Adams All Elite Assessment!

Adams back, with a slightly shorter than usual review of AEW this week!

Adams All Elite Assessment!

Hey guys! Adam here to give you my rundown of a damn fine week of AEW Goodness, including Battle Of The Belts 2 that happened at the weekend. I am writing this the night before I am due to set off to Liverpool to go to For The Love Of Wrestling (if you happen to be in the area this weekend, drop by and say hi to us, and even grab a selfie! ????) and I have LOADS to do before I set off, and I mean LOADS (nothing like leaving it till the last minute, hey Adam?) so this review for a change guys, is going to be in a slightly shorter than usual format kind of like the bytesize style reviews some of the other guys do. But fear not, all will be back to normal from next week with my in-depth reviews. So, without further a due, let's get this All-Elite Assessment underway! 

 RAMPAGE 15/04/2022 

Trios Tag Match - The Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Gunn Club – Winner: Blackpool Combat Club via pinfall after Wheeler Yuta uses O’Connor Roll on Billy Gunn 

The Butcher vs. Barrett Brown – Winner: The Butcher, but did you really expect anything less here? 

The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifier Match - Ruby Soho vs. Robyn Renegade – Winner: Ruby Soho via pinfall after hitting No Future 

AEW World Title Texas Deathmatch - Adam Page vs. Adam Cole (BAY BAY) - Winner: Adam Page after a vicious match between both men, Adam Cole failed to make his way back to his feet in the 10 count. This was an extremely good match, and well worth going back and watching if you have the chance. 

This was a decent episode of RAMPAGE and one that I watched properly, rather than just the highlights of. Definitely worth the watch if you have time 

BATTLE OF THE BELTS 2 16/04/2022 

TNT Championship Match - Scorpio Sky vs. Sammy Guevara – Winner: ANNDDDD NEEEWWWWW TNT champion Sammy Guevara! Sammy won via pinfall after hitting the GTH on Scorpio Sky after a fairly good match, meaning Sammy is the first ever 3-time TNT champion *wink, wink* and he also defeated Scorpio Sky’s undefeated streak! 

ROH World Championship Match - Jonathan Gresham vs. Dalton Castle – Winner: Jonathan Gresham submission after he locked in the octopus lock making Dalton tap out. 

After the match, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh came out to the ring. Satnam slapped Dalton Castle out of the air and sent him flying hard into the ring steps. Satnam bounced Gresham’s head off the ring mat like a basketball after he was taken out by Jay Lethal. Lee Moriarty ran to the ring but Satnam squashed him. Matt Sydal hit Satnam in the back with his crutches, but Satnam barely budged moved. Satnam was about to powerbomb Matt Sydal when ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe came to the ring with a steel pipe, looking to even up the odds after his attack on Joe last week. Satnam had to be held back by Lethal and Dutt, but they left the ring and retreated to the back. 

AEW Women’s Championship Match - Thunder Rosa vs. Nyla Rose – Winner: Thunder Rosa via Pinfall with a roll up after hitting a hurracanrana on Nyla Rose. 

I was honestly a tad disappointed with this show. The stand out moment was the ROH match and the ending of that with Joe and Gresham standing side by side together in the ring. The AEW women's championship match, whilst it was a decent match, it ended really poorly, which I really wasn’t a fan of from. And the TNT championship match, just felt underwhelming to me. I'm happy of the result, but would have rather have seen a high-quality match with a result I didn’t like.  


DYNAMITE 20/02/2022 

This weeks episode airs live from The Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 



First match of the night, and we have CM Punk Vs Dustin Rhodes. The match starts with a handshake between both men before locking up. Dustin shoulder tackles Punk and arm drags him to the mat, shocking Punk. Punk manages to duck a crossbody from Dustin, and his momentum leaves him ending up outside of the ring, landing awkwardly on his knee.  

The action gets back in the ring, and Punk drops some elbows on the injured knee of Dustin, and continues to work away on the injured knee. The action spill onto the ring apron, where Dustin kicks Punk away, sending him crashing into the steel ring post, and quickly follows suit by dragging Punk down onto the apron, with Punks shoulder tacking the impact. 

The action gets back into the ring, and both men start trading blows with each other in the middle of the ring. Dustin manages to backdrop Punk, following up with a couple of hard lariats. Dustin manages to hit the Code Red on Punk into a cover, but Punk kicks out at 2. Dustin quickly then follows up with a powerslam into another cover, but Punk kicks out at 2 again.  

Punk comes back slightly by kitting a chopblock to the injured knee of Dustin, and locks in the figure four leg lock. Dustin pushes himself up and starts firing punches to Punks head, and manages to reverse the pressure on Punk, but Punk manages to reach the bottom rope, causing a rope break. Punk goes to hit a springboard clothesline to Dustin, but Dustin counters with a clothesline of his own, following up with the Cross Rhodes, then a piledriver, but Punk kicks out at 2. Punk manages to come back, and attempts to lift up Dusin for the GTS, BUT Punks knee gives way from underneath him, but he managed to get around it with a cradle, and gets the pinfall victory over Dustin! 

This was another amazing opening match to DYNAMITE, and just an amazing match overall. Punk once again proving he is the GOAT, and my god Dustin proving he can still hang with the best in the world at the young age of 56. Impressive. 


Footage is shown from earlier in the day of Wardlow arriving at the arena. 

Mark Sterling was there to greet him, along with a lot of AEW Security. Sterling said Wardlow would have to be handcuffed and escorted to his dressing room until it was time for his match, per MJF’s orders, to which Wardlow agrees too, and snidely says for the security to grab his bag. 



Second match of the night, we have a trio's tag match between The Blackpool Combat Club and Dante Martin, Lee Moriarty, & Brock Anderson.  

Now unfortunately, this is a match that isn't worth a review. No matter how much I'm falling in love with the BCC, this match was just.... meh. I'm not saying it was a terrible match, but it wasn’t very good either. I don’t know if this was because they were in a match with 3 guys thrown together and not a team or what, I don’t know. But anyway, the BCC gets the victory via pinfall after Jon Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift. 


AEW President/CEO/GM Tony Khan makes a massive announcement. 

Tony Khan invites the president of NJPW Takami Ohbari out to join him. Both men, well with the assistance of Adam Cole and Jay White announce that on 26th June, AEW and NJPW will be collaborating to present the first-ever joint pay-per-view event—The Forbidden Door—live on pay-per-view from the United Center in Chicago. This is HUGE and should be AMAZING! 



Next match of the night, its Wardlow Vs The Butcher. This match was a slow burner, and not that great. Both men start the match by trying to overpower each other. Neither seem to be able to get the upper hand, so Butcher starts biting at Wardlow's forehead and following with headbutts. 

Wardlow manages to hit a shoulder tackle on the Butcher which makes him roll out the ring. He starts grabbing steel chairs from under the ring, and throws them into the ring. The Butcher whips Wardlow into the steel barricade, then into the ring post, and just continues to beat down Wardlow. 

The action gets back into the ring, and The Butcher continues his assault on Wardlow, focusing on his spine. The Butcher hits a powerbomb on Wardlow and goes for a cover, but Wardlow kicks out at 1. Wardlow shows he is clearly pissed, and kicks The Butcher in the gut, and then give him a powerbomb of his own. Wardlow continues to hit the Powerbomb Symphony onto The Butcher whilst staring at MJF who is sitting in the skybox, and gets the pinfall victory over The Butcher.  

Yeah, as I say, slow burner of a match here, was pretty poor Aswell, and was clearly made to show how dominant Wardlow is, but even though it wasn’t a great match, I feel it was integral to build the feud between Wardlow and MJF 



Next match of the night is an Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Qualifier Match, Jungle Boy vs. Kyle O’Reilly. The match starts with both men trading holds. Jungle Boy hits a monkey flip on Kyle and the pair trade some pin attempts. Kyle manages to get an arm breaker in on Jungle Boy, but he immediately grabs the bottom rope. Kyle takes control of the match, but Jungle Boy comes back with a dropkick.  

Both men get into the middle of the ring, and are trading chops with each other before Kyle takes Jungle Boy down to the mat, controlling him with an armbar. Jungle Boy tries to rally back but Kyle stops him with a high knee strike, and takes control again with various holds on Jungle Boy on the mat. 

Jungle Boy finally manage to come back and drops Kyle with a dropkick. Jungle Boy yanked down on Kyle arm, but Kyle reverses with a hammerlock, and then swept out Jungle Boys legs before hitting him with butterfly suplexes. Jungle Boy comes back again and launches Kyle over the top rope, and follows it with a suicide dive to the outside, then hits him with a massive lariat. 

The action gets back into the ring, but as Jungle Boy gets in the ring, Kyle uses a dragon screw leg whip, taking Jungle Boy out. He follows this up with an exploder, but Jungle Boy manages to come back again with another big lariat. The match continues on, and Kyle charges at Jungle Boy, but Jungle Boy counters with a suplex into the turnbuckle. He takes the opportunity to start raining down blows onto Kyle in the corner, and follows up with a sliding dropkick. 

Kyle manages to come back with some vicious blows to the head, and both men try a pinning predicament, but Kyle again manages to come out on top, keeping hold of Jungle Boys ankle in an ankle lock, forcing Jungle Boy to make it to the bottom rope. Jungle Boy manages to get the Snare Trap in on Kyle, but Kyle gets to the bottom rope also. Both men are laid out on the mat and Jungle Boy comes round first, going to the top turnbuckle. Kyle pops up and meets him up there, hitting Jungle Boy with a superplex. Jungle Boy tries to go for a cover counter, but Kyle hits a modified brain buster, then goes to the top rope, drops the knee on Jungle Boy and gets the pinfall victory. 

This match was great, I did not expect it to be this good from 2 tag team competitors in a singles match. The match was so back and forth, and clean from Kyle O’Reilly which I wouldn’t expect. Very good match here.  

Next up, we have HOOK’s DYNAMITE debut against Anthony Henry. Nothing much to say here, HOOK gets the victory as expected via submission after locking in the Redrum. 

What was good here, was Danhausen. He once again tries to curse HOOK in the middle of his match, but he fails yet again. After the match, Danhausen gets in the ring, very annoyed with HOOK not being able to be cursed. Danhausen says if HOOK doesn’t want to be cursed by Danhausen, he will fight Danhausen. This could be good...... 

After this, we have a poor segment with Sammy, Tay & Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page and Dan Lambert. Nothing really noteworthy here, just leads to a rematch between Sammy Guevara and Scorpio Sky next week in a ladder match. 

Sighhhh, unfortunately up next, another match not worthy of a review. Its an Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Qualifier Match - Dr. Britt Baker. D.M.D. vs. Danielle Kamela. Britt Baker quickly makes Danielle (who???) tap out to the Lock Jaw giving her the victory. 

After the match, we see Britt Baker talking trash in the ring, saying the women's division in AEW is a disaster, and saying she will win the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.  



Main event now, and its Adrade El Idolo Vs Darby Allin in a coffin match. I'm expecting this match to be fierce. The mat gets underway, and straight away The Blade tries to grab Darbys skateboard off him, but it backfired as Darby smashes Andrade with it, but then other members of the AFO get involved, taking out Darby, leaving him in a 3 on 1 situation. Darby tries to fight back on the outside of the ring, but Andrade smashes him through the steel barricade.  

Andrade and the other members of the AFO start taking to Darby in the crowd before Sting, disguised as, well, Sting comes out the crowd and attacks Mark Quen and The Blade, evening up the odds. Sting proceeds to climb onto a balcony in the crowd and launches himself off it with a crossbody, onto all 3 members of the AFO.  

Darby attempts to go for the coffin drop onto Andrade, but Andrade catches him and hits him with a big suplex onto the ramp. Adrade walks over to some metal grate and goes to suplex Darby again, but Darby manages to fight back, but Andrade over powers Darby and manages to hit the suplex onto the metal grate. Darby is out for the count, and Andrade is dragging him by the arm towards the coffin, but he picks him up and whips him into the steel ring steps instead. Andrade lifts Darby onto the ring apron, but Darby manages to hit Andrade with a Cutter stopping him in his tracks. Darby follows this is with a suicide dive to the outside, which leaves Andrade falling into the coffin. Darby goes to close the coffin lid, but Jose the assistant runs out to help out Andrade. Darby smashes Jose into the lid of the coffin which is lined with thumbtacks, and manages to close the lid on Andrade the victory over Adrade! 

This was a great match. It wasn’t as brutal as I was expecting it to be, but it had some very good spots, and Sting again still proving hes got it at his age. 


Well, that’s all she wrote for this assessment guys. I have a lot to do before I set off to For The Love Of Wrestling, and zero time to do it. So, with that, I'm out guys, I hope to see some of you at FTLOW, if not, I'll catch you next week where by review will be back to normal guys 


Adam, out