Adams All Elite Assessment!

Another weekly Assessment for the all elite brand!

Adams All Elite Assessment!

Hey guys! Adam here with his weekly All Elite Assessment. I apologise about the delay in this week's review, with Dynamite being on Saturday, it really threw a spanner in the works for me as I've been ridiculously busy between working and other things.  

That said, let's get this All Elite Assessment underway! It's worth noting from now on though, since the newest member of the Real Rasslin crew, Hev, has taken on doing a full review of RAMPAGE each week, my reviews from now on will be solely focused on DYNAMITE. 

So, this week once again we open the show with Cult of Personality playing and the crowd going wild. Once again CM Punk is joining the commentary team. 

Im REALLY enjoying CM Punk on commentary over the past few weeks. It’s a breath of fresh air having him on the announcers table.



This week's opening contest is Malakai Black (who is currently undefeated in AEW) vs Dante Martin w/ Lio Rush. (I'm NEVER going to get enough of Blacks entrance. I LOVE it) The two superstars open the match with some absolutely amazing chain wrestling, each one countering the last move from the other.  Black looks to take the upper hand slightly, but Martin launched himself off the top rope and hit Black with a shotgun dropkick taking him to the outside. Martin looks to go for a suicide dive to the outside on Black, but Black gets back in the ring and stops him in his tracks with a back elbow. 

Martin attempts a springboard but Black counters with a powerbomb, and goes straight in for a single leg boston crab, but Martin manages to get to the bottom rope to force the break. The two superstars trade a few punches with each other before Martin goes for a pump kick, but Black counters with a heel trip, followed by a knee breaker. Black locks in a knee bar but Martin fights out with kicks to Black’s face. The pair have a bit of back and forth with each other, and Martin goes for a pin attempt, but Black kicks out at 2. Out of nowhere, Martin hits Black with a reverse hurricanrana equalising the match making Black go out onto the ramp. Martin jumps onto the top rop and hits a springboard flip onto Black. 

The action continues back in the ring, Martin attempts a double jump moonsault,  but Black dodges out of the way, and Dante landed on his feet. They both trade punches with each other, before Martin rocks Black with a kick to the back of his head. Black comes back with a meteora off the top rope, a high roundhouse kick, and finally a german suplex into a pinfall, but Martin kicks out at 2. The crowd start with this is awesome chants (yes it is.) 

Black pulls Martin up on the turnbuckles, possibly looking for a superplex, but Martin counters with a super hurricanrana off the top rope. Martin goes again for his double jump moonsault and manages to connect this time, into a pinfall cover, but Black kicks out at 2. the pair trade a few moves with each other and Black goes for a boston crab but for some reason stops it half wat through, grabbing his mid-section in what looks to be agony. Martin jumps off the top rope but Black connected with the back heel kick, and into a pinfall cover for a 3 count for the victory. 

Another great opening match by AEW here. They seem to get better and better each week and are just as good as the main event, sometimes better. Other Promotions could learn a lot from doing this themselves. 


The show comes back from an ad break, and backstage Tony Schiavone is interviewing Jurassic Express.  Jurassic Express are saying that theyre pretty banged up from what happened last week. In comes Kenny OOOMMEEEEEGGGAAAAAAA and Adam Cole (BAY BAY) in what must be a clear distraction, as the Young Bucks come in from the other side and ambush Jurassic Express, before Cole and Omega join in Aswell, overwhelming Jurassic Express.  

We head back to the ring now, and out come a reunited Inner Circle. (I just LOVE how pumped up the crowd get when Judas starts playing.) Santana starts to speak on the mic, but Dan Lambert, The Men Of The Year, and American Top Team interrupt. Jericho asked if Paige VanZant was obsessed with him and if she was going to try to slide into his DM’s.  

“All the jokes are done, though, you see before you the reunited Inner Circle here in Miami tonight. We are ready, five on five, we want Inner Circle against American Top Team and The Men Of The Year,” says Jericho. 

Jericho challenges Dan Lambert and the rest to a ten man tag match. 

“We have bigger plans. The Men Of The Year have their eyes on gold. Will Sammy step up and agree to our terms? I’ll tell you our terms next week,” says Dan Lambert. 

“Chris Jericho, your brain may be a little foggy after another knee from Jorge Masvidal last night, but don’t forget, I’ve pinned the GOAT not once, but twice,” says Scorpio Sky. 

“I’m the TNT Champion. I’m the ‘Spanish God’. I’m gonna kick all of your asses next week,” says Sammy Guevara. 



Second match of the night is up, and it’s the Lucha Bros Vs Andrade’s Mystery tag team Las Super Ranas for the AAA Tag Team Titles. (is it just me or do the AAA belts look like the cheap branded toys for 20 quid?) 

Rey Fenix starts the match with let's say......Super Rana #1, and Fenix is clearly got the upper hand. Super Rana #1 tries to take off the mask of Fenix, but Fenix rolls him up. All 4 men are in the ring now, and The Lucha Bros try to remove the masks off Las Super Ranas. Super Ranas momentarily stop this happening, but not for long as the The Lucha Bros succeed in removing the masks revealing Las Super Ranas to actually be FTR! 

FTR hit a double Clothesline on Lucha Bros, and take control of the match going into an ad break. (With picture in picture). Usual things happen during ad breaks, where is slow and steady. Where FTR are still in control of the match. Back form the ad break and the tides turn as Lucha bros start a comeback. Fenix jumps off his brothers' shoulders with a dropkick to both members of FTR taking them down. Miedo goes to the top rope and launches himself off crashing down onto FTR. The Lucha Bros try a double pinfall but both members of FTR kick out at 2.  

Both teams start with some back and forth with each other now, with The Lucha Bros having the slight upper hand. Tully Blanchard runs out and distracts referee Aubrey Edwards.  This lets FTR to use one of the AAA Tag Team Championship belts against Rey Fenix, following it up with a brain buster into a pinfall cover for the victory. New AAA Tag Champions are FTR!? 

This match was a decent tag match, but we have seen so much more out of both of these teams. Saying that, its still so much better than anything WWE have put out recently. 

We go backstage now, and Tony Schiavone is interviewing Dante Martin and Lio Rush. Lio says that Dante needs to start listening to his advice, and from this point forward, Dante Martin would have a new tag team partner—himself. 

BLINK AND YOU’VE MISSED IT (No, seriously, my kettle boils slower than this match) 

Match 3 on the card, and we have Jon Moxley Vs Wheeler Yuta w/ Orange Cassidy. Errmmmm...yeah, a match happened I think haha. I don’t often say this about AEW but this was just pointless. Both wrestlers made their entrances. Moxley hits Wheeler with a vicious Lariat, a few other moves and a paradigm shift. 1,2,3 done. Nothing else to say, literally, that was it.  

Serena Deeb is backstage with Tony Schiavone. Tony asks Deeb about her recent attitude change. “It was only a matter of time before I had to drag this division to my level,” says Deeb. Hikaru Shida jumped onto Deeb and they began brawling. 



Next match on the card, and we have Dark Order vs. Superkliq. Before the bell, Superkliq attacked Dark Order from behind. The Superkliq got John Silver on the ramp by himself, looking for an assisted powerbomb, but Silver reversed it with a hurricanrana. The match finally gets officially underway, and The Dark Order use combination offence on all 3 members of Superkilq.  

Dark Order are keeping on top of Superkliq, but out of nowhere superkicks happen to them, and Superkliq take control of the match. Quick tags between the 3 and combination attacks lead into a waiting boot of Adam Cole at the turn buckle before he tags in, and goes to an ad break. Superkliq are still in control coming back from the break, and go for a double suplex on Jon Silver, but he counters it and suplexed both members of the Young Bucks. He manages to tag in Evil Uno, who manages to rally back the match a bit for the Dark Order.  

Uno manages to get a boot off one of the Bucks, and a sock, and proceeds to lock in a Mr Sock style mandible claw (Punk can be heard asking if its Mick Foley, it was brilliant) before Adam Cole breaks it up with a superkick.  The Dark Order manage to shake off an attack from the Superkliq on an isolated Uno, taking backs control of the match with an outstanding combination offence on Adam Cole, into a pinfall, but both Young Bucks break up the pin. Cole and Reynolds start trading kicks with each other in the ring, and an elevated knee strike to Cole gets interrupted by a double superkick by the Young Bucks. The allows Cole to hit a panama sunrise, and a triple BTE trigger by all 3 of them, allowing Cole to get a cover for the victory.  

Great match by the 6 men here. Honestly wish it lasted longer, main event worth match.  

After the match, Jungle Boy runs out to the ring to attack the Superkliq, but they retreat leaving Brandon Cutler behind allowing Jungle Boy to hit him with a massive chair shot to the back. 

A video package airs next, with Arn Anderson dropping Cody Rhodes off at the Rhodes Wrestling Academy. Lee Johnson, Brock Anderson and more try to knock Cody back into reality and put his focus back on the ring. Malakai Black has it coming Arn said to Cody. 



MJF comes out to the ring, saying he was here for his match against Darby Allin after introducing himself.  
“You no-showed like a gutless coward. I guess I did break you mentally, Darby,” says MJF. 

MJF pretends to be shocked that Darby Allin was attacked in the parking lot last week. MJF calls for Wardlow, and Wardlow brings a ref down to the ring with him. MJF tells the ref to count to 10, and if Darby isn’t out to the ring by the 10-count, he should be declared the winner. 

The lights in the arena go out, and snow begins to fall. Out comes Sting to the ring, face to face with MJF. MJF shoved Wardlow into Sting, and Sting hit Wardlow in the stomach with his baseball bat.  MJF swiftly retreats backstage leaving Wardlow behind.  


Next match we have Kiera Hogan vs. Penelope Ford w/ The Bunny. Another short match here. The match starts with some small back and forth between the two before Ford takes down Hogan with an arm drag. Hogan comes back from this with some punches and a running clothesline into the corner. Ford goes for a running boot to Hogan in the corner but misses, allowing Hogan to attempts a cover but Ford kicked out at 2. Ford rams Hogans head into the turnbuckle with a bulldog, before we head to another ad break.  

Back from the break we come, and Hogan seems to be turning the tables on Ford on the top rope hitting a superplex. The pair get up off the mat and start trading chops with each other, with Hogan getting the upper hand and dropping Ford with a clothesline, followed by a sliding dropkick into a cover, but Ford kicks out at 2. Ford manages to come back from this and bounce off the ropes and hit a cutter on Hogan, and then locked in the muta lock making Hogan tap out. 

Wont lie, for this one is was the worst match of the night and was easily a toilet break match. Not seen a match like this come from AEW before, so definitely was a shock to me that I wasn’t interested 

After the match finished, Ruby Soho comes running down to the ring and attacks Ford from behind, looking to seek retribution from RAMPAGE. The Bunny comes down the ramp to assist Ford, and Soho challenges them both to get in the ring, but the pair back off. 

Tony Schiavone interviewed Hangman Adam Page in the ring  

“On November 13th, it’s your chance to become the AEW World Champion at full gear against Kenny Omega,” said Schiavone.  

“When my friends and I left Ring of Honor and New Japan, I believed we could change the world. But I think it changed us. I told you guys I’d be the first AEW World Champion and I lost to Jericho. I lost to PAC. And then it started to feel like I lost a lot more. I lost my confidence. I lost my friends. And truthfully, it felt like I lost myself.  "

“The one thing I didn’t lose was these people who chanted ‘Cowboy Shit’ each week. That was very real to me. ‘Cowboy Shit’ was about me making new friends and putting my neck on the line for those friends. 

“When you fall off, you get back on and keep riding. To me that is ‘Cowboy Shit’. I’m not a fortune teller. I’m not going to predict how FULL GEAR will end for me. I think you all believe in me and for the first time in my life I do too.” 

“At FULL GEAR, I will give you my heart, my soul, my blood, my sweat, and I’m 100% sure at FULL GEAR I will give you ‘Cowboy Shit!’” said Hangman Adam Page 



Main event time, and we have Bryan Danielson Vs Bobby Fish. The match starts straight up with a tie up, before Fish starts getting the upper hand on Danielson with Knee strikes and Mui-Tai Strikes. Danielson manages to rally back and take control of Fish on the mat, and stomped on Fish’s legs. Fish manages to get back to his feet, and starts with kicks and punches to Danielson, before going for a cover, but Danielson kicked out at 2. Fish is outside the ring, and Danielson hits him with a suicide dive. Danielson goes for a running kick along the ring apron but Fish sweeps Danielson off his legs, and then goes to the final ad break. 

Back from the ad break and back in the ring, Fish starts working on Danielsons leg and Knee with wrenches, kicks and wrapping his leg around the turnbuckle post. Fish keeps controlling Danielson, working further on the leg and knee. Danielson is siting up on the mat, and Fish hits him with a wicked sliding lariat into a cover, but Danielson kicks out at 2. From the pinfall attempt Fish goes straight for a half crab on the damaged leg, but Danielson countered with an ankle lock and then into a release german suplex.  

The pair get to their feet and start trading punches with each other, before Danielson used 2 dragon screws on Fish’s leg taking him to the mat, then giving him a taste of his own medicine, wrapping Fish’s knee around the ring post. Danielson goes for his well known kicks, but Fish catches the first one, and quickly transitions it into a backdrop driver into a cover, but Danielson kicks out again at 2. Fish takes Danielson up to the top rope, and hits him with an avalanche falcon arrow into a cover, but Danielson again kicks out at 2, but Fish instantly goes in with a knee bar submission. Danielson counters this knee bar with a knee bar of his own, with heel strikes in the face of Fish at the same time. Danielson switches this into a painful looking heel hook causing Fish to tap out, giving Danielson the victory.  

I enjoyed this match a lot. Its great to see fresh match ups every week like this, and not repetitive ones. Both Bryan and Bobby put on a stellar perfomrmance which was definitely worthy of a main event. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more of Bobby Fish in action.


That’s it for this week's episode of dynamite guys. Another decent showing from AEW (well maybe apart from the women's match). It definitely seems to me that AEW have the better weekly shows currently, and I'm absolutely loving reviewing them for you guys. Thanks for checking out my Assessment, and I'll see you again next week for another instalment!