandem offense, but Rocky hit a suicide dive on Nick outside of the ring whilst Matt dropkicks Rocky. 

The action gets back inside the ring, as Rocky hits a knife edge chop at Matt. Nick tags in and hits a senton fist drop combo on Rocky. Rocky manages to elude a double team, and tags in Chuck Taylor who hit a DDT/flatliner combo on the Bucks following up with a suicide backflip to the outside on the Bucks. Chuck turns around to taunt an intimidate Cutler but the Bucks caught him with superkicks as he walks back towards the ring, before they superkicked Romero next. Matt sets up Chuck Taylor on the ring apron and Nick hits him with a flipping senton before hitting another senton in the ring. The match goes to an ad break, and the usual slow process ensues.  

We come back from the ad break, and we see Adam Cole hitting Orange Cassidy with a pump kick on the outside of the ring out of nowhere. Rocky manages to tag in, and bits running clothelines on both members of the Bucks who are in opposing corners. He hits a double hurricanrana on the Bucks, then the running sliced bread on Matt into a cover, but he kicks out at 2. Matt manages to come back from this offense, and tries for three Northern Lights suplexes, but before the third could be hit, Rocky counters with a tornado DDT off the ropes. both men are down for the ten count, and Brandon Cutler jumped in the ring with the cold spray and distracted ref Rick Knox. Off this distraction, Adam Cole gets in the ring looking to hit Rocky with a superkick, but Orange Cassidy gets in with the kick taunt, but gets superkicked himself by Nick, and Chuck superkicks Adam Cole, Nick then superkicks Nick before Brandon Cutler accidentally sprayed Matt Jackson with the cold spray instead of Rocky, and Rocky almost got the pin on Matt after a piledriver.  

Various offenses trade here between the two teams, which ends in Romero hitting Matt with a heel kick. Matt comes back and counters Romero and the Bucks finish off Rocky with the Meltzer Driver with a 3 count.  

After the match, all hell breaks loose. Adam Cole and the Bucks began to stomp a mudhole into Orange Cassidy. Wheeler Yuta runs down but the numbers game gets the better of him.  Adam Cole hits Orange Cassidy with the Panama Sunrise, before Cole and the Bucks were about to attempt the three-way BTE Trigger, but all of a sudden Sue, Trent’s mum, pulls up in the minivan. Trent is in the van; he returns and spears Cutler. Trent runs into the ring and sends Nick Jackson for a ride with a half and half! He clears the ring of SuperKliq! The Best Friends hug, because you’ve got to give the people what they want! 

Quality high paced match here, which let's face it, we wouldn’t expect anything less from any form of match involving the Young Bucks.  


Penultimate match of the night now, and we have Jamie Hayter w/Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. & Rebel vs. Riho. The match gets underway as the 2 females lock up. Hayter gets the upper hand as she scoop slams Riho. Rhio attempts a dropkick, but Hayter just swats her away like a fly and then hits a backbreaker before pushing against Rhio in the corner. Britt Baker gets a cheap shot in on Rhio whilst the ref is distracted. Hayter charges into the corner but Riho counters with a drop toe hold onto the ropes, before she hits a ‘619’. She follows this up by going to the top rope and connecting with a diving cross body press into a cover, but Hayter kicks out at 2 before going outside the ring. Riho goes to the top and jumps off the top turnbuckle to the outside but Hayter catches her and then smashes her into the steel ring post.  

The action gets Back in the ring, and Hayter slams Riho into the turnbuckles before going for a submission hold, then hitting Riho with a vertical Supplex as the match goes to an ad break. As we come back from the break, Hayter is in control still, stamping all over Riho. Hayter reverses the leverage of Riho and whip her into the turnbuckles. Riho kicks her way out the corner, but again Hayter counters Riho’s momentum. Riho manages to roll up but double stomps her instead of going for the cover.  Both women are making their way back to their feet, Riho hits Hayter with a Dragon Suplex out of the corner into a cover but Hayter kicks out at 2. Hayter rallies from this and hits Riho with a brainbuster into a cover but Rhio kicks out at 2. Hayter wastes no time, and quickly spiked Riho with a back breaker into another cover, but again Riho kicks out. 

Hayter is applying the pressure with a single leg crab on Riho, but Riho manages to escape the hold. Hayter charges in at Riho, but Riho hits her with a jumping knee strike before hitting Code Red on Hayter into a cover but Hayter kicks out at 2. Riho wastes zero time and hits the diving foot stomp on Jamie Hayter, into another cover but again Hayter kicks out at 2. Riho climbs back up the turnbuckles but Hayter meets her up there. Hayter tries to superplex Riho but Riho sends her back to the mat with vicious punches.  Rebel grabs Riho’s ankle to stop another drop, and Hayter climbes back up top. Riho hits Hayter with the crucifix bomb and then the running knee Riho before getting a pinfall victory on Hayter. After the match, Dr.Britt Baker and Rebel jump into the ring and assault Rhio. Baker applies the Lock Jaw on Riho, trying to prove a point. 

What a quality match from the women's division of AEW. Some of the best matches coming out of all women's wrestling recently. Nice to see Rhio in action again, it seems like it's been a while. 


Last match of the card here, and we have Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver. The match gets underway with each superstar trading arm holds, before Bryan runs off the ropes and hits Silver with a shoulder block. Silver gets back to his feet and They lock up before Silver nailed Bryan with a shoulder block of his own. Bryan Danielson comes back and hits Silver with big kicks. Silver comes back with roundhouse kicks of his own. Danielson drops to a knee but lured Silver to the outside of the ring. Danielson hits Silver with strong European Uppercuts before hitting a diving knee on the back of Silver’s head as the match goes to an ad break. 

Back from the break, Danielson jumps off the turnbuckles but Silver counters with a powerbomb. Both men get back to their feet, and the pair trade kicks. Silver manages to roll through with a heel hook but Danielson gets to the bottom rope to get the rope break. Silver throws himself onto Danielson with a cannonball senton taking him to the floor.  Back in the ring, Silver hits fast kicks and goes for a German Suplex on Danielson but Danielson landed on his feet and hits a roundhouse to Silvers head. 

Silver trips Danielson and send Danielson flying with a German Suplex into a cover buy Danielson kicks out at 2. Silver is looking for the Spin Doctor, but Danielson gouges Silver’s eyes before hammering down with elbows on Silver. Danielson picks up Silver and spiked him with a piledriver. Danielson goes for the Le Bell Lock to make Silver tap out, but Silver was knocked out from the piledriver and the ref stopped the match. 

Wasn’t a fan of this match for a main evemt personally, should have been a lot better, especially how it ended. 

After the match, Danielson grabs a Mic and says he promised to kick in Silver’s head. Adam Page sprints to the ring, and attacks Danielson making him retreat. 

“Next week, I’m gonna stomp the cowboy shit out of you,” said AEW World Champion Adam Page. 


Well, that’s all she wrote folks, overall, a decent show, apart from how it ended in my opinion, but that was to carry on the feud between Page and Danielson so can't really complain. 

So, join me next week for the DYNAMITE special! 

Catch you later guys!