Adams All Elite Assessment! 29th September 2021

Adams back with another one of his assesments of this weeks AEW

Adams All Elite Assessment! 29th September 2021

Hey guys, Adam here with my weekly dose of AEW goodness for you. Now I'll apologise in advance, I feel absolutely shocking (no, it's not Covid before anyone pipes up, I've been tested Haha) so this review will be quite abit shorter than my last one, and not as in depth. I just want my bed all the time, won't lie.  

So, enough with the formalities, lets get right in about it. 


So, this Fridays RAMPAGE was a 2-Hour spectacular. Well worth going back and watching if you haven't. I'd love to review it in full as well as Dynamite, but I'd be here forever. 

CM Punk vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (with Hook) 

  • Punk wins by pinfall after hitting a GTS on Hobbs 

Backstage, Thunder Rosa said she wasn’t afraid of Jade Cargill or Nyla Rose 

The SuperKliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks) w/ Don Callis, Brandon Cutler, and Doc Gallows) vs. Christian Cage & Jurassic Express w/ Marko Stunt 

  • The SuperKilq wins by pinfall after Cole hit a Boom Knee for the pin 

Men Of The Year w/ American Top Team’s Dan Lambert) vs. “Demo God” Chris Jericho & Jake Hager 

  • Men of the year win by pinfall by using the most devastating move in all of wrestling, the roll up.  

The Lucha Bros and Santana & Ortiz vs. The Butcher & The Blade and Private Party— w/ “Big Money” Matt Hardy & The Bunny 

  •  Lucha Bros, Santana and Ortiz win via pinfall after Ortiz hit the street sweeper 

Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviewed Matt Hardy and Jack Evans 

  •  Matt Hardy challenges Orange Cassidy to a Hair Vs Hair match, with Jack arcane hair on the line. Miro attacks Sammy Guevara and Fuego Del Sol from behind on the ramp.  

Dark Order’s Anna Jay vs. “The SuperBad Girl” Penelope Ford 

  •  The Bunny wins by pinfall after hitting Anna with brass knuckles.  

 Main Event! 

“Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley Vs. Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer 

  •  Kingston and Moxley win via pinfall after putting Archer in a trash can and hitting it repeatedly with a kendo stick.   


So, this week's episode of Dynamite aired from Rochester, NY, the home of the late Brodie Lee. The show opens up with this statement, and the fans in attendance start chanting ‘Brodie, Brodie’. 

Opening the show this week, we here ‘Cult of Personality’ hit and CM Punk comes down to the ring to some loud ‘CM Punk’ chants. This week he's joining the commentary team, so you know that’s going to be good straight off the bat.  


First match of the night, and we have Adam Cole Vs Jungle Boy. Both superstars make their entrance and they say on commentary that Cole's music had managed to reach Number 1 in the iTunes top 100 Metal charts. (Doesn’t surprise me with how popular he is, but as Punk said in the show, its no Cult of Personality) The match gets underway in a usual fashion with a lock up, but doesn’t take long for the pair of them to start trading holds with each other. Cole seems to be the more aggressive of the pair early on, but it’s a close call. Jungle boy manages to get hold of the momentum with an arm drag to Cole from the top rope, following it up with a drop kick which leaves Cole clambering out of the ring.  

The match continues, and Cole manages to gain back momentum, and hit Jungle Boy with a right hand on the top turnbuckle, making him fall to the mat on the outside of the ring. Cole is in control now.  The pair get back in the ring where Cole hits Jungle Boy with a neck breaker, still showing his dominance in the match, and showing his confidence off. Jungle Boy tries to rally with a basement dropkick, and manages to take Cole down to the mat, which leads to both men trading blows with each other in the middle of the ring. Jungle Boy hits a German Suplex on Cole and holds it on for the pin, but Cole kicks out at 2.  

Jungle Boy is showing dominance now, and ‘pump handle’ pickups Cole from the floor showing his strength, but Cole switches it into a roll-up. Jungle Boy kicks out at 2. Jungle Boy gets up off the mat, Cole hits a big boot, followed by a backstabber into another cover. Jungle Boy kicks out again at 2.  

Some more back and forth between both men ensues, with a few pinfall attempts, which leads onto Adam Cole hitting a picture-Perfect Panama Sunrise on Jungle Boy. 1....2......KICKOUT at 2 and ¾. Honestly thought that was the match over with it was that close. Cole has a stunned look on his face, and the crowd thought it was over as well.  Cole goes for a running knee from behind, but Jungle Boy dodges out the way, and locks in the Snare Trap Submission. Things are looking bleak for Cole, but he manages to work his way out of the submission when Jungle Boy pulls him away from the ropes, and gets kicked out the ring. Back in the ring, and Jungle Boy pushes Cole to the ropes, but the referee is in the way. Cole takes his opportunity to hit Jungle Boy with a low blow where the ref can't see it, and then BOOM! To the back of the head. 1,2,3 Adam Cole wins via pinfall. 

Both Adam Cole and Jungle Boy put on a great match here. And what an opening yet again by AEW 

After the match, the rest of The Elite come down to the ring and join Adam Cole, and chat, well, shit. I'm not going to go into the full promo, but the jist of it is Kenny Omega chatting about his match with Bryan Danielson last week, before the man himself comes out. Bryan asks the fans if they want to see a rematch between the pair, calling him Kenny ‘No-Balls’ Omega. This makes the fans start chanting Kenny No-Balls, before challenging any member of The Elite to a match on RAMPAGE, and running to the ring accompanied by Christian Cage, Jurassic Express among others, making The Elite scatter out of the ring and head backstage. 


Next up we have a tag team match, Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson Vs Dante Martin and Matt Sydal. The match starts, and Cody jumps straight in the ring to start things off. Arn Anderson doesn’t look too happy about this and is heard shouting ‘Cody what are you doing?’ Cody uses a side headlock takeover on Dante taking him to the mat, before Dante pushes him to the ropes.  Cody tags in Lee and Sydal tagged in for his team. Sydal used a massive kick to the spine of Lee Johnson.  

The pair lock up and start switching holds with each other, before Sydal hits a massive kick to the spine of Lee. Sydal tags in Dante. The pair start having some back and forth with a lot of flips showing their high-flying ability.  The match continues on between all 4 men. Lee Johnson hits a dropkick on Matt Sydal, working out of a lightning spiral attempt from Sydal. Cody tagged in and pancaked Dante with the vertebreaker into a cover. Dante kicks out at 2. Dante rallies back with a massive missile dropkick on Cody Rhodes into a cover, but Cody kicks out at 2. Dante goes for a double jump moonsault on Cody into a cover, but again Cody kicks out at 2.  

Lee drags Cody towards the corner to tag himself in, and hits a devastating kick to Matt Sydal’s jaw who had been interfering in the ring. Dante Martin comes through the ropes for a roll up cover attempt on Lee, but Lee kicks out at 2. Lee hits a massive superkick to Dante following it up with a vertical neck breaker and into the cover for a 3 count! 

Decent quality match from the 4 stars here. Wanted to see some more from Cody but hey, that’s me being me. 

After the match, Tony Schiavone steps foot in the ring to interview The Nightmare Family. A lot of booing coming from the audience towards Cody Rhodes. Cody starts by calling out Malakai Black. Arn Anderson tells Cody to stop talking, saying Black systematically destroyed their lives, calling him an assassin and a predator, and seemingly rips into Cody Rhodes. Arn says he's not going to coach a loser, and walks out of the ring, taking Lee Johnson with him. 


Next match we have is a 6-man tag match between Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, Darby Allin and Bear Country & Anthony Greene. The match starts fast and furious (Family man, family!!) with action both inside and outside the ring. Darby quickly rolls up Anthony for a count of one. Darby follows up with a deep arm drag, before tagging in Eddie Kingston. Eddie hits a knee to Anthony before both tagged in their partners, Moxley and Boulder. Moxley starts chopping away at Boulder. He then goes in to charge towards Boulder a couple of times, but Boulder each time blocks him, before picking up Moxley, tagging in Bronson and slamming Moxley to the mat. Bronson hits a senton on a floored Moxley but he kicks out at 2. 

Bear Country goes for a tandem offence on Moxley who is still laid out, but Eddie comes in with a drop kick to save Moxley from the assault. The match goes on, and Allin hits a coffin drop on Bear Country on the outside of the ring. Greene goes to the top rope and attempts a cross body on Kingston and Moxley, but simply just bounces off them. The pair hit The Violet Crown and Moxley gets the 3 count on Greene.  

Another good match here, but far, far too short, with a lack of action from Darby Allin, who is growing on me A LOT recently.  


Next match on the card, we have Orange Cassidy & Dark Order vs. The Hardy Family Office. Massive Brodie Lee chants fill the arena during Dark Orders entrance. I absolutely love it. The match starts with a lot of disagreements between Dark Order. Butcher and Blade take this opportunity to blindside attack Alan Angels and Uno. Angels continues to get decimated with a variety of double team moves. Orange Cassidy tags in and hit double dropkicks to take down both members of Private Party. All hell breaks loose now, as all 16 men start brawling in the ring. (God, I feel bad for that referee.) 

Back from an ad break, Angelico sends Reynolds into Evil Uno. Orange Cassidy tagged in and hits a splash on Evans who has just been floored with a knee to his face. Cassidy goes for a cover, but he kicks out at 2. There is some arguing at ringside between some members of Dark Order, and Evil Uno walks away back up the ramp. Amanda Huber, -1, Tay Conti, and Anna Jay walked out onto the ramp. -1 tossed papers into Evil Uno’s face. Amanda Huber starts shouting, and orders Evil Uno to get back in the ring and do this tonight for “The Exalted One”. Brodie Lee chants again filling the arena.  

Dark Order cleared the ring with various aerial assaults on the Hardy Family Office. Uno and Grayson finished off Jora Johl with the Fatality for the victory via pinfall. BRODIE BRODIE BRODIE BRODIE BRODIE BRODIE! Chants again. They did it for him tonight. The Dark Order seemed to reunite in the middle of the ring.

Decent match here between the 16 men. Wish it had been the main event so it could go longer for Brodie Lee. 

A vignette showing of Lio Rush who is now All Elite! 

American Top Team’s Dan Lambert is in the ring with The Men Of The Year. He starts ripping in to Chris Jericho, saying they bashed his brains in at RAMPAGE! Scorpio Sky said he’s been overlooked in AEW, but Dan Lambert was paying attention and sees him as a main eventer.  


Next match we have Penelope Ford and The Bunny vs. Anna Jay and Tay Conti. Match starts with Bunny and Ford trying to attack Jay and Conti as they're getting in the ring. This doesn’t end well for them as they both get swept out the ring. Anna Jay starts laying down shots on The Bunny. Penelope Ford intervened but paid a price, as Tay Conti began tossing her around with Judo throws. The pair hit tandem kicks on Bunny and Ford in opposite corners to each other. The Bunny and Penelope Ford used combination attacks on Anna Jay taking her down to the mat. 

The match continues, and Ford hits a stunner on Jay, following it with some knees to the stomach into a cover, but Anna Jay kicks out at 2. Ford goes to the top rope, and goes to hit a moonsault on Jay, but she moves out of the way. Anna Jay takes the moment to lock in the Queen Slayer on Penelope Ford and she taps out giving the win to Jay and Conti 

I don’t usually like saying this about AEW but I did find this match a bit.....,meh. I mean, it wasn’t TERRIBLE, but we’re used to seeing so much more from the women than this. 

MJF comes out to the ring with Wardlow 

MJF starts his promo in his usual amazing heel fashion. (Best heel in the business right here) he's reeling off a list of top stars he's beat, and that he deserves to be AEW World Champion as he is the future of the business. 

Darby Allin's music hits and he comes down to the ring. MJF says he isn't a fan of being interrupted by Allin, and insulting him, calling him 2nd best. Darby asks if he's done talking? MJF keeps saying he’ll leave but no one would care, and that he himself is AEW for life. He goes on to burn MJF by saying out of the 2 of them he’s the only one to win a title.  MJF starts ripping into Allin going into how he was involved in the car crash that killed his uncle, and that the wrong man died! MJF tells Allin to hit him. Allin says he won't hit MJF, because he won't break him mentally. MJF turns to Wardlow and says they're done here, and they both walk back to the locker room. 


Last match of the card, and we have Miro Vs Sammy Guevara for the TNT Championship. The match starts with Sammy running at Miro for a knee strike, but Miro swats him away taking him off his feet, and stomping in his chest, following it up with a Suplex. Sammy tries to rally from Miro’s onslaught, but Miro shoulder tackles him back to the mat regaining control. Sammy manages to come back and launches himself at Miro, taking them both over the top rope, following it up by hitting Miro's head into the ring post, and then making him run into the ring steps.  

The match continues, Sammy tries to hit a moonsault off the top rope, but Miro catches him, and throws him halfway across the ring, heading to an ad break. We get back from the break and Miro is highly in control of Sammy Guevara. Miro charged at Sammy but he counters with a Spanish fly, followed by a kick to the head and a running knee strike. Miro ends up out of the ring, and Sammy launches himself OVER the top turnbuckle landing on Miro. Back in the ring Miro manages to stop Sammy's latest offensive flurry, slamming him into the mat and going for the cover, Sammy kicks out at 2.  

Miro begins to stomp his feet and goes for a kick, but Sammy dodges out the way and retaliates with knee strikes in the corner. Miro tries to rally, but Sammy hits a Cutter off the top rope, and then tries to go for the GTH, but can't lift Miro up. Miro hits Sammy with a massive kick to the side of the head, taking him straight down to the mat and into a cover, Sammy kicks out at 2. Miro starts getting frustrated, and starts ripping off turnbuckle padding from each corner. Fuego Del Sol sprints down to the ring and tries to stop Miro, but to no avail as he gets knocked off the apron to the floor below. This manages to buy some time for Sammy though, and he jumps back in the ring, and hits a knee strike on Miro, making him hit his head on the exposed turnbuckle. Sammy hits Miro with a tornado DDT, then picks Miro up and hits the GTH, then goes to the rope, and hits a 630 senton into a pinfall cover. 1.......2.........3!! Your winner and NEWWWWWW TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara! 

This match was amazing. Another great PPV worthy match put out by 2 of AEW's top stars.  

So, that’s it for this week's AEW review guys, and another good showing put out by them. It wasn’t anywhere near as good as last weeks, but that was just amazing. The only let down had to be the female tag match. It was one of them ‘I'm off for a piss’ kind of matches, but apart from that, another decent showing by the Elite company. 

So, thanks for joining me again guys and again, apologies about it being a bit shorter, but I think this MIGHT also be the format going forward, we shall see. 

Let me know what you’d like to see from my reviews, and give us your thoughts on this weeks AEW! 

Adam, out!