Adams All Elite Assessment 4th March

Another week down, another Assessment done. Adam is here to fill you in on this week happening in AEW!

Adams All Elite Assessment 4th March

hey guys how's it going? Adam here again with another Weekly dose of AEW goodness! I have luckily only managed to be released once this week (so far) so all is good here! 

Hev is currently taking a break from doing his RAMPAGE reviews, so for the next couple of weeks, I'll be going back to the old format of my reviews, and giving a quick rundown of the matches or anything special that happened on the Rampage before the DYNAMITE I'm reviewing.  

So, I won't keep you all waiting, let's get this week's All-Elite (and not yet released) Assessment underway! 

 (Editor's Note: Unfortunately, prior to this review, Adam was released. We told him to tell people but it was difficult to make sense of his crying sobs, so we all left the room as he was annoying.)


This episode of RAMPAGE was the penultimate one before the REVOLUTION PPV. The match card was as follows; 

TNT Champion Sammy Guevara vs. Andrade El Idolo for the TNT championship 

Sammy Guevara gets the pinfall victory, retaining his championship after hitting Andrade with a double springboard cutter. 

QT Marshall comes out with microphone in hand 

“When will the disrespect end? From all you fans to my co-workers, it all stems from Taz, because he stems from you Taz. When I broke him in, I taught him respect. I know you all want Hook. I made this not you, Taz. Each success Hook has is because of me. So, Hook, why don’t you come out here right now and thank me like the man I thought I trained you to be, before I go back out there, drag you out here by that hair of yours, and stretch you in front of your daddy.” 

Hooks music plays and out he comes. QT sent down students to attack Hook, but Hook takes them all out. 

Wardlow vs. Nick Comoroto  

To no-one's surprise here, Wardlow got the pinfall victory after hitting the powerbomb symphony. 

Serena Deeb’s 5-Minute Rookie Challenge - Serena Deeb vs. Kayla Sparks 

Again, to no-one's surprise here, Deeb gets the submission victory after locking in the serenity lock 

AEW Women’s World Championship Contract Signing 

Contract signings are pointless to me. I've never been a fan, but hey ho, here we go. Tony Schiavone was in the ring with Dr. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa to make their match at REVOLUTION official.  

Thunder Rosa: “Hey Britt, let’s give the people what they want: a better champion!” 

Britt Baker: “You could have just signed the paper, but you want to talk, we’ll talk. The only time Thunder Rosa is relevant is when it’s used in a sentence with Britt Baker. Who made that Lights Out Match? We went to war, we made history, and you won. So why was everyone talking about me? I got the t-shirt. I got the action figure. So, who won? You think my championship will validate you as a professional wrestler. But you’ll never be the star that I am. You will never be the pillar that I am. I was building AEW from the ground up while you were wrestling on YouTube. You will never be the face of All Elite Wrestling. Never! Jealousy is just hatred built upon insecurities. You don’t hate me, you love me. You love everything that I have. It’s yourself that you hate because you will never be Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.” 

Baker signed the contract, but Thunder Rosa jumped across the table and attacked Baker! Mercedes Martinez runs down to the ring to even up the odds after Rebel and Jamie Hayter get involved.   

Face Of The Revolution Qualifying Match - Orange Cassidy Vs Anthony Bowens  

Orange Cassidy gets the pinfall victory over Bowens after hitting him with the Orange Punch. 



This week's episode of DYNAMITE airs from Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida! 

Starting off this week's episode of DYNAMITE we see Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone in the ring, as Tony Khan has an absolutely MASSIVE announcement to make. I'm not going to go in depth here, as I'm sure we’ve all seen the announcement by now, (you can read more in depth in our article here) But Tony has just announced he is the NEW owner of Ring Of Honor!! 

“When we started AEW three years ago it was out in that parking lot. About 17 years before that another company started—ROH—Ring of Honor. Today I just signed a new deal. I just became the owner of Ring of Honor!” 


First match of the night, we have Bryan Danielson Vs Christopher Daniels. These 2 men were part of the first main event of the first ROH so it's fitting to see this match, as they get underway with the ‘Code of honour’ handshake.  

Both men start with some chain grappling with one another taking each other to the mat and taunting each other. Danielson takes Daniels down to the mat and starts wrenching back in his face and arm, before knocking him back down to the mat with a shoulder tackle. Daniels manages to come back with a boot to the face of Danielson, making him roll out of the ring, before Daniels hit a split legged moonsault off the ropes top the outside. Back in the ring, Daniels attempts a diving crossbody off the rope to Danielson, but Danielson countered it with a kick to the chest before hitting Daniels with big roundhouse kicks and uppercuts. 

Danielson takes Daniels to the mat and applies a bow and arrow submission but Daniels grabbed the ropes to break the hold. Both men get back to their feet and trade chops with each other in the middle of the ring, but Daniels comes out on top hitting a blue thunder bomb on Danielson, but doesn’t capitalise with a cover. Daniels hits an STO and looks for the angel's wing, but Danielson escaped the hold with a German suplex following with a running knee strike into the corner. 

Danielson throws chops at Daniels in the corner and lifts him to the top. Daniels hits come headbutts to Danielson, making him fall back down to the mat. He goes for a diving cross body but Danielson rolls through into a cover, but Daniels manages to kick out at 2. the pair swap a few different pin attempts before trading blows in the middle of the ring, but Danielson comes out on top with a rolling elbow strike. Danielson climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Daniels pushed him down before. Daniels hit the best moonsault ever, but Danielson manages to catch him in his connection with the move, and locked in the triangle sleeper. Danielson smashed some elbows into Danisl head, and the referee stopped the match as Daniels no longer responds.  

After the match, Danielson grabs a mic.  

“Ladies and gentlemen. Twenty years since the first Ring of Honor show. Christopher Danielson and I were in the main event. At that time, we started the match with a handshake and we ended the match with a handshake. But here’s the thing. I’m not in Ring of Honor. I’m in AEW. And it’s time to kick somebody’s head in!” 

Danielson grabs Christopher Daniels’ arms and began to stomp on Daniels’ head in his typical fashion over the past few weeks. He picks back up the Mic,  

“Jon Moxley, the head that’s going to be kicked in on Sunday at REVOLUTION is yours,”  

Jon Moxley’s music hit and he makes his way down to the ring. 

Moxley: “I can see that the American Dragon Bryan Danielson is better than ever, and more violent than ever. But you’ve got it wrong my friend. There are 2 paths I can take, I'm at a crossroads, and the path I choose walk will determine my future. If I walk down this path, I get my head kicked in on Sunday and I fade into oblivion never to be heard from again. But that’s not going to happen. I choose to walk down another path. I will walk down through fire, bullets and through you. At the end of this path, I beat ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson. The story of Jon Moxley is just starting. And I write the first chapter on Sunday. A chapter that’s going to be written in blood. 

There’s like a million people watching on TV. You want to prove me wrong? Take your shot!” 

Danielson squares up to Jon Moxley. but then retreats from the ring. 

A decent opening promo here from Danielson and Moxley, but I feel like the match was a bit lacklustre for a change. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but I just think maybe because the quality of Danielsons matches have been so good recently, this one was just a bit down there on the scale. 


Next on the card, we have a 15 team Casino Tag Royale, with the winning team joining the tag team title match at REVOLUTION. So, as usual per my Battle Royal style reviews, its far too confusion to do it in depth, so a quick rundown is all I'll be able to do again. The teams involved in the match are; -Santana & Ortiz, FTR, Top Flight, Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor, The Acclaimed, 2point0, The Young Bucks, The Butcher & The Blade, The Gunn Club, Brock Anderson & Lee Johnson, Bear Country, The Varsity Blonds, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson, Pres10 Vance & Alan Angels and Peter Avalon & Ryan Nemeth. 

Top Flight and FTR are the first two teams to enter the match, followed by The Acclaimed, followed by Alan Angels and Pres10 Vance. All team are going at it in the ring with no eliminations yet, and the Butcher & The Blade enter the match and eliminating number 5 of the Dark order as The Varsity Blonds make their way to the ring, going straight after The Acclaimed. Brian Pillman Jr gets eliminated by FTR as Bear Country enter the match, taking down all other teams. 

Next team we have Santana and Ortiz and they go straight after Bear Country eliminating from the match. Max Caster gets eliminated just as Best Friends enter the match. Bowens goes after the mask of 10 and then hits him out of the ring and sends Grayson over the top rope too. The Young Bucks enter the match and quickly knock Brock Anderson over the top with a double lariat, and Top Flight eliminated Anthony Bowens. The rest of the teams enter the match, and honestly there is so many people in the ring, I can't keep track of what is happening and who is eliminating who. Evil Uno is about to hit a piledriver Trent on the apron, but Danhausen crawls out from beneath the ring and put a curse on Evil Uno! Trent hit a half and half suplex on Evil eliminating him.

As we come back from the ad break, the remaining teams in the match are FTR, the Young Bucks, and Top Flight. All 3 teams start going at it. Dante took a right hand from Cash Wheeler. Cash pops up Dante to throw him over the ropes, but Dante pulled him over with a hurricanrana eliminating both men. The Young Bucks superkick Dax Harwood, eliminating him after ReDRagon run out and distract FTR at ringside. Darius Martin takes on the Bucks singlehandedly, hitting a flying forearm on Matt Jackson. Followed by a standing Spanish Fly and the Darius eliminated Nick Jackson. Both Matt Jackson and Darius Martin end up on the ring apron and start brawling with each other there. Matt Jackson hit Darius with a low blow and then hit a superkick on Darius which finally eliminated Darius meaning the Young Bucks advance to REVOLUTION on Sunday! 

I am a fan of these style of matches, but my god I struggle to review them. As soon as I saw the Bucks enter the match, I had a very strong feeling they were winning it. I have a very strong suspicion about that is happening with the bucks and ReDRagon going forward. 

Next up, we see CM Punk coming down to the ring, to cut another promo.  

“I used to wake up every morning, splash water in my face and ask myself, ‘Am I the bad guy?’ I never really had an answer. Up until a week ago I was certain Max was the bad guy. And for Max to bare his soul like he did last week, it took a lot of courage, and yes, its courage I didn’t think he had. 

“But I also can’t shake the feeling that I’m being gaslit. I'll make it clear to everyone here and at home, I don’t believe Max is lying. Where my questions like is in his sincerity. I must be getting soft in my old age but I don’t know if it matters. There’s a famous picture of me on the internet, from when I was younger and I met Steve Austin. I’ve listened to Max bury Brian Pillman, Jr’s father, the late great Brian Pillman in his hometown. And he said awful things about Darby Allin’s uncle. Oine thing I know, it that hurt people, hurt people. When I came here Max stood in front of me and introduced himself and I didn’t shake his hand. 

“Am I Dr. Frankenstein and he’s the monster? Everyone has to take responsibilities for their own actions. I don’t think right now there’s anything I can say that’s any more impactful than something can do. Max can come out here and we can talk and have a conversation in front of the world.” 

MJF walks down and joins Punk in the ring 

“So, here’s the thing Max. I’ve done horrible things in my life. I used to be you. So full of hate. But listen man, I poured alcohol down an alcoholic's throat, I mocked a wrestler’s addiction until he lost his job because of it. I covered a legendary wrestler in the ashes of his manager. And I’m here to tell you that all that hate won’t keep you warm, it’s going to burn you up. I’d like to think my respect isn’t given; it’s earned. Right now, this is bigger than me, bigger than you and bigger than wrestling. this is about some 11-year-old kid at home watching right now who looks up to you, the same way you looked up to me. I might be wrong but i woke up this morning and I splashed myself with water in the face and I asked, ‘Are you the good guy?’ I finally had an answer, and that answer is ‘I sure am trying.’” 

CM Punk offers his hand to MJF. MJF pauses for a while and then grabs CM Punk and hugs him. Punk hugs him back after a moment of looking bewildered. MJF said “Thank you” and then hits Punk with a low blow! MJF then follows up with a heat seeker on Punk. MJF calls out Wardlow and Shawn Spear to the ring, and Spears hands MJF the Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF hit Punk in the head with the ring and Punk was busted wide open. Security tries to come down to break it up, but FTR are on the ramp, making sure they can't. 

“You stupid, stupid old man. I’m a snake. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. This Sunday at REVOLUTION I’m going to show the world and all these mindless sheep that I’m the devil himself!” 

Wardlow and Spears put the dog collar around Punk’s neck and start pulling the steel chain from inside the ring, as Punk is propped up against the ring apron, head bleeding profusely. Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, and Sting run down to the ring to save CM Punk from the assault, but MJF, Wardlow and Spears scatter and disappear. 

Guys, this feud has been absolute fire. I've not seen a feud get this personal for a long, long time. Each segment these 2 men have put out over the past few weeks building up to this match has been better than the previous week. My god this is going to be one hell of a match on Sunday! 


Next match of the night, we have a women's tag match, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D & Jamie Hayter Vs Mercedes Martinez & Thunder Rosa. Before the bell rings, all 4 women start brawling outside the ring, but Baker and Rosa officially start the match. Thunder Rosa lifts up Baker but Baker escapes. Mercedes whips Rosa into Baker into the corner and they start a double team assault, but Baker comes back with a sling blade on Martinez. 

Hayter tags in and herself and Martinez collide with shoulder tackles, with Martinez getting the upper hand backing Hayter into the corner and making the tag to Rosa. Rosa runs against the ropes, but Rebel grabbed Rosa’s leg and, in the process, distracts the referee allowing Baker to attack Rosa while the ref was dealing with Rebel as the match goes to an ad break. All through the break is just Martinez and Rosa controlling the match. 

As we come back from the break, we see Martinex taking out both Hayter and Baker. She goes for a cover on Hayter, but Hayter kicks out at 2. Baker tags in, and connects with a ripcord elbow on Martinez and then Hayter hit her with a backbreaker. Baker goes for a cover, but Martinez kicks out at 2. Baker hits Martinez with a thrust kick and attempts to go for the lock jaw, but Martinez escapes and makes the tag to Rosa. Baker and Rosa start trading blows in the middle of the ring and Baker tries for another ripcord elbow, but Rosa counters into a Death Valley driver and goes for the cover, but Hayter breaks up the pinfall. Rosa manages to hit a tiger driver 98 as Martinez deals with Hayter, and gets a clean pinfall victory over the champion! 

A decent tag match here from the women's division. I'm loving the AEW women's division currently, its really growing on me. Looking forward to this match between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker on Sunday. 

Next we head to an ad break, and we see Sammy Guevara going his thing with his non talking promo with his cards, which reads; 


I don’t think I like these non talking promos from Sammy. I love him as a character, but there's just something about this part of the character I don’t like. But hey, it may grow on me, you never know. 

Next, we have a match with Wardlow and Cezar Bononi. Nothing to say here, apart from the usual squash match. Powerbomb symphony into a pin getting the victory. After the match is where is got interesting. Shawn Spears tries the usual attack on Wardlow's opponent with a chair, but this time, Wardlow grabs hold of the chair and stops him, before the pair stare each other down, and Shawn Spears backs off. 


Last night of the match, and it’s a trio's tag match between Adam Page, Dark Order’s John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Adam Cole (BAYBAY) & ReDRagon. Cole and Page began the match for their teams and Page backs Cole into the corner without touching him and Cole tags out to Fish. Fish was looking for a knock out kick but Page ducks it smashes Fish with a high boot to the head! Fish tags to O’Reilly, but Page takes on both members of ReDRagon by himself and then tags out to Silver. Reynolds and Silver used tandem offense on ReDRagon taking them out. Cole distracts Reynolds allowing O’Reilly to work over Reynolds. After O’Reilly puts in the work on Reynolds, Cole tags in for a few blows on Reynolds before tagging straight back out to O’Reilly. 

O’Reilly works over Reynolds, with help from Fish from the outside, but Reynolds manages to make a tag to Page. Page comes in hit, and goes straight for O’Reilly, but Fish takes him out, being the legal man. Fish tags in Cole and he attempts to go for the Panama City Sunrise but Page powers out of it, looking for the Dead Eye. Each of them tries to get manoeuvre on each other, but they’re countered straight away by one another. Cole kicks the top of Page’s knee and looks for the boom but Page manages to move out the way as the match goes to an ad break. 

As we come back from the final break, we see Cole working over Silver with a backbreaker. O’Reilly tags in and immediately jumps on top of Silver and start raining down punches on him. Silver manages to get back up and get a tag to Page, who hits a fallaway slam on O’Reilly, following it up with a powerbomb into a cover, but O’Reilly kicks out at 2. Cole gets in the ring and he starts trading blows with Page. The match breaks, down and all six men are brawling in the ring before Page hits a massive Buckshot Lariat on Cole but doesn’t capitalise on it. Cole hits Page with an eziguri, but Reynolds makes a blind tag and pops Cole up for a knee strike, following with a high boot in the corner, but Cole comes back with a superkick followed byt the BOOM knee strike, getting as pinfall victory on Reynolds.  

Post-match, Cole and Page start going at each other, but ReDRagon interfere Page manages to fight off ReDRagon and was looking to hit the buckshot lariat on Cole, but Fish take his leg out from underneath him on the ring apron. ReDragon use ductape to restrain Page to the ropes by the wrists as Cole is taunting away and all 3 of them take out Silver and Reynolds.  

Cole superkicks Page and then mocking him, placed the AEW World title on Adam Page, says “That belt belongs to me!” 

This was a decent tag match and another decent end to DYNAMITE, especially for the ‘go home’ show before REVOLUTION. Looking forward to this match at the PPV and I really can't call who is going to come out on top. 


Well, that’s all she wrote again folks. Another cracking week of AEW goodness. My god what a show REVOLUTION is going to be this weekend. 9 matches mean the card is STACKED and they’re all phenomenal matches Aswell! 

So join me next week guys for my next instalment of my All-Elite Assessment, and keep an eye out for a special review of AEW REVOLUTION coming soon aswell! 

Stay safe, and don’t get released guys! 

 (Editor's note: Adam has been released.)