Adams All Elite Assessment!

Another Week, another DYNAMITE, and Adam Hasn't been released yet, so here he is with this weeks All Elite Assessment!

Adams All Elite Assessment!

Hey guys! Adam here again (no, I've not been released again, well maybe I have, time will tell) with another instalment of my All Elite Assessment! As we build up to AEW Revolution in 2 weeks' time, I'm sure the next few episodes of DYNAMITE are going to be corkers! So, lets waste no time and get right into it shall we? 

This Weeks DYNAMITE airs live from The Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. 


We start this week's episode with CM Punk in the middle of the ring, sitting down cross legged. You know this is going to be good. (I'm only going to paraphrase this or I'll be here forever, but seriously, go watch it if you can, well worth it.) 

“MJF tries to walk like me, talk like me, he could never think like me. But when he beat me in my hometown twice, you would think that I would be furious, that I would be mad. But the truth is Max, I’m proud of you. MJF fancies himself Piper in Portland, Bret in Calgary, Punk in Chicago, but he’s just shitty little Max from shitty little Long Island. The foundation of his career is a ring that he has used to beat opponent after opponent, and it’s a ring he won with help from others. 

Shout out to Jon Moxley for the assist last week. I now get to pick the time, the place, the date, and the match, for my rematch with little Max. The time, probably right after sunset, the place, Orlando, March 6th, the pay-per-view is called REVOLUTION.  

Which leaves us with the match. And I started to think about some of my toughest matches. Maybe you put me in a cage. Let’s be honest. I’ve seen Wardlow, I'm sure he can climb a cage, and so can Max, and he can run. 

Piper in Portland. I go back and think of these matches I’ve been in. I’ve been in cage matches and I’ve won more than I’ve lost. So, I thought back to some of the toughest matches of my career because that’s where we learn our toughest lessons. And I want you to learn a lesson.  

Max, you want to be tethered to Piper in Portland. You’ll be tethered to me. We’re two days removed from the Hallmark holiday, so I get to ask Max, will you be my Valentine?” 

CM Punk opens a heart-shaped box on the mat in from of him, and revealed a steel chain with a dog collar on each end!  

Punk calls out MJF saying he is going to teach him a lesson. After being called out, MJF walks onto the ramp 

Punk: “I want you to take it all in Max. And I want to leave you with this. This picture (Punk holds up a photo of a young MJF meeting CM Punk for an autograph). To you it was the greatest day of your life. To me it was a Friday. And on Sunday, March 6th, at the REVOLUTION pay-per-view, it’ll be the worst day of your life and to me it’ll just be Sunday. The canvas I sit on won’t be stained with your shitty spray tan. It’ll be stained with your blood!” 

MJF just stares at Punk, speechless, before throwing down his mic and walking into the back not saying a word. 

This promo was absolute fire. But do you expect anything less from a Punk promo? Honestly if you can, go and watch this promo at least. It was amazing.  


First match of the night, and we have Bryan Danielson Vs Lee Moriarty. Before the match begins, Bryan offers Lee a handshake, but before Lee could accept it, Bryan pulled his hand away in typical heel fashion. The match gets underway and both men chain wrestle to get started, before Bryan slaps Lee in the face after pushing him to the ropes. Bryan taunts at the crowd and Lee sweeps out Bryans legs from under him, but Bryan gets back in control by locking in the Romero special. Lee manages to escape the hold and looks for the border city stretch but Bryan quickly grabs the ropes, then slaps Lee again. The pair trade a few different manoeuvres with each other, each looking to gain the upper hand, and Lee hits a massive uppercut on Bryan sending Bryan outsider the ring.  

Danielson gets Lee tied up in the ropes and starts hitting him with massive kicks, and then takes him to the mat with a devastating knee strike. The slow game ensues from Bryan to Lee as it's on an ad break, but the control of Bryan doesn’t stop. The match comes back from the ad break and we see Bryan dropping some elbows down onto Lee on the mat, but Lee comes back right at Bryan with some ground and pound. Bryan transitions into the Le Bell Lock but Lee instantly gets to the bottom rope. The match continues on and Lee hits a big back suplex on Bryan, looking to take control. Lee starts hitting Bryan with elbow strikes, but Bryan comes back with a massive rolling elbow strike. 

Bryan lines up for the running knee strike, but Lee catches him and hits him with a side suplex into a cover but Bryan kicks out at 2. Lee attempts to lock in the border city stretch, but Bryan counters the hold with a shoulder capture suplex, before hitting him with a running knee strike. Laid out on the floor, Bryan grabs Lees arms, and starts stomping away at his head before locking in the triangle sleeper and the referee stops the match. 

This was an extremely good match, showing off the capabilities of both men. I love Bryan Danielson full stop, but this heel version of him is arguably my favourite version of him ever.  

After the match, Bryan grabs a microphone, 

“Ladies and gentlemen, I came out here to teach Lee Moriarty a thing or two about violence. And I want to know. Did he pass? Or did he fail? And that’s why I don’t trust the American public with anything. That said, that’s not the reason I grabbed the microphone. I asked Jon Moxley to team up with me, to create a whole new AEW to teach young wrestlers about violence. And Jon Moxley I want an answer!” 

Jon Moxley’s music begins to play and he comes out to the ring. 

Moxley: “Little over a decade ago I was a lot like that Lee Moriarty kid. I was young, I was angry, I was poor, I had nothing to lose. And I took a shot at taking down the great ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson. We were at a little indie show. I stood face to face, eye to eye with the man they called ‘the best wrestler in the world.’ I can everything I had, I went balls out, I fought tooth and nail but I came up short. But getting a taste of the best just made me want it more. Over the years I had more shots at Bryan Danielson and every time I came up short. In fact, I have never beaten Bryan Danielson. So, when you showed up in AEW, everyone else was scared, I was excited. Because I would get the chance to slay the dragon. But Bryan Danielson wants to join forces with me. 

I’m not going to lie. I got to thinking. How awesome it could be. We could create a dream team of unmitigated pure wrestling violence. And the young guys we could take with us. Giving something back to AEW and the legacy we could leave. I couldn’t think of one good reason to say no. But then I got to wondering, is the only reason Bryan Danielson wanting to stand side by side with me because he doesn’t want to stand across from me in a ring? Because he knows i'd do to him what i've done to everyone else for the past 3 years. And if that’s the case, well then I’ve already beaten Bryan Danielson. 

“So, which is it? Does Bryan Danielsons want to be my partner because of what we could create, or because he doesn’t want to get destroyed..... I’m not saying yes. I’m not saying no. I’ll leave it up to you, Bryan. I don’t stand side by side with nobody till I bleed with them first.” 

This promo was perfect.......either way, I want to see these in a match, or in a tag team, I don’t care, it'll be absolutely amazing either way. 



Next match of the night is a face of the revolution ladder match qualifying match. Its Wardlow Vs Max Caster. Another time, when unfortunately, its not worth reviewing here, Wardlow hits his powerbomb symphony and gets the pinfall victory. Apart from Max Caster being in control during the ad break, that’s literally it. 

Such a shame because I really like Wardlow, and it's clear he’s got talent, I just wish they’d use him abit more than just squash matches. I really do hope it's going somewhere. 


Next, we see Tony Schiavone in the ring with ‘Hangman’ Adam Page in the ring for an interview. As soon as Page goes to talk, we’re interrupted by Adam Cole (BAY BAY) 

Cole: “You’ve been in some battles. the battles with Bryan Danielson, the war you had with Kenny Omega to win that championship. And that Texas Death Match you had last week was one of the craziest I’ve ever seen against one of the biggest and baddest and you retained that title. You have earned the right to call yourself the AEW World Champion. Right now you are the champion but it’s a shame that reign will come to an end soon.” 

Page: “I often wonder what it was like for your friends to leave you behind and build an empire without you. And now you’re standing in the ring with your Bullet Club buddy who is holding a championship you’ll never have.” 

Cole: “it's funny you should bring up friendship. You haven’t mentioned The Bucks in months. Or the Dark Order. So, what kind of friend are you?” 

Page: “I’m not perfect but you’re not perfect with friendships either. The more you talk, the more I think getting into the ring tonight is one of your biggest mistakes.” 

Cole: “Hangman I'm just being frank with you. You have become an unbelievable professional wrestler and champion. But now I'm here, you’ll always been known as the other Adam. Look me in the eyes. I have nothing but love, respect and admiration for you. If I could share the ring with anybody here in AEW it would be you, so trust me when I tell you we’re going to fight for that AEW World Championship. And when that day does come, filled with respect, may the best man win.” 

Cole shook Page’s hand and then left the ring with a massive grin on his face. 

Out of nowhere, ReDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish) jumped in the ring and attacked Adam Page from behind. Adam Cole jumped back into the ring and began to join in the assault on Page. 

Security runs out and try to pull them off Adam Page followed by The Dark Order, Cole, O’Reilly, and Fish retreated.  

The promo game is strong tonight from everybody. This was another amazing promo between the 2 Adams and I can't wait to see these 2 in the same ring at the same time. 



Next match of the night and we see members of the inner circle in a tag match against each other. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager Vs Santana & Ortiz. Just before the match begins, Eddie Kingston makes his return and gets in the corner of Santana and Ortiz. The match gets underway with Jericho and Santana in the middle of the ring trading blows before Santana splashes Jericho in the corner. 

Santana goes for another splash but Jericho blocks it with a boot. The match continues and Ortiz tags in, hitting a massive DDT on Jericho. He follows this up with a fisherman suplex into a cove, but Jericho kicks out at 2. Hager makes the tag in, and bother Hager and Jericho hit Ortiz with a double team offense. Ortiz throws a few punches at Hager, but Hager hits a massive belly to belly throw, following up with the Hager bomb as the match goes to an ad break.  

As we come back from the break, we see Santana tagging in aswell as Hager, and Santana hitting Hager with massive chops to the chest. He follows the chops up with a kick to the knee and a dropkick. Out of nowhere, Jericho runs in and hits a codebreaker on Santana. Hager goes to for the cover but Santana kicks out at 2. Jericho tags back in, but Santana smashes him with a knee. Jericho manages to hit a running bulldog and then goes for the lion Sault, but Ortiz stopped Jericho and Santana hits a Russian leg sweep off the middle rope. Santana and Ortiz hit the street sweeper on Jericho into the cover, but Jericho kicks out a t2. Ortiz goes for a cannonball off Santana’s back but Jericho counters it by catching him and putting him in the Lion Tamer, but Santana crawls and made it to the ropes forcing the break. Eddie Kingston hopped up on the apron, but Jericho dropkicked him off. Off this distraction, Santana hit Jericho with the discus lariat into a cover, and gets the pinfall victory.  

After the match, Jericho wastes no time, and jumps out of the ring and goes after Kingston. The pair start brawling on the ramp, and the refs had to pull apart Jericho and Kingston to separate them. 

I was a bit disappointed in this match to be honest. I thought it could have been a lot more, and would have loved to see more of Jake Hager after not seeing him for so long. My god does he look in good shape though.  


Next match of the night, we have a no disqualification match between Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez. Coming down to the ring, Mercedes had a lead pipe in hand, and Thunder Rosa a Steel Chair. The match gets underway straight off the bat, with Rosa smacking Martinez with the chair before they both get in the ring. Rosa gets a table from underneath the ring, and Martinez gets 2 chairs and throws them in the ring. Both women start brawling in the middle of the crowd, with Rosa getting the upper hand as the match goes to an ad break.  

As we come back from the ad break, a table was propped up against the ring apron. Rosa looks to hit the Death Valley driver on Martinez onto the table, but Martinez counters it into a fisherman's buster onto the table. Martinez starts working over Rosas back with a steel chair, before propping her on the top turnbuckle. Rosa counters whatever Martinez was looking for with a hurricanrana off the top rope, before hitting her with a trash can, placing her inside it afterwards and then dropkicking the trash can with Martinez inside it. Rosa goes for a cover, but Martinez kicks out at 2.  

Rosa goes to the top rope, but Martinex knocks her down but hitting her in the head with a trashcan lid, following it up with a German suplex. Martinex hit an elbow drop into a cover, but Rosa kicks out at 2. Martinez gets all the chairs that have accumulated in the ring, and piles them on top of each other in the middle of the ring. Martinez goes to hit a powerbomb onto the chair on Rosa, but Rosa counters with a crucifix bomb. She follows this up with the Thunder fire driver onto the chairs, and gets the pinfall victory over Martinez. 

This was a good quality match in the women's division. I always enjoy this division in AEW over other companies, especially in a no DQ match. The women certainly know how to put on a good show. 


Time for the main event of the night now, and its Sammy Guevara Vs Darby Allin for the TNT Championship. As the match begins, both men shake each other's hands in a sign of respect.  

The pair lock up and go against the ropes, but Darby transitions into a snapmare and then puts a head lock on Sammy. Both men trade various blows and moves with each other before Sammy hits a dropkick to Darby who is on the top rope, stunning him. Sammy goes for a Spanish Fly from the top rope, but instead Sammy lifted up Darby and dropped him onto the turnbuckles making him go to the outside of the ring. Sammy brings Darby back in the ring and places Darby onto the top rope and then hits him with a senton from the top turnbuckle as the match goes to an ad break. 

Back from the break, we see Darby turn the tables on Sammy by hitting two consecutive coffin splashes on Sammy. Darby concentrated his attack on the tweaked knee of Sammy by tying up Sammy’s legs in the ropes and applies a single leg crab on the top turnbuckle. Out of nowhere, Sammy comes back with a Spanish Fly off the top rope and manages to cover Darby, but Darby kicks out at 2. Sammy jumps off the ropes but Darby counters, grabbing Sammy and putting him into a figure four leg lock. Sammy gave Darby the middle finger, and the pair traded blows before Darby releases the hold. 

Sammy charges in with a knee strike but Darby counters launching Sammy knee first into the corner. Sammy attempts to go for the GTH, but Darby counters with the Last Supper but Sammy escapes and kicks out at 2. Quickly after Darby connects with a stunner, but Sammy rolls out the ring. Darby launches himself through the ropes but Sammy counters with a cutter on the arena floor. Sammy climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumped off looking for a senton but Darby dodges it leaving Sammy to go crashing into the ring apron. Darby goes to the top rope, looking for a coffin drop to Sammy, but Jose jumped onto the ring apron! Sting comes down and pulls Jose off the apron! As the referee's attention was towards Jose and Sting, Andrade El Idolo out of nowhere smashed Darby Allin in the head with an ipad! This allowed Sammy to hit a GTH on Darby and get a pinfall victory over Darby retaining the TNT Championship.  

After the match finished, Matt Hardy sprints down to the ring and begins to assault Darby. Sammy jumps back into the ring to help Darby but Andrade El Idolo hits Sammy with the iPad out of nowhere! Andrade El Idolo poses with both of Sammy’s championship belts, but Sting gets in the ring and Andrade backed down and retreats. 

This was a very very good match and definitely main even worthy. Sammy and Darby have gown on me massively in this past year and I look forward to seeing where this goes now with how this match ended. 


Well, that’s all she wrote folks. Another DYNMAITE done with, and AEW Revolution so far is shaping up to be a very very good card, and I can't wait for it! 

Another good showing from the All-Elite Brand, and I look forward to next week's show. 

So as always, stay safe, stay Elite, and more importantly, don’t get released! (Editor's Note: Real Rasslin has once again come to terms with the release of Adam. We wish him well in his future endeavours.)