Adams All Elite Assessment 23rd February 2022

He's not been released just yet, or has he? Adam's here with another rundown of DYNAMITE for you guys.

Adams All Elite Assessment 23rd February 2022

Hello guys, due to an unfortunate release (again) Adz is here this week to give you his version of Adz’s All Elite Assessment! We are still unsure if we will be rehiring Adam again yet, but who knows, take a look at Drake Maverick and the WWE, time will tell.  

So, without further adieu, let's get started........ 

Woah, woah, woah hang on there Adz. You can't get rid of me that easily. I have just received notification from Paul that I have, in fact, been rehired again for the what, 50th time? You should know by now I'm not going anywhere. 

Hey guys! Adam Here again with another installment of his All-Elite Assessment. A bit delayed this week guys, I apologise. I'm putting it down to being released various times during the week. I've not known if I've been coming or going. But, let me stop waffling on, and let's get this assessment underway!  

(Editor's note: I have just been informed by the RR Council that Adam has unfortunately once again, been released. We would wish him well in his endeavours, but he'll be clawing at the door again like a yorkshire terrier in no time.)

This week's episode airs live from Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 


This weeks episode kicks off with a bang. It’s a Tag Team Battle Royal, with the winners receiving a title match at AEW Revolution. The teams included are; 


-The Dark Order — Alex Reynolds & John Silver 

-Private Party 

-Gunn Club 

-The Best Friends 

-The Young Bucks 

-The Butcher & The Blade 

-Santana & Ortiz 



Now, as per other battle royals I have reviewed. It is far, far too chaotic to do in depth with the match. So, a quick breakdown is all I'll be giving for this match. All participants slide into the ring at the same time as the bell rang, as Jurassic Express and Christian Cage look on from the ramp. 

The Blade shoves Alex Reynolds off the apron onto the arena floor, but John Reynolds shoves the Blade over the top rope. Ortiz eliminates Austin Gunn and then Santana throws Colten to the outside. The Butcher blocks a swinging DDT from Trent and then hit a suplex on Trent. Chuck Taylor lures in the Butcher, making him go over the top rope. ReDRagon used their combination offense to eliminate Chuck Taylor from the match and Private Party get eliminated right in front of a frustrated Matt Hardy at ringside after he tried to save them from elimination. 

Santana singlehandedly eliminates 2point0 at the same time. FTR hit the Big Rig on John Silver and then ReDRagon attack FTR from behind. Nick Jackson hits Trent with a running bulldog. FTR throw Nick Jackson over the top. Trent almost got eliminated but Orange Cassidy came out of nowhere to save him. Fish gets sent over the top rope with a lariat. Cash Wheeler gets eliminated after an interference from Tully Blanchard goes the wrong way.  

Trent and Santana had a stare down and Santana hits Trent with a big discus lariat. Trent manages to hang on after a pump kick from Santana. As Trent and Santana brawl it out on the ring apron, Matt Jackson and Kyle O’Reilly charge at them and eliminate both men. Dax gets hit with a series of knee strikes from Kyle, but Dax comes back with a suplex. Bobby Fish, who is already eliminated, knocks Dax off the apron, eliminating him. Kyle and Matt double-team John Silver. Matt to throws Silver over the ropes, but Kyle sneaks up from behind and eliminated Matt Jackson making ReDRagon advance to AEW Revolution! 

Post-match, you can tell the tension is growing between the Young Bucks and ReDRagon in the ring. Adam Page's music hits and he comes out to the ring. Page attacks ReDRagon getting revenge on the blindside attack on him from last week, and the Bucks look on. Adam Cole runs to the ring but Page turned around and hit him with punch after punch after he blocks a superkick attempt. Page goes for the buckshot lariat, but ReDRagon pull him out the way.  

Page grabs microphone: “Who’s ready for story time with Adam Page, baybay? Our tale begins in 2008 when a young arrogant prick named Adam Cole entered the world of pro wrestling and became a world champion everywhere he went. Cole decided to come after the most prestigious prize in professional wrestling, the AEW world championship. Cole dug his own grave, and the better Adam will leave him there at REVOLUTION on March 6th on pay-per-view!” 

This was a fun match to watch, but hectic as all battle royal style matches are. I'm glad ReDRagon came out on top, and I REALLY REALLY hope that the Young Bucks are the third team at revolution, playing into a theory I have going forward I'm adamant is happening. 


I HAVE NO WORDS........ 

Next up, we have a promo by MJF. I'm ready for liberal retaliation to Punk from last week, but wow..........this you NEED to watch, honestly. So, he grabs a mic, an tell the music to cut. you can clearly see this isn't the usual heel MJF.  

“Guys I get it. I used to love CM Punk too. And I get that you guys want to boo me. I’m not the easiest person to like, but just give me an opportunity here. CM Punk showed a photograph last week and said for him it was just another Friday. Well, for me it wasn’t. I know its really easy to think I was brought up with a silver spoon in my mouth, but the fact of the matter is that once point in my life the only reason I got out of bed in the morning was because just like all of you, I love professional wrestling. I love AEW. And that day meant everything to me, it was more than just a Friday.  

Let me go back to when I was 11 years old. I got a litany of learning disabilities. I had severe ADD. Every single day for me in school was hell. I tried out for the football team. I was one of only 2 Jewish kids trying out. The coach decided to start me as a middle line-backer and it meant everything to me because for once I thought I fit in. The next day at school I see my teammates walking up to me in the hall and they look angry. And in their hands, they’re holding rolls of quarters. And they all decided to throw quarters at me as hard as they physically could and said pick it up jew boy. I went home and I cried and I cried and I cried. But I realized today is Friday and I get to meet my hero CM Punk at an autograph signing. CM Punk the guy I look up too. CM Punk, the best in the world. 

That day meant everything to me and when i went back home I made a promise to myself. That I was going to be like my hero CM Punk and wasn’t going to be afraid to stick up for myself. This ADD riddled jew boy was going to become the best in the world. Fast forward to December 2013. I've got faster, I've got stronger, I had football scholarships coming for me, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to be just like CM Punk, I want to be a professional wrestler. I'm studying tapes, I'm watching matches until my eyes bleed. I'm practicing promos in the mirror until my voice gets hoarse. All because I want to be like CM Punk. 

January 2014, you leave me when I needed you most. When I believed in you. You left me. You left all of us. That’s when I realized that if the Best in the World couldn’t do it, why could some dumb 5 foot nothing ADD riddled jew boy I? So, I packed my bags and went to college and buried my dreams until one day I'm in my dorm room, I was scrolling on Instagram and there is an account called the wrestling classic. I saw a photo of CM Punk shaking hands with Bryan Danielson. I made a promise to myself that day that I would become the best in the world in spite of CM Punk. I was livid. I made a promise that I wouldn’t be a gutless coward like CM Punk. At REVOLUTION, you can choke me with the chain, you can make me bleed buckets, but I won’t quit. But I won't quit, because if I quit, I'd be no better than you. And we all know that’s not the case because my name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman and I’m better than you and you know it!” 


CM Punk walked out to the ring. “Is it true? Is it real?”  

MJF, with a tear coming down his cheek “it is true” and walked off. CM Punk was left in the ring, clearly conflicted about what MJF had just said. 

Wow, just wow guys. Honestly, this is arguably one of the most emotional promos I have ever seen, and its coming from MJF of all people, king of the heels! It was genuinely heart-warming and you could tell he was getting emotional. Now while id usually say that a promo like this would be put on for fuel a feud, but I really didn’t get that vibe from this one. Go and watch it, it's so God damn worth it.  


Next match of the night, we have Kings of the black throne Vs Death Triangle. This match I was disappointed in to be honest, and I don’t think it's worth reviewing personally. But, to summarise, Penta comes down as Penta Oscuro who is Pentas darker, more violent side of him, bring a spade down with him. PAC hits a 450 splash on Black but Black kicks out at 2. All 4 men just brawl everywhere possible in the ring, and around the ring. Pac blocks a knee from Black and make it hit King instead. The Kings are looking for Dante’s Inferno but PAC makes the save. PAC hit Brody King with a pump kick to the jaw then German Suplexed him. Black makes a blind tag and went for the mist on Penta, but Penta covered Black’s mouth making him choke on his mist and rolled him up for the pin! 

After the match, King starts beating on Death Triangle. Black brings Penta’s spade into the ring, and the lights go off and the room goes black. When the lights come back up, in the ring is Buddy Matthews!!! Buddy is All Elite! I repeat, Buddy is All Elite!! Black backs off and looks visibly scared of him. Buddy Matthews attacks Penta and PAC whilst Black is laughing in the middle of the ring. Black orders Matthews to hit Pentas face with a steel chair, and Matthews obeys Blacks order. 

So again, unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of this match. I don’t know why, there was just something about it I didn’t like and I can't put my finger on it. 2 great teams but a very subpar match for them in my opinion. However, this was a great was to debut Buddy Matthews! 


Next, we see Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston in the ring, coming face to face with a line of security in the ring.  

Kingston points to the security - “what is this, what is this?” 

Jericho: “you need to calm down a bit Eddie. I arranged for the security to be here because I want us to be able to talk like men, i don't want us to fight like common street thugs which I know you consider yourself to be. If you try tonight, they're going to take care of it.” 

Kingston: “Are you calling me a common street thug?” 

Jericho: “Yes.” 

Kingston: “You don’t even know what that means, ill knock you out. In all honesty, I have no idea why we're doing this. I’m not a sports entertainer, Chris. I'd rather just fight you. This is a wrestling company. My man, go down the block (referral to the WWE HQ being in the same city).” 

Jericho: ““Well we are just down the road from Stamford, so maybe I will give you some sports entertainment. Except I guarantee this sports entertainment will actually be entertaining. I'm going to tell you a story Eddie. A story about Eddie Kingston. Eddie when I first heard you were coming to AEW, everyone was so excited. And I kept thinking, ‘Who the hell is Eddie Kingston?’ I thought they were talking about Eddie Edwards. And then I looked at you and realized I hadn’t heard of you because you looked like a jobber. But then I saw your match against what's his name, and heard your promo, I realised I might not have heard of you before, but this guy is good. Hes got what it takes to go to the top. I told you it wouldn’t be long before you’d be a huge babyface.” 

Kingston: “What’s a babyface?” 

Jericho:  "You overcame your issues you signed with AEW at 38 years old. Everyone was so happy for you, except me .i didn’t give 2 shits about your sob story, or you. I realise it's because you’re jealous of me. You didn’t make it to the big time until you were 38, and I made the big time when I was 22 years old. By the time I was 38 I'd main evented PPV’s, toured the world, I’d made millions of dollars. And you’re jealous because deep down inside you don’t believe you can ever be at my level, am I right?” 

Kingston: “First off Christopher, what do you want, a cookie for that? Because guess who doesn’t care. The only reason you main evented all those places is because I wasn’t there. I’m not like the rest of the carnies that lie. I’m going to be me till I die. And now you’re out here talking about this and that, and I’m tired of it. You know what Chris? I want a fight. How about it? Me and you at the pay-per-view. How about it? C’mon!” 

Jericho: “You’re terrified to make it to the top. The mountain, the level that I live on, because if you did, you’d fall off. I know your family history. Your very first hero was your uncle and he was a failure. You believe in your father and he was a failure. And deep down inside you think you’re a failure as well. I've seen guys like you come and go Eddie, and I can tell you the problem. You can’t win the big one. And in this company, I am the big one! If you want to challenge me at the pay-per-view at REVOLUTION, you’ve got it! But if you do manage to beat me, I swear to God, I will look you in the eye, shake your hand, because that means I will have helped you overcome your fear of success.” 

Kingston: “We got the match, great. Give me the Chris Jericho that was the first world champion in the company. Give me the Jericho that turned WCW upside down. Give me the Chris Jericho that your close friend Levesque hated. Because if you don’t, I’m going to eat you alive.” 

Jericho: “I’m gonna give you that Chris Jericho and so much more. And I can see it in your eyes, you don’t believe you can beat me, you don’t believe you can win the big one, and your opinion deep down inside is the same opinion I have of you, you're nothing more than a loser and you can’t win the big one.” 

God damn another amazing promo. I cannot wait to see this match at REVOLUTION. These 2 men are going to beat the living crap out of each other, and it's going to be amazing.  


Next up, we have a face of the revolution qualifying match. And its Ricky Starks Vs Dark Orders 10. No review even needed here I won't lie. A few shoulder tackles were hit on each other. 10 hit a discus clothesline on Starks then locked in a full nelson. Starks gets out of the hold by turning 10’s mask around, then hitting a spear on him before getting the pinfall victory, going onto the face of the revolution ladder match.  

Not really a squash match here, but it was a boring match, and the outcome we’d expect to be honest. So yeah, you can happily skip this match.  


Next match we have a match for the TBS championship between Jade Cargill and The Bunny. The match starts with both women in each other's face, before locking up and Cargill pushing Bunny onto the ropes, then Bunny pushing Cargill into the corner. Cargil comes out on top of these by hitting a pump kick on Bunny taking her down to the mat before hitting a leg drop on Bunny's arm. Cargill goes for a hammerlock but Bunny manages to escape top the outside of the ring. The Bunny hit Cargill with a Russian Leg Sweep on the arena floor hitting into the steel barricade at the same time as the match goes to an ad break. The usual slow grind ensues during the ad break with Bunny controlling the match. 

As we come back from the break, we see Cargill coming back against Bunny's onslaught by hitting a fallaway slam, following up with a big back elbow. The Bunny hit Cargill with a big knee to the gut. Bunny charges at Cargill, but Cargill counters with a spinebuster. Matt Hardy tossed brass knucks into the ring to Bunny whilst distracting the ref, and Mark Sterling slid in the TBS Title to Cargill. The Bunny punched at Jade with the knucks but Jade blocked it with the championship belt. Bunny hits a few superkicks and tries to finish off Cargil, but Cargill came back and hit the Bunny with Jaded getting the pinfall victory remaining undefeated. 

Post-match, Tony Schiavone jumps in the ring with a mic and Jade grabs it off him.  

“I am 28-0. Soon to be 30-0, soon to be 50-0. So, the question is who’s next? Better yet: who’s left?” 

Tay Conti walked onto the ramp with a mic in hand. 

“Hey Jade. I’m not just next. Actually, I’m the one who’s going to beat your ass bitch” 

Tay charged the ring and gets in the face of Cargill, but the Bunny grabs her and they start going at it. Tay hit the Bunny with the Tay-KO, but Jade hit Tay with a massive pump kick. Anna Jay sprints to the ring with a steel chair to even up the odds but Jade jumps out of the ring and retreats. 

This was a good match, despite how bad big botch Jade is in my opinion. She is soooo bad in ring and even worse on the mic. I think Bunny really did carry this match.  


Last match of the night now, and we have Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia. The match gets underway and they stare each other down before doing a test of strength. Danielson gets the upper hand and powers Garica into the corner and hit him with a massive forearm. Garcia comes back out the corner and comes back with a massive chop to the chest of Danielson, but Danielson gets the upper hand again and gets the ground and pound game started on Garcias after taking him to the mat. Danielson hits a butterfly suplex on Garcia and tries going to the Le Bell lock, but Garcia gets hit foot on the rope forcing the ref to break the hold. Garcia manages to come back with a chop block on Danielson making him go to the mat and starts working on his leg as the match goes to an ad break. 

Back from the break, and we’re outside the ring, we see Garcia smashing Danielsons leg into the ring post before rolling him back into the ring. He throws Danielson into the corner and starts working him over with chops to the chest before hitting a dragon screw leg whip. Garcia goes for a cover but Danielson kicks out at 2 and then rolls out the ring. Danielson manages to come back by suplexing Garcia over the rope to the outside of the ring onto the arena floor, following it up with a running knee off the ring apron. Danielson rolls Garcia back into the ring, goes to the top rope and hits a big shotgun dropkick to Garcia. 

Danielson starts working over Garcia’s leg and then locks him in a leg lock. Garcia grabs a leg lock of his own on Danielsons and the pair start trading forearms, but Danielson gets the upper hand. Danielson hits a tiger suplex on Garcia and transitions it into Cattle Mutilation but Garcia manages to escape and grab an ankle of Danielson, putting him in an ankle lock whilst stomping away at his head. Danielson manages to escape the hold and with each other's hands interlocked with each other, they hit each other with forearm blows. Garcia attempts a dragon screw leg whip but Danielson counters with the triangle sleeper after stomping on Garcia’s head getting the submission victory. 

What a match. I always seem to say it, but seriously, AEW never fail to blow me away with their main events on DYNAMITE. I could have watched these two men go at it all night long.  

Danielson grabs a mic after the match. 

“Garcia that was exactly what I wanted to see tonight.” 

Out of nowhere, 2point0jumped in the ring and ambushed Danielson from behind. Jon Moxley’s music hit and he charged into the ring and wiped out 2point0. Garcia grabbed a chair and was about to smash Mox from behind but Danielson stopped Garcia. Mox turned around and hit the Paradigm Shift on Garcia. Danielson and Jon Moxley stare each other down in the ring. 

Danielson: “So in order for us to fight together, we need to bleed together? You want a match at REVOLUTION, you’ve got it. But don’t be surprised if you’re the only person bleeding.” 


Well unfortunately, that’s all she wrote guys. And what an absolute belter of an episode for promos tonight guys. Some cracking matches again as usual, but a couple of slightly stale ones for me this week 

A few matches added to the REVOLUTION PPV which is shaping up to be an amazing card, and my god I can't wait for it! 

So I'll see you again next week guys for the final Dynamite before REVOLUTION. 

As always, stay Elite, and unlike me, don’t get released.........