Adams All Elite Assessment!

Adam is back! With a new style of review for AEW, giving a full weekly rundown of proceedings!

Adams All Elite Assessment!

Hey guys, how's it going? Adam is finally back again. I apologise it's been a while. Various things have cropped up, unfortunately not giving me time to do my normal DYNAMITE reviews.  

However, there is some positives coming out of this. It has given me time to revamp and restructure my entire AEW review weekly. I will no longer be doing them in the way I used to structure them, but instead I will be taking a page out of young JP’s book and giving you a full weekly rundown of everything that is AEW.  

So, this means that my reviews will be going live on a Saturday going forward, but will include Mondays – DARK: ELEVATION Results, Tuesdays – DARK Results, Wednesdays Full DYNAMITE Review, and finally, Fridays – RAMPAGE Short breakdown. 

I hope this works for you guys, as I think it will be more fitting for a full weekly breakdown at once, rather than opposite weeks results for just rampage and dynamite if that makes sense. 

So, let's cut the waffle out now, and let's get right into this new style of review, shall we? 


Monday DARK: ELEVATION 23/5/2022 

Ethan Page vs. J.D Griffey – Ethan Page defeated J.D Griffey 

Mercedes Martinez (C) vs. Hyan for the ROH Women's Championship – Mercedes Martinez defeated Hyan 

Varsity Blonds vs. The Butcher and The Blade –The Butcher and The Blade defeated The Varsity Blonds 

Alex Reynolds vs. Lee Moriarty – Lee Moriarty defeated Alex Reynolds 

Yuka Sakazaki and Skye Blue vs. Nyla Rose and Emi Sakura – Nyla Rose and Emi Sakura defeated Yuka Sakazaki and Skye Blue 

Anthony Ogogo vs. Mysterious Q – Anthony Ogogo defeated Mysterious Q 

So, I won't lie, this was my first time actually watching Dark: Elevation and I was quietly surprised to be honest. The matches whilst not as good as an episode of DYNAMITE or RAMPAGE, were decent, and I absolutely fell in love with the commentary team of Mark Henry and Paul White. Looking forward to carrying on watching it. 


Tuesday DARK 24/4/2022 

Kris Statlander Vs Avery Breaux - Kris Statlander defeated Avery Breaux 

The Jericho Appreciation Society (Angelo Parker & Matt Menard) Vs Eli Isom & T.U.G. Cooper  

The Jericho Appreciation Society (Angelo Parker & Matt Menard) defeated Eli Isom & T.U.G. Cooper 

AQA Vs Brittany jade - AQA defeated Brittany Jade 

Lee Moriarty Vs Alan Angels - Lee Moriarty defeated Alan Angels 

Sonny Kiss Vs Carlie Bravo - Sonny Kiss defeated Carlie Bravo 

Robyn Renegade Vs Vicky Dreamboat - Robyn Renegade defeated Vicky Dreamboat 

Anthony Ogogo Vs Trenton Storm - Anthony Ogogo defeated Trenton Storm 

Leva Bates Vs Kiah Dream - Leva Bates defeated Kiah Dream 

Roppongi Vice Vs The Wingmen - Roppongi Vice defeated The Wingmen  

So, again, like Dark: Elevation, this was my first-time watching Dark. I didn’t find this one as enjoyable as Dark: Elevation, and I wasn’t a fan of the commentary team of Tazz and Excalibur, but I shall carry on watching nevertheless.  


Wednesday DYNAMITE 25/4/2022 

So, here we go guys, the main attraction of the week, and the go home DYNAMITE before Double or Nothing on Sunday night which is going to be a brilliant card. Let's get straight into it shall we? 


We start the show surprisingly, with the steel cage match between Wardlow and Shawn Spears with special guest referee of MJF. Again, Wardlow was in handcuffs, and MJF ‘lost’ the keys to let Wardlow out of them. This led to Shawn Spears cheap shotting Wardlow to get the match started, and beating him down in the corner. This follows by MJF getting involves in the beatdown on him, before MJF just starts giving orders out to Spears. 

Spears tries continuing the assault on Wardlow, but Wardlow drops him to the mat with a couple of big boots. MJF squares up to Wardlow, knowing that if Wardlow strikes him, that he won't get his match with MJF on Sunday night at Double Or Nothing. MJF spits in the face of Wardlow to provoke him, but Wardlow shows of his power and frustration by breaking the chain of the handcuffs he is locked in! The face on MJF is a picture.  

Wardlow starts beating down Spears, and hits a senton on Spears, but unsurprisingly, MJF doesn’t make the count. Wardlow goes to hit a powerbomb on Spears, but from behind MJF hits Wardlow with a low blow, allowing Spears to hit the C4 on Wardlow into a cover. MJF goes down for the count, fast, but Wardlow kicks out regardless of the fast count. Spears goes to the outside of the cage and grabs a steel chair. MJF grabs hold of Wardlow, and Spears goes to hit Wardlow with the chair, but Wardlow moves out the way, and Spears inadvertently hits MJF in the head with the steel chair! Wardlow rises from the mat behind Spears, and hits a massive powerbomb symphony on Spears, as a referee runs into the ring. Wardlow hits a final powerbomb onto the steel chair Spears introduced into the ring, and goes for the cover and gets the 3 count from a normal ref! After the 3 count, Wardlow tries to hit a powerbomb onto MJF, but again, all the security gets in the way, stopping the attack on MJF, but Wardlow beats them all down, before climbing the cage, making a statement to MJF. 

So, I was surprised at this being the opening match of DYNAMITE, but I wasn’t surprised with the outcome, or how it happened. I'm not saying it wasn’t fun to watch, but it was obvious that Wardlow and MJF are going to be having a match or Double or Nothing on Sunday night, so he needed to get the win here. And let's face it, MJF was never going to count to 3 for Wardlow, so he had to be knocked out for a normal ref to be introduced. 


Next up, we have a segment of the AEW World Champion ‘Hangman’ Adam Page and his challenger at Double or Nothing, CM Punk, face to face in the ring, along with Tony Schiavone. 

CM Punk: “I think it’s safe to say that the biggest moment of my career happened right here in Las Vegas. I am grateful to be in the position I am in. I love all of you fans across the world and I plan to walk into DOUBLE OR NOTHING on Sunday as challenger and very respectfully walking out as the champion.” 

Hangman Page: “I said exactly what I was going to do to you, CM Punk. And did I stutter? There is nothing that you can do to me to take this championship away from me.” 

CM Punk: “I’m not exactly sure why you seem to be taking this so personally. You’re possibly the toughest SOB on this roster and you hold the gold for a reason. This is just business to me. It’s my title shot. This is not personal.” 

Hangman Page: “I said three weeks ago exactly what I was going to do to you. I said I was going to destroy you, annihilate you, embarrass you. And I did not mean at DOUBLE OR NOTHING. I meant right now.  

See I’ve been waiting for the moment not for weeks, but for months. Now that we’re here in this moment I realize I can’t do it. Not because I’m afraid I’d get fired, and not because I’m afraid of you, but the more I thought about what I wanted to say to you, I realized it’s exactly what you would do. And I just don’t think it’s the right thing to do. 

I don’t hate you. I almost pity you. And I have no respect for what you’ve done since you got here. I don’t think you get what it means to be champion, in those small quiet moments when no one is watching. That’s what makes a champion. You talk about great workers; you’ve shown the exact opposite since you got here. I will be defending All Elite from you.” 

CM Punk: “Like I said, I don’t know why you’re taking this personally. You’re kinda talking in circles and it’s a big riddle. And if you’re so upset that I’m here, you’ll have to do something about it on Sunday. Those roads you travelled to get here, remember, they were paved by me. This house that you built: it was constructed with lumber from trees that I chopped down. I gave you the blueprint. You will shake my hand Sunday. In fact, you’ll shake my hand right now. All your misplaced anger, you’re mad at yourself.” 

CM Punk urged Adam Page to shake his hand, but Page was refusing. Punk nudged Page, but Page hit Punk to the mat with a stiff punch, before walking out the ring. Punk stays sitting on the mat, with a massive grin on his face, as he has clearly got into Page’s head before their match on Sunday. 

I loved this promo. Great mic skills by both men. And I love that they referenced the pipebomb promo by punk, which I agree is arguably the biggest moment of his career. This match is going to be brutal, and I can't wait to watch it.  


Next match of the night, we have Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. Private Party. Now, this match was quite boring for me personally, and wasn’t that great, so I'm not going to go over it. Private party are too much like WWE’s Street Profits, right down to the looks and how they are in the ring, and it's something I'm not a fan of. Moxley and Kingston get the Victory over Street Profits 2.0. 

Post-match, all members of the Jericho Appriciation Society, who happened to be at the commentary desk, rushed down to the ring and assaulted Moxley and Kingston. Quickly after, Bryan Danielson, Santana and Ortiz followed suit, to even up the odds! All hell broke loose between the 10 men before their Anarchy in the Arena match on Sunday night. That match if going to absolutely brutal, and I can't wait to see it.  


Next match of the night, we have FTR Vs Roppongi Vice for the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Championships.  

Cash and Rocky chain wrestle to start the match. Rocky hit a shoulder tackle on Cash, knocking Cash to the mat. Cash goes for a dropkick but Rocky blocked it before transitioning into a flying cross arm breaker. Cash jumps out of the ring, taking a minute to collect himself and breaking the hold. Trent and Dax tag themselves in, and the pair start trading shops in the ring. The pair continue offense on each other, before FTR get the upper hand and use tandem offense on Trent and manage to get a 2 count. 

Rocky manages to get a blind tag and shoots big in kicks to Cash Wheeler before hitting a half and half suplex on Cash. Dax Harwood tags in but Trent sent Harwood chest first into the turnbuckles. The match continues on, and Rocky double stomped Harwood’s ribs. Dax tries to come back but Rocky gets a blind tag to Trent and Roppongi Vice blasted Dax with a double knee strike. 

Roppongi Vice were looking for the strong zero but Cash stops it from the outside and Dax rolled up Trent for a 2 count. Trent comes back with a victory roll up of his own on Dax, but Dax kicked out at 2. Roppongi Vice manages to connect with the strong zero but Cash breaks up with pin attempt. Out of nowhere, Jeff Cobb and the Great O-Khan stormed out to the ring and attacked FTR and Roppongi Vice causing the match to end in a disqualification. They both then continue to assault both teams, before standing in the middle of the ring, holding up the ROH Tag Titles. 

This was shaping up to be a really good match, and I was really enjoying it. FTR are arguably one of the best tag teams in the world right now, it was a shame for the match to end in a disqualification. It does however, plant the seed for a match at Forbidden Door down the line. 



Next match of the night, we have a triple threat match between Jungle Boy, Swerve and Ricky Starks. This match is a preview of the tag match at Double or Nothing on Sunday. 

The match gets started with Jungle Boy and Swerve chasing Starks out the ring, before a few quick roll ups happening between all 3 men. Jungle boy attempts an arm drag off the ropes, but Swerve pulls him down off the ropes, but Jungle Boy fires back with a dropkick. Swerve and Jungle Boy start going at it, but Starks sneaks up from behind and gained the upper hand on both Swerve and Jungle Boy. Starks starts working over both Jungle Boy during the ad break.  

Jungle Boy manages to come back with a pin on Swerve but Starks broke it up. Jungle Boy lifts up Starks and plants him on the mat into a cover, but Starks kicks out at 2. Swerve places Jungle Boy on the top turnbuckle but Starks meets them up there, but they pushed Starks to the arena floor. Jungle Boy tried a huracanrana on Swerve off the top turnbuckle, but Swerve landed on his feet! 

Swerve comes back and lifts up Jungle Boy for a vertical suplex but Starks countered it by spearing Swerve. Starks tries to finish off Swerve but Swerve escaped and smashes Starks with forearms. Starks manages to hit the roshambo onto Swerve, but Jungle Boy grabbed Starks from behind and locked in the Snare Trap. Starks manages to reach the ropes but Jungle Boy pulled him back to the centre of the ring. Out of nowhere, Swerve comes in with a massive kick to break up the hold, saving the match for him. Swerve Goes to the top rope, and hits the Swerve stomp and gets the pinfall cover on Ricky Starks! 

Post-match, Powerhouse Hobbs comes running into the ring, and attacks Swerve and Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus comes running down to even out the numbers and the 2 big men are testing strength. Next up, the limitless one Keith Lee comes down to the ring, and all 3 big men are facing off in the middle of the ring. Keith Lee launches himself over the top rope like a luchador onto Luchasaurus and Powerhouse Hobbs taking them both out! 

This was a decent match, and I'm kind of glad Swerve came out on top. It was definitely a preview to the triple tag match on Sunday night. 


Next, we see Tony Schiavone on the ramp with Thunder rosa. 

Thunder Rosa: “Tony, I want you to see my face. This is the real me. This is the face of someone who has worked and earned everything she has, that has never complained. And Serena Deeb, you are not a champion.  

Serena, you complained, you’re a little petty about this. You blame your past on others but maybe you should look in the mirror and blame yourself. On Sunday you’re not going to see this face. On Sunday the warpaint comes on.  

On Sunday, I will teach you a lesson of respect for disrespecting Tony, my mentor Dustin, all of you fans, and especially the AEW Women’s World Champion. I will haunt you forever!” 



Next match of the night, its Dr. Britt Baker Vs Toni Storm in the semi-finals of the Owen Hart Tournament. The match starts quickly, with the pair locking up in the middle of the ring, with Toni coming out on top. The pair carry on trading arm bars and headlock takeovers to each other. Toni manages to get the leg scissors locked in round Britts head, but Britt manages to reach the ropes. Britt tries to come back, but Toni hits a big dropkick and the action spills to the outside. 

The pair strike each other on the arena floor, using the ring posts and ring aprons to their advantage, but Britt pushes Toni into the steel ring steps, and starts to ground and pound Toni on the arena floor. The action gets back into the ring, and Britt is all over Toni, controlling her. Britt goes to hit the Pittsburgh Sunrise, but Toni counters it with a swinging DDT, following with a hip attack and a waterwheel drop. Toni goes for the storm zero, but Britt counters in with the air raid crash into a cover, but Toni kicks out at 2.  

Jamie Hayter comes down the ringside which distracts Britt, and Toni goers for a roll up, but Britt kicks out at 2. Britt kicks at Toni’s knee and then hits a swinging neck breaker into a cover, but Toni kicks out at 2. Britt tries for a ripcord lariat, but Toni ducks her head down to avoid it, and hits a release German suplex on Britt. Toni hits Jamie Hayter off the ring apron off a distraction, and as she turns around, Britt goes in for a superkick, but Toni blocks it and goes for the storm zero, but Britt manages to counter the attempt into a pinfall, and grabbing the ropes for assistance, manages to get the pinfall victory over Toni Storm, advancing to the finals on Sunday! 

This wasn’t a main even worthy match in my opinion. For some reason, Toni Storm looked really clunky if you get what I mean, and didn’t look smooth at all. It was the result I was expecting, but I found the match itself to be, abit...meh 



Onto the 2nd of the own Hart tournament semi-finals now, and the last match of the night, its Samoa Joe Vs Kyle O’Reilly. The match gets underway quickly with kyle kicking at Joe’s legs. Joe gets hold of Kyle and gives some stiff shots to his back, before the pair chain wrestle on the mat. Kyle goes for an armbar, and joe counters it trying for a sleeper hold, but Kyle get round it but dropping to the mat and swiping at Joe’s ankle taking him to the mat. Kyle throws a kick to Joe’s chest, but Joe shows off his speed by dodging it, before jumping back to the mat, and flooring Kyle with a massive chop and following up with swift jabs and a bodyslam.  

Kyle gets back to his feet, and Joe continues with the jabs and headbutts to Kyle and goes for a cover, but Kyle kicks out at 2. Kyle comes back with a rising knee strike to Joe, and wrenches at Joes arm, leaving him going shoulder first into the mat. Kyle hammers knee strikes into the side and shoulder of Joe, before being taken to the mat by a shoulder tackle by Joe. Kyle goes to the top rope and launches himself knee first into Joe, and them locks in a cross-arm breaker on Joe, but Joe escapes as the match goes to an ad break. 

As we come back from the final break, we see Joe managing to rally back from Kyles assault by tasking him to the mat with a leg sweep. Joe follows this up with some swift jabs, a quick boot and a senton to Kyle into a cover, but Kyle kicks out at 2. Kyle tries to come back with a stiff kick and runs to the ropes, but Joe hits him with a massive Lariat stopping Kyle in his tracks, going for another cover, but Kyle kicks out at 2 again. Joe lifts Kyle up, and looks to hit a muscle buster, but Kyle fights out of it by getting an armbar in on Joe, but Joe manages to transition into a sleeper hold and locks it in well, and makes Kyle lose consciousness, giving Samoa Joe the victory via Submission, advancing to the final on Sunday! 

This was a cracking match. I honestly wish it could have gone on longer. I'm looking forward to Seeing Samoa Joe Vs Adam Cole on Sunday, but let's face it, Adam Cole Vs Kyle O’Reilly would be just as good to see! 



 Bryan Danielson vs. Matt Sydal – Winner – Bryan Danielson by submission after hitting hammer and anvil elbows and locking in a rear naked choke. 

The Young Bucks vs. Taylor Rust and John Cruz – The Bucks make their entrance dress up as the Hardy Boyz, and even have Gangrel in toe with them, and Brandon Cutler dress as Lita! Winners – Youngs Bucks by Pinfall after Nick Jackson hit the Swanton Bomb. 

Post-match, The Hardys come out and confront the Young Bucks. The Hardy’s were about to hit the Bucks with the Twist of Fate, but Brandon Cutler hit Matt and Jeff from behind. Gangrel helped the Hardy’s and then Jeff landed on Brandon with the Swanton Bomb 

Backstage, Darby Allin challenged Kyle O’Reilly to a match this Sunday at DOUBLE OR NOTHING 


Max Caster vs. Dante Martin – winner – Dante Martin via pinfall after hitting the Nosedive 


American Top Team’s Dan Lambert was out with “All Ego” Ethan Page to present TNT Champion Scorpio Sky with a replacement title 

Lambert: “We live in crazy times, but if you need anything, you come see ‘Dynamite Dan.’ We needed a new belt for Scorpio Sky.” 

Ethan Page: “Ladies and gentlemen, the TNT Champion, Scorpio Sky. And now that Sky has the belt that matches the talent—” 

Sammy Guevara, Tay Conti, and Frankie Kazarian appeared on the screen. They broke into the American Top Team gym. Sammy stole the BMF title. 

“You want these back? Be sure to be in Vegas on Sunday,” said Frankie Kazarian. 

Sky: “You guys want it? You want a mixed trios match? You three scumbags against me, Ethan Page, and Paige VanZant this Sunday at DOUBLE OR NOTHING. And if we win—Frankie, Sammy, neither of you can challenge for the TNT Championship again. And you’re getting your ass kicked this Sunday!” 

 Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Semi-Final Match, Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho 

Winner – Ruby Soho after pinning Statlander with a roll up. 

 Post-Match, Dr. Britt Baker came out with a microphone! 

Soho: “Put that microphone down Britt. No one wants to hear you anymore. I need to tell you something right now, Britt. Kris is my friend. I love her and I respect her and you see what I did. I don’t like you, Britt, and this Sunday I’m going to hurt you bad.” 


So, that’s all she wrote for this week guys. Leading up to Double Or Nothing on Sunday night, it's been a wild and crazy week of AEW goodness. 

The card is absolutely stack for the PPV, and I cannot wait to watch it, and the fall out after it next week. 

I hope you have enjoyed this new style of review from me guys, please leave a comment of any changes you'd like to see, or anything you'd like added. But, until next week, that’s me done, so Adam, out......