Adams All Elite Assessment 5th January 2022

Another week, another DYNAMITE, but, a NEW TV Network. Whats in store for us? Adam is here to full us in

Adams All Elite Assessment 5th January 2022

Hey guys, Adam here again with another instalment of his All Elite Assessment, and my God what an episode we have for you.  

Tonight's episode ushers in a new era for DYNAMITE, as it’s the premier show on the TBS network, after moving from TNT. So, let's get right in to this week's showing. 

This week's DYNAMITE airs live from Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. 


First match of the night, and we have the much anticipated rematch between Bryan Danielson and Hangman Adam Page for the AEW World Championship. This match had another 60 minute time limit, but this time there are 3 judges (Mark Henry, Jerry Lynn, and Paul Wight) at ringside, so there is a definitive winner.  

The match gets underway and Page wastes no time charging at Danielson, but he rolls to the outside of the ring, and starts doing star jumps in front of the judges. Danielson returns to the ring and the pair lock up in the centre of the ring. Danielson avoids a chop from Page, before again rolling outside the ring and yet more star jumps. Page hits a suicide dive onto Danielson on the outside of the ring, looking to follow up with a moonsault, but Danielson moved out the way. Page manages to land on his feet, and hit a powerbomb onto Danielson on the ring apron! 

With Danielson back in the ring, Page looks to hit the Buckshot Lariat, but Danielson again rolls out the ring to avoid it. Page goes for a suicide dive again, but Danielson manages to move at the last-minute, making Page crash into the barricade. Danielson picks up Page off the floor and rams him into the ring post and throws him into the barricade again. Danielson keeps targeting Page’s arm and working it over, assumingly looking to take way the Buckshot from him. Danielson runs off the ropes but Page catches him and hits him with a fallaway slam. Page launches himself over the top rope with a body press to Danielson, taking him the arena floor. Page goes up and jumps off the top turnbuckle with a clothesline to Danielson into a cover, but Danielson kicks out at 2. 

Danielson manages to backdrop Page out of the ring and Danielson attempts a suicide dive, but page grabs hold of Danielson and launches him onto the arena floor. Page goes to pick up Danielson, but he uses a drop toehold, making Page hit his head onto the steel ring steps and busting Page wide open just as the match goes for an ad break. During the break, Danielson is all over Page, targeting his head and making him bleed even more. As we come back from the ad break, we see Danielson grabbing hold of Page's hair and repeatedly headbutting him. Danielson hits a quick suplex and instantly transitions over onto Page where he just repeatedly throws elbows to Page's head.  

Danielson goes running at speed looking for a clothesline into Page, but Page catches Danielson and hits him with a Death Valley Driver. Danielson attempts a rolling lariat to Page, but Page ducks it and hits Danielson with a German suplex into a cover, but Danielson kicks out at 2. Bryan gets to his feet before Page, and begins hitting Page with roundhouse kicks. Page comes back with a high boot to Bryan’s head. Bryan and Page both attempt vertical suplexes, but they counter each other's and they both went over the top rope. Outside the ring, Bryan pushes Page into the ring post again. Danielson grabbed Page by the arms, looking to pull him into the ring post again, but Page outpowered Bryan and pulled him into the ring post instead three times in a row. busting Danielson open. Page takes this opportunity to taunt Danielson from earlier in the match and starts doing star jumps as the match goes to an ad break. 

Back from the break, we see Page hit a fallaway slam off the top rope on Danielson into a cover, but Danielson Just manages to kick out at 2. Danielson pushes Page to the outside of the ring, and jumps at him with the double knees, but Page counters with a Dead Eye on the floor. Page rolls Danielson in the ring and goes for the Buck Shot Lariat, but Danielson dropped to his knees. Out of nowhere, Bryan rolls up Page for a near fall. Danielson quickly applies the Lebell Lock but Page powers his way out of it, and catapults Danielson and then boots him out of the ring. 

Page goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a moonsault to Danielson on the outside of the ring, then throws him back into the ring. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat again, but Danielson ducks it and hit a massive running knee on Page into a cover, but Page kicks out at 2. The fans start chanting “fight forever” and I'm certainly inclined to agree with them. both men are on their knees, and they start exchanging headbutts with each other again. Danielson comes out on top after a series of running headbutts with each other, and manages to hit a Gotch-style piledriver into a cover, but Page kicks out at 2. Danielson grabs hold of Page's wrists on the floor, and viciously stomps on Page's head. Danielson backs off and tries for the running knee again, but Page counters it with a pop-up powerbomb. Page walks over to Danielson on the mat, but Danielson grabs hold of Page and locks in the triangle hold. Page tries to power out, but Danielson put a knee bar on Page as he changes his grip. Page manages to escape, and starts clubbing Danielson in the back of the head, before hitting a back drop driver on the challenger. Page goes to the outside, pulls down his elbow pad, and finally hits the Buckshot Lariat on Danielson and gets the pinfall victory on Danielson, retaining his AEW World Championship! 

Wow. What a match. What an opening match as usual, but, wow. This genuinely seemed more of a brawl instead of a wrestling match at times, but my God, I've missed seeing that much blood. Another PPV main event worthy match from these 2 men. 


Next ‘match’ on the card, we have MJF Vs Shawn Dean. Yeah, this match didn’t even get started. The bell rings, and CM Punk sprints to the ring and MJF runs out the ring. Punk hits the GTS on Shawn Dean giving Shawn Dean the victory over MJF. Punk grabs a mic,  

CM Punk: “This is your future every time you step into the ring. It’s going to be hard to fight for a title when you keep losing.” (Referencing the records resetting at the beginning of the year) 

MJF: “Everything that comes out of your mouth is fake and induces boredom. You came out here last week and you said you were done with this. You said you were going to focus on becoming a world champion. You might have these people convinced you’re the real deal, but deep down, without me, you’re nothing. I make you relevant.  

“For you to come out here and claim that I’m a waste of money…when you sold Tony Khan nothing but a bill of goods. You ain’t the same guy you used to be. But you know who is…MJF. But by the way, you got offended when I drew the comparison to Roddy Piper.  

“Do you think you’re Roddy Piper, PG Punk? The last time I checked, Roddy Piper was talented enough to main event a WrestleMania. And by the way, if I’m not starting to be shown the proper respect around here, maybe I’ll main event a Mania too.” 

CM Punk: “All I’m trying to do is kick your ass. I’ll do it right here, right now in New Jersey. You ran from me, you hid behind FTR. If you think the grass is greener, go ahead, I’ll still be waiting for you when you come back to give you the ass-kicking you deserve!” 

MJF: “You want the match?! Next week it’ll be CM Punk vs. Wardlow!” 

CM Punk: “The difference between myself, Roddy Piper, and a worm like you, is me and Roddy Piper would fight anyone at any time. When you run out of people to hide behind, I’ll be here waiting to kick your ass!” 

So, I've paraphrased a lot of this again, as honestly I'd be here forever typing this segment out. I'm absolutely loving the feud between these 2, just for the mic skills between them. I can't wait to see them get in the ring with each other. Love all the digs at Punk's former WWE career. Honestly if you get chance, go watch this promo, it's amazing. 

Next segment, we see Chris Jericho returning to the screen again. Jericho's music hits and the crowd starts singing along to ‘Judas’ as always. I'm in love with this song currently.  

“What a historical night here in New Jersey. The first episode of AEW DYNAMITE on TBS here tonight. a little bit of a homecoming for me, as I haven’t been on TBS since April 7th, 1999, when I was on WCW THUNDER losing to Booker T. I think he cheated. 

It’s great to be back after those idiots 2point0 knocked me out. And that’s why last week, I didn’t come out to save Eddie Kingston. No, I came out to give a little revenge to those dipshits 2point0!” 

2point0’s music hits and they walk to the ring with mics in hand. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, Terrance and Phillip,” Jericho said. 

2point0 mocks Jericho and say the last time they ran into him; they gave him a taste of a steel chair. 

“I can’t stop looking at your square head, it looks like a post-it note, like a waffle or some shit,” said Jericho. “does he look like a square head?” Jericho asked the crowd 

Jericho continues mocking 2Point0, before grabbing his baseball bat and says he’d knock both their heads off. Daniel Garcia jumps into the ring to blindside attack Jericho, but gets a taste of the bat before 2Point0 jump on Jericho. Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz run down to the ring to even up the numbers, but 2point0 and Daniel Garcia retreat backstage. 

Another good but short segment. It's always great seeing Jericho on the mic, especially when he’s insulting people. It's amazing how he always gets the crowd involved and they come up with new chants. Love it.  

Once again, we have Wardlow in action. And honestly, I'm so bored of seeing this guy. It's like Hes a Ryback 2.0. Before the match begins, Shawn Spears hits the C4 Death Valley Driver on Zambrano outside the ring and rolls him in the ring. Wardlow then proceeds to hit 5 powerbombs in succession, places a foot on Zambrano and gets the win. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Boring........I hope this is going somewhere, because God I'm sick of seeing these squash matches now. 


Next match of the night, we have Ruby Soho Vs Jade Cargill, the winner becoming the inaugural TBS Womens Champion. This match I'm looking forward to. The 2 women start the match by sizing each other up, but Cargill getting an advantage and pushing Soho into the corner. Soho came back with slaps out of the corner, and made Cargill go over the ropes. Soho shoulder tackled her off the mat and followed up with a shotgun dropkick off the apron to the outside. The action gets back in the ring, but Soho was slow doing it, so Cargill takes advantage of her by kicking her to the mat, following up with stomps and elbow drops.  

Cargill goes to the top turnbuckle, but Soho brings her back down the to the ring with an armdrag. While Soho is on the floor and the ref checking her, Mercedes Martinez comes running down to the ring, and starts shouting at Soho. Thunder Rosa comes sprinting down out of the back and takes out Martinez, and the pair start brawling at the side of the ramp, and the match goes to an ad break. All during the break, Cargill is slowly just controlling the match and is all over Soho, even taking time to do press ups in the middle of the ring. As we come back from the break, we see Cargill charging into the corner, but Soho dodging out the way, then hitting a series of boots, then a knee strike on Cargill.  

Soho tries for a side suplex but Cargill powers her way out of it. Soho hits a leg sweep and goes for the cover, but Cargill kicks out at 2. Soho gives a series of kicks to Cargill, but Cargill comes back and hits a shoulder breaker and then a pump kick on Soho into a cover, but Soho kicks out at 2. Soho tries a sunset flip, but again Cargill uses her power to avoid it, but Soho catches an elbow strike then a side suplex on her into a cover but again Cargill kicks out at 2. Mark Sterling jumps onto the ring apron and distracts the ref, but she ejects him from ringside and sends him to the back. Cargill gets Soho up for the Jaded, but she counters it with a roll up and then hits Cargill with the No Future. Soho goes for the cover but Cargill again kicks out at 2. with one arm, Soho is striking Cargill in the corner and lifts her up going for an arm drag off the top, but Cargill lifts up Soho onto the top with her, and hits her with an avalanche Jaded. Cargill goes in to the cover and pins Soho to become the first-ever TBS Champion. 

So, I was really looking forward to this match, but honestly, I was disappointed. It seemed really clunky at moments, but I genuinely feel like that’s from Jade Cargill. She's only average in the ring in my opinion. She's slow, and seems very rough in the ring. I genuinely think Ruby Soho deserved to win this match. Not just because I love her, but I feel like she out performs Jade Cargill every time she gets in the ring. 

We see a sit-down interview from earlier in the day next, with Jim Ross and Serena Deeb.  

“My intention from the start was to show Shida respect. But now it’s about hurting her and claiming my spot at the top of this division where I belong. The reason that they call me ‘the professor of professional wrestling’ is because I have a PHD in this shit. I demanded a match with you next week Shida. You will not be walking out on your own!” This has left us with a match for next week for Serena Deeb Vs Hikaru Shida. 

So, another match here with Malakai Black, this time against Brian Pillman Jr. Unfortunately, here it is another squash match. The match looks like it's going to be promising (even having an Ad Break) but it honestly boils down to it being a slow methodical pace between both men, But Malakai Black hits a massive Roundhouse Kick on Pillman Jr. And getting the pinfall victory. 

This is something else I hope they are going somewhere with. Malakai Black is so skilled in the ring, and I feel like they’re underutilising him at the minute and can't see why. Hopefully this thing leads somewhere. I would love to see him in the title picture, even if it was the TNT title. 

After the match, Black goes to leave, but then comes back to the ring. Out come The Lucha Brothers, and the arena goes dark. Malakai Black is stood on the ramp, and The Lucha Brothers are in the ring. 

We head backstage next where Tony Schiavone is interviewing Ruby Soho, but Britt Baker interrupts. It leads into Baker assaulting Soho, but Riho running in and intervening, breaking it up.  


Main event time now, and we have a tag match between Jurassic Express and The Lucha Brothers for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. This should be good.  

The match starts with Jungle Boy and Rey Fenix locking up and switching up holds with each other and various different pin attempts. Rey Fenix manages to come out on top with a massive dropkick taking Jungle Boy to the mat. Fenix tags to Penta, and Jungle Boy tags in Luchasaurus and all 4 men stare off in the ring. Penta takes out Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus takes out Fenix leaving Luchasaurus and Penta to square off. Penta hits overhand chops to Luchasaurus but he doesn’t flinch. Luchasaurus blocks the last chop and takes Penta to the mat with a massive chop of his own. Fenix come in and takes Luchasaurus off his feet and Jungle Boy comes in and takes Penta off his feet, before all 4 men are in a tandem arm drag position, as Jungle Boy and Fenix jump off the top rope and all 4 men go flying before Jungle Boy and Fenix Kip up off the mat.  

Penta hits Jungle Boy in the back of the head with a superkick, but Luchasaurus comes thundering in and takes both Lucha Brother members down with a double clothesline. Both legal men back in action now as Luchasaurus gives Penta a German suplex into a cover, but Penta kicks out at 2. Penta manages to get Luchasaurus into their corner, and both Penta and Fenix use tandem offence to take out Luchasaurus, before he manages to power out of the corner and make a tag to Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy comes in and takes down both Lucha Brothers by himself but Fenix comes back with the tightrope walk kick leaving Jungle Boy falling to the outside of the ring as the match goes to an ad break. Through the ad break, The Lucha Brothers are all over the match, controlling Jungle Boy.  

As we come back from the break, we see Jungle Boy coming back from the assault from Fenix by hitting a massive Lariat, dodging Penta clothesline attempt then making the tag to Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus comes in hot and takes out both Lucha Brothers. Luchasaurus goes for a double chokeslam, but Penta and Fenix use double team offence to take him out. Luchasaurus grabs Penta off the tope turnbuckle, and Jungle Boy vaults over them both and hits a Canadian destroyer on Fenix. Luchasaurus slams Penta to the mat and goes for a cover, but Penta kicks out at 2. Penta manages to thwart a double team attempt by super kicking both members of Jurassic Express. Fenix hits a Canadian destroyer from the top rope onto Luchasaurus and he rolls out the ring. Penta hits Made in Japan onto Jungle Boy and goes for the cover, but Jungle Boy kicks out at 2. 

The Lucha Brothers go for a double team offense on Luchasaurus, but the arena lights go out and he isn't there, and Jungle Boy is in the ring. Luchasaurus makes it back to the ring apron, but gets taken down again by Fenix. The Lucha Brothers hit a combination fear factor on Jungle Boy into a cover, but Jungle Boy manages to JUST kick out. Alex Abrahantes sets up a table at ringside, but Christian Cage chases him away. Luchasaurus avoids being put through the table, and grabs Fenix from in ring the and chokeslams him through the set up table on the outside! (HOLY SHIT THIS WAS NASTY! FENIX INSTANTLY POINTS TO HIS ARM AS HE KNOWS SOMETHING IS WRONG) Jungle Boy goes for the Kill Switch on Penta, but Penta tried to counter with the Made In Japan but Jungle Boy rolled through and pinned Penta giving Jurassic Express the victory and NEEEWWWWW AEW World Tag Team Champions! 

So, this match was the highlight of the night for me, as to be expected from these two teams. I can't tell if this was a changed on the fly result because of the obvious arm injury Fenix took (check out our new article on it) or if was supposed to end in a roll up originally, but either way, it was an amazing match, and honestly Jurassic Express deserve a title run. They're amazing and Jungle Boy has come so, so far.

So, that’s another DYNAMITE down guys, and the first on TBS, and what a show they put on. I wish Fenix a speedy recovery from his arm injury, and hope he's back in action soon. Looking forward to Battle of the Belts this weekend, cannot wait for it! 

So that’s it from me guys, hope you’re all well, and catch you next week!