Adam's All Elite Assessment 12th January 2022

All Elite Adam is back to run you through what went down on this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite!

Adam's All Elite Assessment 12th January 2022

How's it going guys? Adam here again with another installment of my All-Elite Assessment. After battle of the belts, I'm both intrigued and interested to see what's happening this episode, so let's get right into it! 


This week's DYNAMITE airs live from NC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. (editor's note, come on Adam, more enthusiasm! NORTHHHHH CAROLINAAAAA) 



This week's episode starts with Adam Cole (BAY BAY!) coming down to the ring, with RedDragon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly).  

Cole: “Who’s ready for story time with Adam Cole, baybay!? 2021 was a great year for the three of us, and 2022 will be even better! Let me remind all of you, I haven’t been beaten yet in AEW and on top of that, the boys are back together. We’ve got Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, the baddest team on God’s green. Boy and girls, it’s a new era in AEW, and you...” 

The Young Bucks interrupt Cole on the mic. Matt Jackson mockingly thanked them for their invite. “Seeing as I just kicked COVID's ass in 2 days, we thoughts we’d come down here and join you. By the way, thanks for the invite boys!” 

Kyle O’Reilly gets on the mic and tells them that ReDragon didn’t need the bucks help beating the ‘superfriends’.

Matt Jackson: “you're right. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish everybody, ReDragon, one of the best tag teams in professional wrestling. You’re right, you didn’t need our help, but we do have to make one thing clear. This is our company. We’re the longest reigning AEW tag team champions in the company's history, and our New Year’s Resolution is to get our belts back.” 

O’Reilly: “you know what guys, that is so funny, we have the exact same resolution.” 

Fish: “Not a single team on this planet is going to stand between Kyle, myself and those tag team titles and that includes you, and you.” 

Cole: “guys guys guys, this is exactly what we need. A little bit of friendly competition. That’s what makes us the best, it's what makes us the greatest faction in AEW history. Look at the other factions. Look at a team like the best friends. What an absolute joke!” 

The Best Friends interrupt Adam Cole, with Orange Cassidy leading them down to the ring. The two factions stare each other down.  

Cole “For the love of god will someone cut that stupid music off. Orange Cassidy, what could you possibly say that is of any importance whatsoever?“ 

Without saying a word, Orange Cassidy hits a double leg takedown on Adam Cole and then hit him with elbows to the head as the two factions start brawling. Adam Cole comes back and hits a low blow on Orange Cassidy taking him to his knees. Kris Statlander runs down and jumps into the ring to stop Adam Cole attacking Orange Cassidy, but AEW World Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. sprints to the ring, hitting Statlander from behind and then followed up with a curb stomp. Britt Baker holds Cassidy's head up, and Adam Cole hits a big superkick then the BOOM to the back of the head. Adam Cole lowers down and points to his cheeks, looking for the Bucks to come in for the double kiss, but Britt Baker stops them from doing so, kissing him herself. 

I really enjoyed this opening segment for a few reasons. The tension between ReDragon and The Young Bucks is great, and I can definitely see it going somewhere down the line. I have a theory that when Omega is back in action that there will end up being a 6-man tag between the 6 of them. Second reason is that finally Adam Cole and Britt Baker were on TV at the same time, in the same segment together. I love it when couples work with each other. Don’t know why, I just think it adds something a little extra. 


First match of the night now and we have Wardlow who is on an 18-match streak, Vs CM Punk who is currently undefeated in AEW. The match gets underway as Punk and Wardlow lockup but Wardlow shoves Punk into the turnbuckles. They lock up again but this time Punk gets a side headlock on Wardlow. Wardlow shoves Punk into the ropes to escape and then slams into Punk with a shoulder tackle taking him to the mat. Punk gets back off the mat slowly and the pair lock up again. Warldlow backs Punk into the corner, but Punk comes back with hard strikes and a kick to the midsection, but Wardlow powers away from it with a clubbing blow to Punk's back, taking him to the mat. 

Wardlow comes back by ramming his shoulder into Punk, cornering him in the turnbuckles, then throws him to the mat. Punk tries to come back by kicking at the outside thigh of Wardlow with stiff kicks. Punk tries for a GTS but couldn’t get it. Wardlow kicks Punks midsection and quickly tries to put Punk away with his Powerbomb Symphony but Punk drops to his knees and rolls to the outside of the ring as the match goes to an ad break.  

All through the break, Wardlow is all over Punk and controlling the match's pace. We come back from the break as we see Punk attempt a tornado DDT off the turnbuckles, but Wardlow throws him right off and halfway across the ring. Wardlow tries for a powerbomb, but again Punk escapes and hits massive kicks on Wardlow, but he barely moves. Punk is trying to take Wardlow off his feet, but it just isn't happening. Punk connects with a springboard clothesline and finally takes Wardlow off his feet. Punk charges in with a running knee strike in the corner onto Wardlow. Punk takes a second to give MJF the middle finger before going for the bulldog, but Wardlow takes the opportunity and powerbombs CM Punk. He then Follows up with 4 more Powerbombs! Wardlow goes to cover Punk, but MJF jumps up onto the apron and stopped Wardlow, saying he wants more powerbombs on Punk. Wardlow picks up and powerbombs CM Punk again and again totalling 7 times.  

MJF clears off the timekeeper’s table and tells Wardlow to powerbomb Punk through the table. Wardlow picks up Punk, who is currently just deadweight at this point and then crashes him through the table. The ref starts the count from inside the ring as the doctor checks on Punk on the outside. Punk manages to JUST get back into the ring before the count of ten. MJF orders Wardlow to powerbomb Punk again from the ring apron. Punk manages to avoid the Powerbomb and gets an inside cradle off and scores the pinfall victory over Wardlow! 

After the match, MJF screams at Wardlow, saying he can never win the big matches! MJF pokes at Wardlow's chest, but Wardlow grabbed MJF’s fingers stopping him. Shawn Spears runs down the ramp and jumps into the ring, separating Wardlow from MJF before it can go any further.  

Unfortunately for me, this was a disappointing match. Wasn’t a fan of it, for obvious reasons. I'm glad it wasn’t another squash match, and I think the result was the correct one, I just didn’t enjoy the match. Wardlow shouldn’t be the person to give punk his first loss. I'm very interested to see where this is going between MJF and Wardlow. 


Second match of the night and we have Dante Martin vs. Powerhouse Hobbs w/Ricky Starks. The pair waste no time as Dante Martin sprints to the ring, where himself and Hobbs begin brawling outside the ring before the bell rings. Hobbs rolls Martin in the ring and the bell finally rings.

Dante kicks Hobbs and then launches them both over the top rope. Martin rolls back in the ring and as Hobbs gets on the ring apron, Martin dropkicks him back to the outside. Martin jumps off the apron, but Hobbs grabs him and plants martin on the arena floor with a spinebuster. Hobbs launches Martin back in the ring through the ropes. 

Hobbs hits a big vertical Suplex on Martin, and then follows it up with a second. Martin attempts to rally back with lefts and rights, but Hobbs clotheslined Martin back to the mat. Hobbs tries to pick Martin off the mat but he kicked Hobbs in the ribs multiple times, stalling Hobbs. Martin gets back to hit feet and starts throwing punches at Hobbs, but Hobbs hits Martin with a huge forearm across the back. Hobbs tries to go for the torture rack, but Martin escapes it. Martin goes running at Hobbs, but Hobbs hits a massive cross body on Martin and goes for the cover, but Martin kicks out at 2. Hobbs picks up Martin and hurls him into 2 corners, and the second time he goes over the top rope onto the arena floor. We see Ricky Starks giving Martin boots to the torso on the outside as the match goes to an ad break. 

As the match returns, we see Martin trying to come back, desperately elbowing Hobbs. Martin jumps at Hobbs but Hobbs catches him with a torture rack. Martin escapes and hits a Hobbs with a dropkick off the middle rope, stunning him. Hobbs lifts Martin over the ropes, but Martin kicks him in the back of the head and goes to the top rope, hitting Hobbs with a missile dropkick, into a cover, but Hobbs kicks out at 2. Hobbs rolls to the outside, and Martin launches himself over the ropes onto Hobbs, taking him to the floor. Martin runs at Hobbs, but Hobbs does the same thing to stop anything happening, but Hobbs didn’t capitalize on it. Starks comes onto the ring apron, about to attack Martin with a cheap shot, but Jay Lethal runs down pulling Starks off the apron, stopping him from interfering. Martin jumps up onto the top turnbuckle and hit Hobbs with the Nosebleed finisher and pins Hobbs giving Martin the victory! 

Not entirely sure how I feel about this match. I like Dante Martin, put I really don’t like all of team tazz. So I'm not sure if that’s got anything to do with it, but I just felt the match was lacklustre. I could find myself getting invested into it at any point. 



Next up, we see Hangman Adam Page coming down to the ring and grabbing a mic. “These past two months I’ve spent ninety minutes in the ring against one of the best in the world. I have poured sweat and spilled enough blood to float a battleship for this championship, and it’s still mine dammit! But ninety minutes, it’s not enough. It’s a new year. The records have reset and the Hangman needs to a new challenger.” 

American Top Team’s Dan Lambert interrupts Page.

Lambert: “I really hate to interrupt. You remind me of some of the cowboys I grew up watching, I know how good you are. The thing I respect the most about you is that you didn’t take the Cody Rhodes path and get your opportunity through backstage politics. When these fans chanted you deserve it, you said no, I fucking earned it. You’ve earned everything you have in this business with the exception of this persona you're using as your gimmick. 

The guy in the Village People can put on jeans, chaps and a cowboy hat but it doesn’t make him a cowboy. Do me a favour, keep the morons, and the title, but for the love of God, stop disrespecting the legacies of the Dick Murdocks or the Black Jack Mulligans. You’re just full of cowboy shit!” 

Page: “Why don’t you come into this ring and let me shove these size 12 cowboy boots up your ass!” 

Lance Archer stormed down to the ring and it looked like he was going for Dan lambert, but instead he attacked Adam Page with a steel chair instead! Archer plants Page onto the set up steel chair with a Black Out slam, taking him out. 

Interesting segment here. I always love seeing Dan Lambert on the mic, the fat faced dipshit he it. He can really talk. I think it's obvious here Lance is Page’s next challenger.  



Next match of the night, and we have a grudge match between Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb. As Shida is making her entrance, Deeb sprints from behind and attacks her legs. She followed this up by dropping her knee first into the steel ring steps. Shida gets into the ring gingerly, and the match officially starts. Deeb wastes no time and runs at Shida in the corner, and stomps her a mudhole. Deeb puts one leg on the ropes, grabs the injured leg, and dragon screws her away from the corner. Deeb then bounces herself off the bottom rope, landing on the injured knee of Shida multiple times. Shida attempts to come back, but misses the punch.  

On the mat, Deeb keeps kicking away at the injured knee of Shida. Deeb tears away the protective tape from the injured knee, and starts slamming her knee into the mat multiple times before applying a half crab, and the referee stopped the match! After the match, the ref and the doctor are checking over Shida, and Deeb comes back into the ring, with kendo stick in hand. She swings it at the ref and the doctor forcing them to retreat. She starts assaulting Shida with the kendo stick, targeting the injured knee, making the kendo stick snap in half, before being restrained by multiple officials. 

Another interesting, if short match here. I absolutely love Serena Deeb, and I love grudge matches. This one clearly isn't going away any time soon.  


Next match, we have Matt Hardy Vs Penta El Zero Miedo. Should be an interesting match here for 2 men who are famous for tag matches rather than single matches. The match gets underway with both men taunting each other. Hardy takes down Penta with a clothesline, but then Penta gets back up, charges at Hardy and hits him with a massive chop in the corner as the match goes to an ad break. There is a lot of back and forth between both men in the break and as we come back, we see Penta coming back from an assault from Hardy.  

Penta hits a couple of slingblades on Hardy followed by a rib breaker into a cover, but Hardy kicked out at 2. Penta attempts the fear factor on Hardy, but it gets countered by with a DDT into a cover, Penta kicks out at 2. Hardy lifts Penta to the top turnbuckle and is looking for a superplex, but Penta slides underneath Hardy's legs and kicks Hardy down, following it up with a double stomp off the top rope. Both men are on the edge of the ring, and they start trading chops with each other. Penta attempts the fear factor, but Hardy counters and hits the side effect on the ring apron, into a cover, but Penta kicks out at 2. back in the centre of the ring, Hardy attempts the Twist of Fate but Penta pushes Hardy away into a corner and kicks him in the back of the head. Penta lifts Hardy to the top looking for a reverse suplex, but Hardy elbows him down to the mat. Hardy goes for a moonsault, but Penta moves out of the way. Penta takes this opportunity to hit the fear factor on Hardy, and gets the pinfall victory over Hardy!  

A decent match put on here by 2 men who excel in the tag team division, and prove what they can do in singles matches. I want to see more of these two in singles competition.  

After the match, Penta has a message for Malakai Black. He says he is going to teach Black about respect. The lights turned off in the arena. When the lights come back on, Malakai Black was in the ring. Black hit Abrahantes with a roundhouse kick! Then, he attacked Penta. The Varsity Blonds and Julia Hart run down to the ring to even up the odds and the Blonds beat down on Black. Julia Hart motioned for the Blonds to stop the assault. Malakai Black is laughing in the middle of the ring, and the lights go out again and this time, when they turned on, Brody King was in the ring. King and Black wiped out the Varsity Blonds and Penta, and its official, Brody King, IS ALL ELITE! 

We have a match next with The Acclaimed Vs Bear country. Honestly no review here is necessary. The match was short and boring, and The Acclaimed get the victory. On their way back backstage, The Acclaimed got attacked by Sting and Darby Allin. Was this a statement? 

I honestly hate The Acclaimed. It was good to see them being attacked. I just think their gimmick is boring, and dumb, but that’s my opinion. 


Time for the main event of the night now, and its Sammy Guevara vs. Daniel Garcia for the interim TNT Championship, with Eddie Kingston and Chris Jericho at ringside.  

The match gets underway, and both men chain wrestled to start the match. Garcia comes out on top and drops Sammy to the mat with a big right hand. Garcia continues the offense with elbows and kicks to Sammy, before he comes back with a stiff kick to Garcia’s spine. Sammy sends Garcia to the outside, and follows this up by jumping over the top rope and hitting a suicide dive on Garcia! Sammy gets Garcia back in the ring and throws multiple hard chops at his chest followed with a snap suplex. Sammy tries for the GTH but Garcia escapes it. Garcia catches Sammy in mid-air with a backbreaker from nowhere and Sammy rolls to the outside of the ring as the match heads to an ad break. During the break, Garica is all over Sammy. 

As we come back from the break, Sammy manages to rally back with clotheslines, kicks and a double springboard senton onto Garcia on the outside the of ring. Sammy goes back to the top turnbuckle, but Garcia pulls him off the top rope and follows up with a backdrop driver into a cover, but Sammy kicks out at 2. Garcia tries to go for a scorpion deathlock, but Sammy pulls Garcia with an inside cradle, Garcia kicks out at 2. Sammy hits a big boot to Garcia, and goes for the GTH, but Garcia blocks the knee from the GHT and steps through into a scorpion deathtlock, but after a while Sammy manages to reach the ropes for break the hold. 

Garcia goes for a powerbomb, but Sammy counters it. Garcia charges into the corner where Sammy is, but Sammy moves out of the way leaving Garcia to go crashing into the turnbuckles. Sammy picks up Garcia off the floor and hits the cross rhodes onto Garcia into the cover, but Garcia kicks out at 2. Sammy goes for the double jump into the cutter, but Garcia counters by catching him and gets him in a sleeper hold, and then hits a piledriver into a cover, but again Sammy kicks out at 2. Out of nowhere, 2point0 run down and attack Eddie Kingston and then Chris Jericho at ringside. Sammy takes the opportunity off the distraction to hit a knee strike and then the GTH on Garcia and gets the pinfall victory. 

A decent match here from the 2 men. Sammy is growing on me massively and I love seeing him in the ring. He is so underrated by a lot of people.  

After the match, as David Crockett presents the belt to Sammy, 2point0 attacked Sammy from behind. Jericho jumped back in the ring and cleaned house with his baseball bat. Eddie Kingston jumped into the ring, before the ref had to get in between and separate Kingston and Jericho as the show goes off the air. 

So, a weird DYNAMITE this week, I think. I found myself not being able to get fully invested in a few parts which doesn’t happen very often with AEW, but nonetheless, still an enjoyable show, just not as good as usual. I am however, looking forward to next week's show. 

That's another week down, and another DYNAMITE down, so as usual guys, stay safe, stay ELITE and I'll catch you next week!