Adams All Elite Assessment!

Another week down, and this week Adam bring you St Patricks Day DYNAMITE!!

Adams All Elite Assessment!

Hey yo! How's it going guys? Adam here, back after being freshly re-hired, (Editor's Note: Adam was re-released about an hour ago.) to give you another Weekly dose of AEW goodness. It's bound to be a corker of a week again, and I for one can't wait for the 2 title matches on DYNAMITE.  

But, before that, let's have a quick overview of Fridays RAMPAGE, shall we? 


Darby Allin W/ Sting vs. Marq Quen W/ Isiah Kassidy) - Darby Allin gets the victory by submission after making Quen tap out to the Fujiwara armbar. 

After the match, the A.F.O comes walking down to the ring, seemingly looking to take out Allin and Sting. But the Hardyz music hits and out onto the ramp come Matt and Jeff, and the A.F.O retreat. 

Dan Lambert was backstage with new TNT Champion Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page 

Lambert: “We are here to make history. Next week on DYNAMITE when Scorpio Sky beats Wardlow, Wardlow will go down in history as nothing but another footnote in the greatest unbeaten streak that AEW has ever seen.” 

Ethan Page: “And don’t let the one belt fool you, guys. On Wednesday night, Sky is defending two titles: the TNT Title and his streak.” 

Sky: “War dog, nothing changes in San Antonio. You’re just a different opponent who’s gonna see the same result. I am the face of TNT. Get used to it.” 

Jamie Hayter w/ Dr. Britt Baker & Rebel vs. Mercedes Martinez – Jamie Hayter gets the victory by pinfall after hitting Martinez with a massive Lariat.  

After the match, Baker was looking to assault Martinez. Thunder Rosa runs down to the ring, steel chair in hand, and Baker and her cronies retreat. 

Shane “Swerve” Strickland vs. Tony Nese – Swerve gets the victory by pinfall after hitting a stomp off the top rope 



This week's episode of DYNAMITE airs live from the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas 



This week we start with a Trios tag match, between Adam Cole (BAY BAY) and ReDRagon Vs Adam Page and Jurassic Express. the match gets started quickly, as Cole goes right after Jungle Boy. Shoving him to the corner. Jungle Boy comes back straight away by ramming his shoulder into Cole’s mid-section then following with a hurricanrana and a drop kick. 

Cole manages to make a tag to Fish and he tries to work over Jungle Boy, but he manages to make the tag to Luchasaurus who starts chopping away at all 3 members of the opposition and the action goes to the outside of the ring. Fish kicks out the ankle of Luchasaurus on the ring apron, making him crash down to the arena floor, then he rolls him into the ring and start working him over in his corner. O’Reilly tags in and continues the assault on Luchasaurus, before Cole makes the tag and all 3 men start working over Luchasaurus in their corner. Luchasaurus manages to get on top of the assault, hitting ReDRagon to the mat with a double lariat, making a tag to Adam Page. 

Page quickly jumps over the top rope and starts his assault onto Cole and O’Reilly, making them both go outside of the ring, before hitting suicide dives on both men. Jungle Boy rolls Fish back into the ring and Page hits him with a pop-up powerbomb into a cover, but Fish kicks out at 2. Page goes to the outside looking to hit the buckshot lariat but Fish drops to the mat and rolls to the outside to avoid it.  

Jungle Boy makes the tag and launches himself over the top rope and crashes down onto all three members of the opposing team. Page, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus follow this up by all 3 simultaneously going onto the turnbuckle and hitting triple moonsaults in stereo! Jungle Boy goes for the pin on Fish in the ring, but Fish kicks out at 2. Jungle Boy starts chopping away at Fish but Cole causes a distraction. ReDRagon take this opportunity to come back with combination offence on Jungle Boy, taking control back of the match as we head to an ad break. 

All through the break, Cole and ReDRagon are all over and in control of Jungle Boy. As we come back from the break, we see Jungle Boy making a tag to Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus comes in hot and takes out all 3 members of the opposing team. He goes for a double pin attempt on Fish and O’Reilly after hitting a standing moonsault on them both, but they kicked out at 2. Luchasaurus lifts up O’Reilly looking for the doomsday device, but as Jungle Boy jumps off the top rope, he is met by a superkick by Cole. O’Reilly starts wrenching away with a leg lock on Luchasaurus but it's broken up by Page and Cole falling onto them.  

Cole and Page get the tags in and they both go straight at each other in the middle of the ring. They trade shots with each other and Page comes out on top by hitting Cole with the Dead Eye, but gets taken out by Fish straight after. All hell breaks loose and all 6 men are at each other in the ring, but Jungle Boy hits O’Reilly and Cole with a double doomsday device off the ropes. Page goes for the cover but Fish breaks up the pin. Jungle Boy makes the tag and starts going after both members of ReDRagon, but he gets taken out by them both quickly. Cole gets the blind tag and capitalised and hits the BOOM! On Jungle Boy and gets the pinfall victory whilst staring Adam Page in the eyes. 

This match was amazing. Another episode where the opening match of DYNAMITE has been main event worthy. The 6 guys in the ring during that match have so much talent, to see them bring it together like that was amazing. 



Next match of the night, we have Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson Vs Wheeler Yuta & Chuck Taylor.  

Now, unfortunately, I feel like this match isn't worth writing about, which is a damn shame. The team of Mox and Danielson is absolutely amazing, and I love it. But so far, they haven't really faced any proper competition. Which is understandable as a new tag team, I get that they need to work themselves up first, I just think this particular match was worse than the squash match of last week. It wasn’t a bad match particularly; it just really wasn't anything to write home about. No stand out moment, really slow and uninteresting. I'm hoping their next match is so much better than this. Mox and Danielson get the victory by submission after Mox locked in the bulldog choke on Yuta. 

On the way out of the ring, Yuta returned from the ramp. Wheeler extended his hand to Regal to shake, but instead Regal slapped Wheeler Yuta in the face. Regal smiled and Yuta said, “I’ll be back.” 

Could this be the first hint of a new member to this faction? 



Next up, after a few crappy backstage segments that are nothing worth noting, we see the newly put together Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, and 2point0) making their way to the ring. 

Matt Lee: “you guys love that song, don’t ya? You guys' love being in on all the fun, don’t ya? You know who allows you to sing that song?? This man right here—Chris Jericho. because I'm telling you now, if it was up to me, there’d be no judas, there’d be no singalong. No nothing! And that’s why Chris Jericho is a better man than me.” 

Parker: “And that is why this man deserves to be praised and idolized. Not only for his contributions in this industry but for his contributions as a human without any further ado, I give to you, ‘the influencer’, ‘the big one’ – Chris Jericho’” 

Jericho: “Think about this. The earth has been around for four and a half billion years and yet you are lucky enough to be alive during the Chris Jericho era. How fortunate are you? You’re welcome for that. Think about this too, for over 30 years you have been living vicariously through me with my 5-star matches, riveting promos, angles and storylines you'll never forget, hell, I even build companies including this one. Without Jericho, there’d be no AEW. I helped build this company and helped carry it on my back for the first 3 months. 

But instead of praising me, you undermine me, you take me for granted, you insult me on social media. You don’t appreciate me. The roster of AEW doesn’t appreciate me. The Inner Circle never appreciated me. Sammy walked out on me. Santana and Ortiz left disrespected me and their little buddy Eddie Kingston had the audacity to embarrass me on national TV on PPV by making me tap out. They don’t appreciate me but these men do. And that’s why we are the Jericho Appreciation Society. 

We appreciate each another because we can’t relate to the rest of the AEW roster because they are nothing more than pro wrestlers. A pro wrestler has never been legendary or a millionaire. And as a legendary millionaire many times over, that’s because I am a sports entertainer. I’ll say it again. I am a sports entertainer.” 

Garcia: “I just got to get this off my chest really quick. If you are going to call yourself a sports entertainer, well then, I am too. My name is Daniel Garcia and I am a sports entertainer.” 

Jericho: “Why does he appreciate me? I’ll tell you why. January 6th, 2019, A group of pro wrestlers in Buffalo were injured in a car crash. I never met those men but I donated thousands to help them. Garcia appreciated it and he is here tonight. 

And 2point0 is a stupid name. That’s bad creative. We don’t use made up names in the Jericho Appreciation Society, so they’re going by their real names going forward. And why do they appreciate me? A year ago, I got a call from my former best friend Kevin who asked me to put them on my podcast to help them get a job. I put them on the Talk is Jericho podcast and they got hired by AEW. So that’s why they appreciate me. 

And then we’ve got Jake Hager. He is the hand of the king tell em who we are and what we do.” 

Hager: “We are the J.A.S. and we beat up pro wrestlers.” 

Jericho: “So there you have it, the latest reinvention of the master manipulator. And remember this date because this is the day that the new era begins. The era of the sports entertainer. This is the Jericho Appreciation Society. And that’s entertainment!” 


Next match of the night, we have Wardlow Vs Scorpio Sky for the TNT Championship. The match starts with them both having a stare down. Sky gets Wardlow in a headlock, but Wardlow powers out and throws Sky across the ring. Sky starts going at Wardlow with punches and kicks backing him into a corner, but Wardlow quickly powers him away into the other corner before slamming him on his back, making him roll out the ring. Outside the ring, Paige Vanzant gets in the face of Wardlow, and off the distraction Sky manages to hit a sliding dropkick to the outside of the ring, just as the match goes to an ad break.  

As we come back from the break, we see Wardlow regaining control by launching Sky with a belly to belly suplex, then followed it up with a second, but starts clutching at his ribs after all the damage taken from Sky. Wardlow manages to hit a one handed chokeslam on Sky then signalled to start the powerbomb symphony. He hits the 3rd powerbomb, but Dan Lambert gets onto the ring apron to cause a distraction, allowing Sky to roll outside the ring. Wardlow goes to the outside of the ring, and is about to powerbomb Sky on the arena floor, but Shawn Spears starts making his way out to the arena ramp, with 2 steel chairs in hand. Out of nowhere, MJF pushes Wardlow into the steel ring post whilst the ref is dealing with Spears. Wardlow staggers back into the ring, clearly stunned, and Sky takes the opportunity to roll up Wardlow and get the pinfall victory retaining the TNT Championship!  

After the match, Austin Vanderford jumped in the ring and started to attack Wardlow with Sky and Spears joining in, but Wardlow fought off the assault. Wardlow grabs MJF as he tries to escape the ring, and looks to powerbomb him, but Spears hits Wardlow in the back with a steel chair, and the assault continues. MJF pulls out a cheque from his pocket and hands it to Dan Lambert who willingly accepts it. Spears smashes Wardlow with a second chair shot, and MJF puts on the dynamite diamond ring and lines up to take a shot on Wardlow. Before blasting him in the head with it 

“This was your call” MJF can be heard saying over the top of Wardlow. 

This match was abit all over the place, and honestly not what I expected. I genuinely expect Wardlow to be walking away with the victory, but having MJF interfere was the right call. In my opinion Wardlow will defiantly be a champion, but this is just the start of a new feud I can see being brutal. 


Next match of the night, we have The Hardys making their AEW debut as a team Vs Street Profits, sorry, Private Party. The match gets underway with Matt attempted to be double teamed, but Jeff quickly chased away the illegal Kassidy. Jeff makes the tag into the match and the Hardys use their traditional combination offense ending with a poetry in motion on Kassidy. The Hardys continue with tandem offense on Quen keeping him isolated in their corner. Matt gave Quen some elbow strikes, but Quen came back with a kick to Matt’s face. Kassidy tags in and Private Party start with tandem offense of their own to Matt as we go to an ad break. 

As we come back from the break, we see Private Party continuing their tandem offense on Matt. Kassidy tags in and he hammers Matt with stiff kicks and closed fists. Private Party try to play mind games with the Hardys and go for a poetry in motion, but Matt countered it with a beautiful clothesline, allowing Matt get the tag to Jeff. Jeff comes in HOT and hits the double leg drop and drop kick on Kassidy. Jeff goes to the top rope, but Quen splits the legs from under Hardy to stop the what I'm assuming was a Swanton attempt. Private Party look to hit the gin and juice on Jeff, but Matt comes in and hits the side effect on Quen, and a clothesline on Kassidy. Jeff followed this up with a diving splash from the middle rope, into a cover but only got a 2 count. All 4 men end up in the ring, and the Hardys hit a double twist of fate on Private Party. Jeff goes to the top rope and hits the Swanton bomb onto Kassidy and gets the pinfall victory! 

This was a great match. It was so so good to see both Matt and Jeff in the ring together, especially under AEW. This is surely going to be the start to a great feud, and I really hope that the Hardys get a title shot in the future. 

After the match, Andrade El Idolo’s music hit and Andrade walks onto the ramp with the A.F.O (the Butcher, the Blade, the Bunny, and Jose the Assistant) The A.F.O. surround Hardys in the ring but then Darby Allin and Sting out to the ring to the ring to even up the odds, and the A.F.O retreat into the back. 


Time for the main event now, and we have a rematch (which in AEW isn't often and when they do happen, they are always better than the previous one) between Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D and Thunder Rosa in a steel cage match. Thunder Rosa’s entrance was amazing, but Britt Baker’s was better. She paid homage to Scott Hall with her ring attire. R.I.P Scott. 

The match gets underway and immediately Baker tries to escape the cage, but Rosa pulls her down to the mat. Baker throws some punches at Rosa and tries to escape again, but again Rosa pulls her down. Rosa lands a big kick to the lower body of Baker and follows it with a clothesline, then launches Baker head first into the cage. Rosa picks Baker back up and starts dragging her face across the cage, busting open her head, before going into the corner for the 10 punches to the head, targeting the cut of Bakers head. Rosa rolls Baker to the outside of the ring, between the cage and ring, and continues to ram Baker's head into the cage, but Baker manages to come back and push Rosa away into the cage herself before rolling back into the ring as the match goes to a break. During the break, Baker is all over Rosa and trying to bust open the small cut on Rosas head with success. 

As we come back from the break, we see Baker throwing multiple chairs into the ring from underneath it. Rosa dodges a chair strike by Baker then launches multiple strikes of her own and follows it with a stunner then a running clothesline and double knee strike in the corner.  Baker hits some back elbows and then goes for a superkick, but Rosa dodges it and the ref eats it instead! Rosa hits the thunder fire driver on Baker, but there is no ref there to make the count! 

Rosa drags Baker to the corner and places a chair on top of her and climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Baker gets back up and strikes Rosa with the chair. Baker grabs all the chairs and stacks then on top of each other and hits an air raid crash onto the pile of chair and starts shouting for a ref to get to the ring. Aubrey Edwards comes running and makes the count, but Rosa kicks out at 2! Both women start giving each other lefts and rights. Baker gets in the face of Aubrey but Aubrey gives back as good as she gets to Baker. Baker starts setting up chairs in front of the corner where Rosa is propped, and both women go to the top rope and start slugging it out.  

Rosa comes out on top, by slamming Baker's head into the steel cage, making Baker go crashing below through all the stacked-up chairs of which there is ALOT! Rosa drops onto her for a cover, but Baker kicks out at 2. Dazed, Baker manages to hit a superkick out of desperation to Rosa before rolling out of the ring and bringing back in a bag of thumbtacks, spreading them across the ring. Baker goes for a Fishermans neck breaker on Rosa above the tacks, but Rosa manages to counter out of it, but gets caught in a back body drop onto the tacks! Baker rolls her up but Rosa still manages to kick out at 2. Baker transitions and looks to lock in the lock jaw, but Rosa bites down on Baker's hand to avoid it. Rosa manages to hit a powerbomb to Baker onto the tacks but Baker rolls out the ring. Rosa follows her out the ring and eats a steel chair to the head from Baker. Both women get back into the ring and Rosa manages to hit the thunder fire driver to Baker onto the thumbtacks into a cover. 1.......2.........3!!!!! AND WE HAVE A NNEEEEWWWWWWW AEW WOMENS CHAMPION.....THUNDERRRRRRRR RRROOOOSSSSAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! 

HOLY SHIT what a match this was! I'm so happy for Thunder Rosa to be the women's champ. She deserves it so much. This match was absolutely amazing and hands down a contender for match of the year again, and could have easily been a PPV main event match. 


Another week, another DYNAMITE and what an episode it was. I always enjoy these ‘named’ DYNAMITE shows. They always pull something out of the bag that’s big. 

We have seen a new champion crowned, and 2 potential feuds starting which on paper will be great, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they progress. 

But that’s it from me this week guys. I'll try (EN: and fail) not to be released at any point this week, so I can still bring you awesome reviews going forward. It was a bit touch and go this week for my releases, but time will tell what happens with me.  

Stay safe guys, Adam out. (EN: Released*)