Adams All Elite Assessment! 3rd November 2021

Adam here again, with another dose of Dynamite goodness for you to enjoy!

Adams All Elite Assessment! 3rd November 2021

Hey guys, Adam is here again. So, you know what that must mean. Time for another dose of AEW in my All-Elite Assessment. I'm back on the ball and ready and raring to go. 

Before I get this Assessment underway though, I would like to address something. I'm sure you have seen it all over social media by now, and on our website. And that is Jon Moxley. I have absolutely nothing but respect for the guy for going into rehab for a drinking problem. A lot of people in his situation struggle through it and try to get it out of them by going it alone or pretending the issue doesn’t exist, but that is never the right course of action. You can see how much love and respect he has from his fans, his boss, his fellow superstars, and especially his wife who sent out a very loving tweet about the situation. I just want to take this opportunity from all of us here on the Real Rasslin crew, to wish Jon Moxley all the best in his rehabilitation, and we can't wait to see you back out the other side. Remember guys, if you’re struggling with anything like this, help is the best thing you can do, so please, talk to someone.  

But now, without further ado, let's get this weeks All Elite Assessment underway! 

This week's episode of DYNAMITE was aired live from the Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, Missourri. 

Will this be another amazing opening? 

Starting this week, we have Kenny Omega with Michael Nakazawa vs. Dark Order’s Alan Angels. The match gets underway by Angels straight away hitting a running dropkick on Omega sending him into the corner and following straight up with some stomps and punches to the body of Omega. Omega comes straight back from this with a boot of his own, pushing Angels back and immediately following up with chops to the chest. Omega picks Angels up off the mat and Irish whips him, but Angels counters it and hits Omega with a leg lariat and goes for a cover, but Omega kicks out at 1.  

Both men on their feet, and Omega gives a thumb to the eye of Angels. The pair counter each others moves as the match progresses, but Omega manages to get on top by hitting a Kotaro Crusher on Angels, following it up with a punt kick to his ribs. Omega tries for a cover but Angels kicks out at 2. Omega hits Angels down onto his knee in some version of an atomic drop. Omega runs in for the V-Trigger but Angels dodges it and goes for a surprise roll up, but Omega kicks out at 2. Omega ends up outside the ring and Angels hits a suicide dive. Omega pushes Angels into the ring apron and barricade. He tries again but Angels countered with some ‘619’esque move, following it up with a moonsault off the second turnbuckle onto Omega. Angels hits with a cross body off the top rope into a cover, but Omega again kicks out at 2.  

Angels goes to the top rope again looking for a frog splash, but Kenny manages to get his knees up to block the move. Omega comes back and buckle-bombs Angels into a sit down spinebuster for a cover, but Angels kicks out at 2. Both men are back to their feet, and they trade forearm blows. Angels escapes a snap dragon attempt, but Omega caught him under the chin with the V-Trigger after a failed pinfall attempt. Omega goes for a cover, but Angels kicks out again at 2! Omega clearly is annoyed by this, and smashes Angels with two V-Triggers in a row and covers Angels for a Pinfall victory. 

Yet another amazing opening match here. Angels put up an impressive fight against Omega and definitely showed he can go at it with the big boys.  

After the match, Omega grabs a mic, and tells Nakazawa to pass him a steel chair. Omega is about to hit Angels with a one-winged angel onto the chair, but Hangman Adam Page comes out to the ring. Omega tries to hit Page with the steel chair but Angels grabs it away from Omega from behind. Page grabs the ropes and attempts a Buckshot Lariat on Omega but Omega ducks out the way of it and scarpers out of the ring. Hangman Adam Page grabs the mic, and the AEW title, “Kenny, you’ve got 10 days,” says “Hangman” Adam Page. 


Next up, we have such a great promo as per usual by CM Punk. The fans started chanting Punk's name, but he tells them that it's not his name he wants to hear chanted right now.  

“There’s two people who aren’t here right now and one has a very legitimate reason and his name is Jon Moxley. His name is the one I want to hear chanted tonight. I don’t want anybody to criticize Jon Moxley because I am goddamn proud of him. If anybody here or if anybody home watching on television, if you think you’re in a place where you need help—get it, ask somebody, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help” 

He then goes onto the 2nd name that’s not there, Eddie Kingston.  

“Which brings me to the second guy that’s not here tonight—Eddie Kingston. You’re not here so I can’t ask you to your face so I have to do this. Last week you interrupted me and I don’t like being interrupted. I’d fight him but guess what—he’s not here. FULL GEAR is an option but St. Louis is up the road, and if you’ve got the balls, I’ll be there on RAMPAGE to accept your apology for interrupting me.”  

I fucking love this guy, yes, I know most fans do, but seriously. To address how he feels about Jon Moxley live on TV is amazing. It shows how much he cares, even after saying they’re not ‘the best of friends’ I genuinely could feel myself getting emotional at the end of the Moxley part. 

Alex Marvez backstage with the SuperKliq.  

Adam Cole says he and the Young Bucks were going to remind everyone how tough they are. Last week was a fluke. Christian Cage interrupts them, and he was with Luchasaurus. The Young Bucks say they aren't looking for a fight today, let's talk about this another time, but that didn’t stop things quickly breaking out into a brawl.  The brawl spills out into the arena and the SuperKliq are getting the upper hand. Out of nowhere, Jungle Boy jumps off the stage and comes crashing down on the SuperKliq taking them all out.  

Matt Jackson was about to jump off the stage but Christian Cage meets him with a spear before he could do it. Christian goes to hit the Kill Switch but Nick Jackson comes from behind to hit Christian with a superkick.  Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy make the Bucks do down, and Luchasaurus choke slams Nick Jackson onto Adam Cole. Jungle Boy puts the Snare Trap submission on Adam Cole and Cole ends up passing out. Christian Cage comes back out through the screen, 2 steel chairs in hand. He lays Cole’s head onto one of them and smashes the top of Cole’s head with the other. 

I loved this segment. More storytelling and rivalry building leading up to what I can only assume is going to be a 6-man tag match at FULL GEAR.    


Next up, we have FTR with Tully Blanchard vs. Aero Star & Samuray Del Sol (Formerly WWE’s Kalisto) in an AAA Tag Team Championship open challenge. The match starts quite quickly with some vicious brawling. Del Sol takes down Cash and follows up with a drop kick forcing FTR to bail to the outside and call for a time out. Both teams tag their respective partners. Dax shoves his middle finger up to Aero Star after Aero Star does quite a few flips and jumps, circling him in the ring. Dax pushes Aero Star into a corner and starts laying down some punches. Dax tags in Cash, but Aero Star and Del Sol get the upper hand on FTR. Back in the ring, and Aero Star goes for a double hurricanrana, but FTR drop him throat-first over the top rope as the match goes to an ad break. The usually slow paced match happens during the break as FTR are just picking apart Star. 

Back from the break, Aero Star and Del Sol start using some combination offence to confuse and try and take down FTR. Del Sol tags back in Star, and the pair go for a double pinfall attempt but both members of FTR kick out at 2. Aero Star hits a springboard splash off the middle rope onto Cash after Del Sol takes him out, but Dax saved Cash form the pinfall attempt. Outside the ring, Dax hits Del Sol with a brainbuster on the arena floor taking him out of action. In the ring, Cash counters a victory roll by Star, and pulls Aero Star’s tights and the middle rope as he rolls him up for the pinfall victory. 

This was a bit....meh. It was one of those types of matches that wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t stand out. Kind of like just watching it but not taking it in properly. 


Next up we have Anna Jay vs. Jamie Hayter in a TBS Championship Tournament Round 1 match. The match starts with the pair trading side headlocks. Anna hits Jamie with a massive back elbow. Hayter grabs Anna by the trunks and pulls her out of the ring. Anna whips Hayter into the barricade and follows up with some kicks. The action gets back in the ring, Hayter boots Anna to the floor and then suplexes into a cover, but Anna kicks out at 2 as it goes to an ad break. 

Back from the ad break, and Anna is turning the tables on Hayter by hitting her with a DDT.  Anna goes for the Queen Slayer but Hayter counters it. Rebel distracts the referee and Britt Baker distracts Anna Jay. Hayter hits Anna with a short arm clothesline off the distraction and gets the pinfall cover for the win. 

I'm disappointed to say I didn’t like this match. I just couldn’t get into it at all, which isnt like me with the AEW women's division. They usually put out decent quality matches.  

After the match, Britt, Hayter and Rebel start triple teaming Anna, but Tay Conti sprints out to the ring to try to stop the assault. Tay has the upper hand at first, until the numbers game gets the better of her. Thunder Rosa comes running down to assist and she cleans the ring of Baker, Rebel, and Hayter. 


Promo time now from MJF. And let's face it, he’s the best promo in the business right now, and Darby Allin is watching from high in the arena.  

“Let’s cut the bull, Darby. Out of all the pillars, we’re already pillars. We have been for a while. So why is it that they boo me and cheer you, Darby? At first it made me mad. I’d lose sleep over it. And then it hit me, Darby. Of course, they hate me. I’m a symbol of everything they can never be. And you, Darby, these people love you because you’re just like them—you’ll never fit in and you’ll never win. You always let your emotions get the better of you. You go from proficient pro wrestler to glorified stuntman. At FULL GEAR you will lose because you’ll be too focused on battering me instead of beating me because I am better than you and you know it. I’m so much better than you in the ring, I could beat you with a headlock takeover.” 

Darby replies, “Max, at FULL GEAR, we will have a wrestling match, because I’m going to take my anger out on you right now.” 

MJF retreats up the ramp but Sting is there to stop him. He is followed by a small army of men all wearing black. MJF starts backing off. Wardlow and Shawn Spears come out to assist and battle Sting and the army of men in black. MJF turns around and walks right into Darby Allin and they end up fighting in the crowd among the fans. Darby gets the upper hand on MJF, and he retreats, cursing at Darby. 

A great promo and segment here. Another brilliant way they’ve built up this feud going into FULL GEAR.  


Next match of the night and it’s the penultimate one, Cody Rhodes Vs. Andrade El Idolo with Malakai Black barred from ringside as per the instructions of Tony Khan. Andrade starts the match by slapping Cody and Cody comes straight back with a slap of his own and an uppercut. The pair end up on the ring apron, and trade blows but Cody pulls out Andrade’s leg making him hit his face on the apron. Cody lifts Andrade to the top rope, but Andrade back elbows him off and jumps off the top rope with a drop kick, but Cody counters it with a dropkick of his own. Cody goes for a Cody Cutter but Andrade sees it coming and pushes Cody off the turnbuckle and out of the ring onto the arena floor, as the match goes to an ad break.  

Andrade is in control in the ad break, but back from the break, and back in the ring, Cody hits two lariats on Andrade following it up with a powerslam. Cody grabs double underhooks but Andrade manages to escape. Andrade comes back with a boot and a back elbow that looks like it nearly knocked out Cody. Andrade goes for the cover but Cody kicks out at 2. both men back to their feet, and Andrade charges at Cody, but Cody defends himself with a lariat out of the corner. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes but Andrade counters with the three amigos with the last one straight into the bottom turnbuckles. Andrade hits Cody with running double knees into the corner and into a cover, but Cody kicks out at 2. 

The match continues, and Andrade goes to the top and attempts a split legged moonsault, but Cody moved out of the way. Cody hits Andrade with the jabs and the elbow and then tries for the figure four but Andrade counters with the figure four submission himself, Cody reverses the pressure and Andrade gets to the ropes and scrambles out of the ring. Cody jumps outside toward Andrade with a suicide dive, but FTR come out from under the ring, and smash Cody in the head with the AAA Tag Team Title belts. Andrade pulls Cody back in the ring and hits a massive DDT, and gets the pinfall victory over Cody.  

A decent quality match here. A lot of back and forth between the 2 stars which is what I like to see. It's interesting to see where this is going to go and how Andrade and FTR will work with each other going forward. 

After the match, Andrade and FTR assault Cody with a triple team, but the Lucha Bro’s run down to the ring to even up the numbers, and clear house of FTR. 


Final match of the night now, and the last round of the semi-finals of the World Championship Eliminator tournament. We have a returning Miro vs Orange Cassidy, with Bryan Danielson joining on commentary and Matt Hardy watching at ringside. The match starts and Orange Cassidy dodges charges from Miro and taunts Miro with the hands in pockets and kicks. Orange Cassidy goes for a suicide dive on Miro, but he gets caught and gets a Suplex for his troubles as it goes to an ad break. During the break, Miro punishes Cassidy and he drags him back into the ring, and rips off his bandages. 

Orange Cassidy comes back with a stunner, but Miro retaliates by stomping at Cassidy in the corner. Back from the break, and Orange Cassidy manages to come back against Miro with punches and then a dropkick, followed up with a DDT into a cover, but Miro kicks out at 2. Orange pulls off his elbow pad and sets up for the Orange Punch, but Miro bails out of the ring to avoid it. Orange Cassidy goes to the top rope, and jumps off onto the outside, crashing Miro through the timekeeper table. As the action gets back in the ring, Orange goes for the Orange Punch again but Miro avoided it and Orange followed up with the Beach Break into a cover, but Miro kicks out at 2. Orange goes for the Orange Punch yet again, but Miro hits him with a body block, then a kick to the head into the Game Over as Miro makes Orange tap out, advancing to the finals of the tournament. 

Absolutely quality match here, so good to see Miro back in the ring, but Jesus Christ, if I have to see anymore orange punches from Orange Cassidy, as Paul put it to me, he’ll be the new Roman Reigns. 

After the match, Bryan Danielson, makes his way down to the ring, and offers a handshake to Miro, but Miro refused the handshake. 

What a show again by AEW. Another Dynamite down towards FULL GEAR, and with one more week to go, it shaping up to be one hell of a show! 

So that’s it from me again this week guys, join me next week for another All Elite Assessment. Stay Elite!