Adam's All Elite Assessment 22nd September 2021

Here we go boys and girls, Adam is here with his first of many AEW weekly reviews!

Adam's All Elite Assessment 22nd September 2021

Are you ready? NO, REAL RASSLIN, I SAID ARE YOU REEEAAAAADDDYYYYYY???? Now, for the thousands in attend..........crap, sorry everyone, that’s the wrong promotion!

What's that you say? Wrong promotion? Yes, that’s right, wrong promotion. Because my name is Adam and I am ALL ELITE!!! 

Welcome to my first AEW reviews guys. It's been a long time coming, and I've been wanting to do it for a while now, and I thought what better week to start my reviews than this action-packed episode of Dynamite! Now you might be a bit confused at first as to the format I'll be doing. I don’t think on an average week, there is any point in doing a full-blown review on AEW Rampage as it's only a 1 hour show. So, what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be giving a quick overview on Rampage from the Friday BEFORE Dynamite. This is because Dynamite is the main show, and I want to try and get the review out by Friday evening at the latest. I hope this makes sense to everyone, but anyway, less of the chit chat from me, let's get this AEW assessment underway!! 


-Kicking things off—an AEW World Tag Team Championship Match! 

AEW World Tag Team Champs The Lucha Bros vs. #1 ranked The Butcher & The Blade (with “Big Money” Matt Hardy and the HFO) 

Winners – and STILL champions – The Lucha Bros 

-Up Next: Dark Order’s Anna Jay (accompanied by Tay Conti) vs. The Bunny (with Penelope Ford and Matt Hardy) 

Winner – Anna Jay 

-Tony Schiavone was in the ring with Matt Hardy and Jack Evans where a promo happened and Orange Cassidy inturrupts it 

-AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D and Ruby Soho had a face-to-face interview led by Tony Schiavone ahead of their upcoming match on Dynamite. This ended with a cheap shot from Britt Baker to Ruby Soho, but Soho dodged it. 

- Main Event Time! 

TNT Championship Match, TNT Champion Miro vs. Fuego Del Sol.  

Winner and STILL TNT champion, Miro 




So, we start this week’s episode of Dynamite with 2 of the best in the business. Its Kenny omeeeeggaaaaaaa vs Daniel Br.......sorry, Bryan Danielson (Force of habit after so many years). This match took place approximately 520 miles from NORTH CAROLLINNNAAAAAAA , and you can tell how fired up the crowd in attendance is, and the match hasn’t even begun yet!  

The bell rings, and the fans go absolutely insane, the 2 competitors haven't even locked up yet!  Omega and Danielson lock up, and Omega pushes Danielson to the ropes, forcing a clean break, followed up by a massive chop to the chest of Danielson. The pair circle each other in the ring for a short while, and tie up again. This time Bryan pushing Kenny to the ropes, causing a break, following it up with a kick to the shoulder.  Omega backs away, looking a bit shocked.  

The pair lock up in the middle of the ring, and Bryan forces Kenny down to the mat using his arm. Omega Kips up and counters getting Danielson from behind and into a headlock, but Danielson escapes and goes for an arm lock, Omega grabs the ropes forcing the break by sitting on the middle rope. Danielson gives Omega a swift kick to the chest, forcing him out of the ring and to lean against the barricade. Don Callis is looking on from ringside (He hasn’t decided to go on commentary for this match like he usually does. Could he be scared of Bryan?) Omega rolls back into the ring, and he knocks Danielson to the mat with a shoulder tackle using his size and weight to his advantage. Omega shows off by cartwheeling out of the way of a comeback attempt from Bryan, following it up with a running chop taking ‘The American Dragon’ down to his knee. (Does anyone else like this nickname? I'm in 2 minds if I like it or not) 

Bryan gets back up and the pair go in for a test of strength. Omega pushes Danielson to the mat who gets back up maintaining the grip on Omega's hand, and starts with some joint manipulation.  Bryan forces Kenny down to the mat with this, and gives a swift stomp to the elbow. Here comes a bit of in ring back and forth between the two which I REALLY don’t want to skip over, but if I don’t, this review will be longer than the Lord of the Rings books. The main thing to mention is a suicide dive from Danielson to the outside of the ring making Kenny hit his spine on the barricade. 

Omega starts taking control of Danielson with chops to the chest (Bryans chest is redder than a fire engine right now) and kicks. Bryan tries to come back and rally but fails. A bit more back and forth between the two here which leads into Danielson rallying and getting the best of Omega with a hurricanrana off the top rope and going for the cover. Omega kicks out at 2.  Kenny manages to come back by hitting Danielson with a hurricanrana after a failed shoulder tackle into the corner by Danielson. Danielson is outside of the ring at this point so Kenny bounces off the ropes and hits a suicide dive over the top rope to Bryan. The fans in attendance are going crazy chanting "holy shit" and "this is awesome". (Yes, yes it is). Between the pair of contenders, they trade a few blows in the ring and trade pinfall attempts before Bryan manages to get the cattle mutilation in the centre of the ring. Kenny manages to reach the bottom rope with his foot, but barely, causing the break, before rolling out the ring. 

untitled image

Danielson goes to the top turnbuckle and jumps off, hitting a knee to the side of Omega's head. Struggling to get to his feet, Omega is on his knees and Danielson starts with the former YES! Kicks (I guess just kicks now?) but before he manages to hit the final strike, Omega pops to his feet and gets a devastating Snapdragon Suplex causing Danielson to land on his neck, hard. (I cringed so bad at this. It genuinely looked awful). Now this is what seems to be the beginning of the end for Bryan. Or is it? Omega walks to the top of the ramp, comes running down and hits Danielson with one of the biggest V-Triggers I've ever seen, it was beautiful but hard seeing at the same time.  

This is where Kenny Omega just takes major control of the match. It goes to a commercial break (with picture in picture which I absolutely love about AEW) and just shows Bryan Danielson struggling to get to his feet, and Omega just being fully in control. The action gets back into the ring, and Kenny hits a missile drop kick to Bryan's back and goes for the cover. Bryan manages a kick out at 2 somehow.  Bryan manages to try for a quick surprise roll up pin but Kenny kicks quickly and connects with a heel kick to the spine, following it up with a running knee in the corner. 

Omega takes Danielson to the top looking for an avalanche dragon Suplex, but Danielson manages to slide off the ropes between Omega's legs, pushing him off the ropes causing him to fall. Bryan goes up to the top behind Kenny and lands an avalanche backdrop, both men look absolutely shagged right now. Danielson starts hitting a couple of kicks to Omega, but he manages to catch and trap one of them and gives a solid right hand to the jaw of Danielson in return. This is followed up by some left jabs and a kick by Danielson, running to bounce off the ropes, but Omega hits a jumping knee strike. Omega bounces off the ropes to run at Danielson but he counters with a rolling elbow strike, followed by a Suplex into a cover attempt. Omega kicks out at 2.  

Both men are currently on their backs on the mat, but yet the fans are still going wild with applause. That just shows how good of a match it has been so far.  Danielson is the first back to his feet, heading to the top rope, but Omega spots this, runs at him with a fist and knocks him back down. Omega places Danielson on the top rope at the corner, and starts giving him some headbutts to the back of his head. Omega gets them both to their feet at the top and gets an absolutely massive avalanche dragon Suplex on Danielson into the cover, but somehow Danielson still manages to kick out at 2. Omega hits another V-Trigger before attempting a One-winged angel, but Bryan manages a counter with a hurricanrana planting Kenny head first into the mat. Both men manage to stumble back to their feet.  Omega goes for another V-Trigger, but Danielson evades and hits a massive kick to the head of Omega. Danielson goes for a running knee strike, but Omega counters it and hits yet another V-Trigger, once again going for the cover, and again Bryan manages to kick out at 2.  

The fans start with the ‘This is awesome’ chants (yes, this really, really is). Omega goes to the top, looking to hit a Phoenix splash on Danielson, but Danielson manages to roll out the way. Both men are back to their feet, and Bryan starts with the kicks to Kenny's upper body. Omega starts throwing some elbow strikes but Danielson gets back on top, taking Kenny down to the mat, hitting a kick to the head, and following it up with some traditional stomps to the head, before rolling him over to lock in the LeBell lock. Omega manages to get to the bottom rope causing the break. Danielson manages to stay on top and hit the running kicks into the corner, but on the reound run Omega hits ANOTHER V-Trigger instead, goes for the ripcord, gets reversed by Bryan with an elbow to the face, Omega gives a swift knee to the face of Danielson, and both men go down to the mat.  

Both men start trading headbutts and punches on their knees on the mat to each other, working their way up to kicks and then all of a sudden the bell rings, signalling the 30 minute time limit of the match. This doesn’t stop the 2 competitors though, they keep going at each other, with Danielson going to the LeBell lock again, before members of The Elite, (Young Bucks and Adam Cole BAY BAY) come running down to break things up. Things seemed to have settled down a little bit, but then the Young Bucks and Adam Cole hit a triple Superkick to the head of Danielson who is on his knees in the corner. This prompts Cristian Cage, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus to come running down to help Danielson, getting a few punches off at the members of The Elite, before they dive out of the ring and scurry into the back.  

Holy shit what a match, and what a way to start this episode of Dynamite. I genuinely wish this match could have gone on all night. Main Event PPV worthy match, and this is only the start! 


untitled image

Yep, you guessed it, I'm on about CM Punk.  The Cult Of Personality hits and Punk makes his way down to the ring, and as usual for Punk, the crowd is going wild. He starts off his promo by saying he’s glad he not wrestling on Dynamite, because how the hell do you follow that match? (let's face it, he's not wrong) He starts saying its been a long time since He's been in New York City, and an even longer time since professional wrestling has been in New York City. He hears people saying he should be mad and pissed off (I LOVE that AEW don’t censor shit) and that they want the old CM Punk back. He says to trust him, he imagines eventually you’ll see the old Punk back, BUT, be careful what you wish for Hobbs and Team Tazz. Punk rips into them by saying that half of them are from here and they don’t like them.  Im not going to go in depth here and review his entire promo, but I definitely recommend you check it out if you can. 

A good promo from Punk here (is there ever a bad one?) but too short in my opinion, but maybe I'm just being selfish, because I could genuinely listen to him forever. 


On to match 2 of the night, and we have MJF vs Brian Pillman Jr.  (Not sure what im expecting from this match to be honest) The match gets underway, with MJF offering a handshake to Pillman, but he clearly refuses and insteads takes MJF to the mat with a double leg takedown, following it up with some punches to the head, before it is broken up by the referee. MJF backs off into a corner, which allows Pillman to go in for a running clothesline at him, again following it up with some punches to the head, before the ref getting between both competitors to break them up, allowing MJF to get a rake to the eyes on Pillman.  

This is where the match starts to get a bit, I don’t want to say boring because it was still a good match, but a bit slow. I don’t know whether this is because we're watching it after the amazing opening match, or if I maybe just wasn’t feeling it. There is a lot of backwards and forwards between both Pillman and MJF, but with the majority of the time MJF being in control. Eventually Brian Pillman Jr manages to rally from MJF, and hits a flying cross body off the top rope. Both men make it back to their feet, MJF goes for a running elbow, but Plillman ducks it, bounces off the rope and takes MJF back to the mat with a thrust kick. This is flollowed up by picking him up and giving him the 10 head smashes to the top turnbuckle, but MJF stops it at 9.  

untitled image

MJF runs at Pillman out of the corner, but Plillman manages to get him with a powerslam into a cover, but MJF kicks out at 2, then rolls out the ring. Pillman goes for what looks to be a suicide dive or a baseball slide to MJF, but MJF grabs Julia Hart and pulls her in from of him, forcing Pillman to stop in his tracks.  Once Pillman had got Julia out of harms way, MJF takes advantage and hits him to the floor with a clothesline. MJF picks up Pillman from the floor and rolls him back into the ring,  Julia Hart gets into the face of MJF, prompting MJF to grab hold of her arm. Pillman sees this and gets a baseball slide off on MJF from inside the ring. After rolling MJF back into the ring, he goes for an Air Pillman, but MJF counters it into the Salt of the Earth armbar. and deeply applies the pressure, causing Pillman to tap out giving MJF the victory. 

So this match was still a decent match, though not amazing. 

Next up we cut to backstage, where we see a promo taking place, between Chris Jericho and Jake Hager. It starts off by saying Men of the Year have challenged them to a match at Rampage Grand Slam. Jake Hager starts ripping into them by calling them boys, and Jericho goes on to do usual Jericho Promo things, saying they're going to beat Men of the Year. 



Next match on the card, and we have Malakai Black vs Cody Rhodes. (Blacks entrance man, Jesus. It gives me chills every time I see it. It never gets old) Both men make their way to the ring, Cody accompanied by Arn Anderson and his wife, Brandi Rhodes.  

The match gets underway quickly, both Black and Cody going for single leg take downs on each other, before having a stand off. The pair start trading blows with each other before Black hits a leg sweep, rolling Cody out the ring. Malakai bounced off the ropes faking out to Cody, before sitting down cross legged in the middle of the ring. At this point, Brandi Rhodes rolls into the ring, sits cross legged in front of Black, gives him 2 middle fingers and just mimes ‘Fuck You’ (This is why I LOVE AEW). This gives Cody the opportunity to get Black from behind, throwing him against the ropes, but Black attempts a submission on Cody's back almost like an octopus hold. Cody manages to get towards the ropes with Black still on his back, but Black switches it into a roll up pin attempt, where Cody kicks out at 2.  

untitled image

Black ends up outside the ring after Rhodes dodges him, and Rhodes hits a springboard kick taking Black to the floor before going to the top rope. (Cody Rhoes is getting majorly booed currently, which is really weird. Might just be the fans like Malakai Black more?) Rhodes jumps off the top rope, but Black hits Rhodes with a leaping Knee strike. This is where the match goes on to an ad break, so the usual slow back and forth that happens during an ad break happens, with Black seemingly having a slight upper hand on Rhodes. 

Back from the break and we see Cody turning the tables on Black, with a surprise roll up cover attempt, but Black kicks out at 2. Both men pop back to their feet, and Black manages to hit Cody with an impressive back heel kick, and Cody just falls flat on the mat and outside of the ring. Black hops outside to pick up Cody, but he is just all dead weight, so he rolls back into the ring where the referee starts his count to 10 on Rhodes. With a little help from Arn Anderson, he makes it back into the ring at a count of 8, and Malakai Black goes straight for a cover, but Cody gets his foot on the bottom rope at a count of 2.  

Back up off the mat, both men bounce off the rope simultaneously, and Cody gets a chop block to the back of Black's knee. Black works his way to the corner, Cody charges in towards him, but Black manages to counter the offensive and switch places with him. Black goes in for a heavy knee strike, but Cody dodges out the way causing Black to hit his knee on the turnbuckle. A bit of back and forth here, and Cody seems to be targeting Black's knee now.  Black manages to escape 2 attempts at the cross Rhodes, but Cody manages to hit him with a Cody Cutter, into a successful Cross Rhodes into a pinfall cover, but Black manages to kick out at 2. (I thought that was going to be the match over with then, I really did) 

After Malakai Black goes out of the ring after receiving a boot from Cody, the pair end up back in the ring as it looks like Cody doesn’t want to go for a count out victory. Body shots from Rhodes to Black in the corner and he doesn’t seem to be letting up. The referee tries to get Rhodes off Black, but Rhodes hits the referee in the face with his elbow (not sure if intentional or not) but as the referee is turned away, Black sprays his black mist out of his mouth into the face of Cody, goes for an inside cradle and gets a pinfall victory over Cody Rhodes. 

A very good match again this one. I saw the winner coming and Black is undefeated still. I was disappointed how the match ended, but never the less, really enjoyed the match. 



Next, onto match 4 of the night. Darby Allin and Sting Vs FTR. I'll be honest here, this is the match I was least looking forward to. I don’t know why, I just had that feeling. I don’t know if its because I think Sting is too old to be in regular matches (this is my opinion guys). 

The match gets underway with Darby Allin and Dax Harwood starting out. Collar and elbow tie up to start things, and Dax uses his size and weight advantage to push Allin into the corner as Cash Wheeler tags in. Darby manages to escape a would be double team and runs twards the opposite corner to Sting. Allin tags in the Icon, Sting, and he locks up in the middle of the ring with Cash Wheeler, before Sting pushes Cash to the ropes. Dax manages to grab the back of Sting's T-Shirt from outside the ring to distract him, and Cash comes in with blows to the upper back, leading to a double team attempt by them both, but Sting hits them with a double clothesline and scoop slams them both to the mat. He goes for a stinger splash on Cash, but Dax pulls him out of the way, and Sting goes crashing into the turnbuckle. Sting gets pushed into FTR’s corner for a double team of punches. 

untitled image

This is where FTR seem to get the upperhand, but after both Dax and Sting bouncing off the ropes, they collide with a massive thud. Dax goes straight to the mat, and Sting stays up, dazed, before collapsing head first into Dax’s Crown Jewels. Both men get tags to their respective partners, and Darby starts taking on both Cash and Dax, hitting a coffin splash on them both at the same time in the corner, following it up with another coffin splash to both members of FTR off the middle rope, knocking them both out of the ring. Allin goes to the top and tries to hits a coffin drop to the outside on FTR, but they catch him and hit him against the side of the ring.  Picture in Picture break now, so again it starts to slow down abit here. FTR mainly controlling Darby Allin with the occasional flurry from Allin, but to no major success. 

Back form the break and we see Darby Allin escaping FTR’s corner with punches to the head of them both.  Allin tried to go for a tag, but FTR manages to intercept, but then Allin rolls through and manages to tag Sting. Sting comes in hard taking both members of FTR out. Sting manages to hit a cross body on Dax, goes for the cover but Dax kicks out at 2. Cash causes a distraction letting Dax go for a roll up, but Sting kicks out at 2.  Dax attempts to go for a tombstone piledriver on Sting, but he gets countered into a headlock, whilst Allin goes to the top rope before getting knocked down by Cash. Cash gets brought into the ring and both memebers of FTR get put in a corner, and Sting runs in and hits a stinger splash on the pair. He proceeds to hit a stinger splash again on just Cash and follows it up with a scorpion death drop, but Dax had been handed a steel chair and is currently setting it up in between the ropes in the corner.  

Sting goes to hit another stinger aplash on Dax who has the chair behind him. Dax moves out the way, but Sting notices the chair and stops his momentum. Dax runs at Sting from behind, but Sting dodges the attack and Dax goes head first into the chair, going for a roll up but Dax kicks out at 2. Sting locks on a scorpion deathlock on Dax, but Cash is outside the ring pulling Dax towards the ropes.  From the top rope, Darby Allin hits a coffin drop on Cash to disrupt the help, alowwing Sting to apply more pressure, and Dax tapping out giving Sting and Darby Allin the victory. 

This was another good match. I went into it not expecting much as im not a huge fan of Sting's in ring ability, but never the less, he put on a decent performance. 


Here we go, its main event time. Ruby Soho Vs Dr Britt Baker D.M.D for the AEW World Women's Championship. The match gets underway with the 2 women locking up in the middle of the ring. Ruby manages to get Britt to the mat and starts slamming her against it. Back to their feet and Ruby had Britt in a headlock but she manages to escape and take Ruby down to the mat. A lot of basic match starting back and forth here as you’d expect from any match really, nothing too special. A few arm drags here, headlocks there. Ruby goes to the top rope and dives onto Jamie and Rebel who are supporting Britt. This gives Britt a short breather, allowing her to get Ruby onto the side of the ring and hit a swinging neckbreaker onto the floor below putting Ruby out. Picture in picture ad break time now, so a bit slow now, but the fans are chanting so loudly, first Ruby Soho, then D.M.D!

Britt is clearly in control of the match through this ad break, slowly and methodically picking at Ruby. Ruby getting a bit of momentum back with some kicks in the corner to Britt. Britt turns the tables with a massive right hand to Ruby's head and goes for a fishermans neckbreaker, but Ruby counters into a big backdrop. Britt follows this up off the mat with a thrust kick to Ruby, and both women go to the mat. Strikes are thrown between the 2, and both get back to their feet slowly whilst trading blows. 

untitled image

A bit more back and forth between the 2 females here. Baker hits a slingblade on Soho, and then starts gloving up her hand, which usualy means lockjaw time. Britt goes for the stomp on Ruby, but Ruby manages to counter it into a single leg crab, before catapulting Britt into the corner and following it up with a step up enziguiri. She goes to the top rope and lands a senton on Britt and goes for the cover, but Britt kicks out at 2. Britt is standing in the corner and Ruby charges in, but Britt manages to get the leg up in time, stunning Ruby and allowing her to hit a swinging neckbreaker, followed up with a kick to the head into a cover but Ruby kicks out at 2.  

Some more back and forth here between the 2 females on the top rope, but Britt manages to get hold of Ruby and drop her to the mat with an avalanche air-raid crash. Another cover attempt here by Britt, but Ruby again kicks out at 2. Britt takes control of Ruby more outside the ring with a slight distraction from Jamie and Rebel, and goes back into the ring and hits a stomp to Soho into a cover and again kicks out at 2. Britt starts arguing with the referee about the count, which allows Ruby to try her luck with a surprise roll up, but Baker kicks out at 2. Soho hits a no future kick to Baker, and Rebel gets into the ring to cause the distraction, but Soho hits a no future kick on her aswell. Jamie hits the Hayter-Hangs on Ruby up on the ropes on the opposite side of the ring whilst the referee's back is turned, stunning Soho, which allows Britt to lock in the Lockjaw causing Ruby Soho to tap out. 

What a show, like, seriously. That was a PPV worthy show and it was just a weekly!  

So,whats my opinion? What a fricking show! 100% a PPV worthy card we've just seen, so much better than anything WWE have put out recently including PPV's (yes, I know its the cool thing to rip into WWE currently, but seriously, this card, even without it being the cool thing recently, shits all over WWE) The highlight of the night has to be Danielson Vs Omega, hands down. How anyone managed to follow that up I have no idea. A close second for me would have to be the Women's championship match between Soho and Baker, showing what women wrestlers are capable of. Here's hoping this trend of amazing shows continues and doesn't phase out.

I've been Adam, and this has been my All Elite Assessment, thanks for joining me, and I'll catch you on my next review! 

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