Adams All Elite Assessment! 10th November 2021

King Adam is here with another dose of DYNAMITE for you!

Adams All Elite Assessment! 10th November 2021

Another day, another DYNAMITE! Hey guys, it's your King of Real Rasslin Adam here with another All Elite Assessment, on the final show before FULL GEAR, which has an absolutely STACKED card! 

I'm not going to bother you with a long intro this week, so let's get this week's review underway! 


This week AEW DYNMAITE is being aired live from the Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis in Illinois! 


Will he still be undefeated? 

The opening match of the night is an undefeated Bryan Danielson Vs. A debuting Rocky Romero. The match starts with a handshake between the pair before they lock up. Bryan knocks Rocky off his feet with a shoulder tackle, and follows up with kicks to the legs. Romero goes into an arm bar but Bryan grabs the rope to break the hold. Bryan takes Rocky back down to the mat with a waist lock takedown, before Rocky elbows Bryan in the turnbuckles. Rocky sends Bryan through the ropes, getting the upper hand, and follows it up with a suicide dive. 

Rocky keeps control of the match, but Bryan rallies back with kicks to Rocky in the corner. Bryan places Rocky in the Romero Special, but Rocky rolls out, fighting Bryan off. Bryan charges at Rocky but Rocky countered with a spinning DDT taking Bryan down to the mat. Rocky hangs Bryan on the middle rope and then drop kicks him from the turnbuckles, and both superstars go outside the ring. The match gets back in the ring, and Rocky hits a running the Sliced Bread into a cover, but Bryan kicks out at 2. Bryan comes back and hits a rolling elbow strike and follows up with a German Supplex into a cover, but Rocky kicks out at 2.  

Bryan places Rocky on the top rope, and goes for a Supplex, but Rocky counters it and turns it into a cross body, and then places an arm bar on Bryan. Bryan powers out from this by lifting up Rocky and powerbombs him. Both men are on the mat being counted down by the ref.  The pair start trading kicks and punches, following with submissions, and Rocky attempts the Sliced Bread but Bryan counters by stomping on Rocky’s head, before locking in the Tequila Sunrise leaving Rocky no other option but to tap out, leaving Bryan Danielson Undefeated still! 

Another week, another decent opening match by AEW. It wasn’t as good as previous weeks, but still a solid opening. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Rocky Romero in the ring. 


Tony Schiavone is in the ring interviewing the Inner Circle about their upcoming Minneapolis Street Fight match against Men Of The Year and American Top Team! 

American Top Team and Men Of The Year jump attack the Inner Circle as the latter were making their entrance.  They absolutely decimate the inner circle on the ramp. Men Of The Year set a table up in the ring. Lambert sits on the top turnbuckle and with the help of Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, Lambert powerbombs Chris Jericho through the table. 

“Not only are we going to win this Saturday at FULL GEAR, but we are also going to make sure Dan Lambert pins Chris Jericho,” said Ethan Page. 

Page tells Lambert to put Jericho in the Walls of Jericho.  Lambert puts Jericho in the hold and Scorpio Sky grabbed Jericho’s arm, moving it up and down to make it look like Jericho was tapping out. 

Decent segment here, clearly was a statement from Men Of The Year to The Inner Circle for their match at FULL GEAR. 


Second match of the night, and we have a trio women's match between Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter & Rebel vs. Dark Order’s Anna Jay, Tan Conti, & Thunder Rosa.  

All six women began to brawl at the start of the match, before Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa become the legal women. Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker counter each other's moves, before Britt tags out to Rebel. Thunder Rosa hits Rebel with a face buster, and Anna Jay tags before using a leg lariat and then a Supplex on Rebel. Jamie Hayter pulled Anna Jay’s hair from behind, dragging her out the ring, and herself and Britt start to stomp a mudhole into Anna on the arena floor, as the match goes to an ad break. 

Rebel and her team keep controlling and dominating the match during the break. Back from the break, Anna Jay manages to come back with a Supplex on Britt, and crawl to the corner for a tag to Tay Conti, and Britt tags in Rebel. Tay takes out all the opposing team finishing with pump kicks in each corner to the three of them. Tay hits the Tay-KO on Hayter into a cover, but Britt breaks up the pin attempt. Mayhem ensues as multiple tags are made with various assaults on one another and all 6 women are on the floor. Thunder Rosa jumps off the ring post to the outside onto Jamie Hayter, taking her out. Tay Conti hits Rebel with a vicious DDT and pins her while Britt watches on from the outside, not breaking up the count. 

A relatively decent match, but not the best I've seen from a tag match in the women's division.  


Next up, third match of the night, and we have Jungle Boy vs. The Acclaimed’s Anthony Bowens w/ Max Caster. The match starts with Jungle Boy applying a waist lock to Bowens and the pair switching it round constantly. Bowens comes out on top with an elbow and throws Jungle boy on the mat. Jungle Boy comes back with punches in the corner to Bowen and chops at Bowen’s chest, but Bowens hits a knee to Jungle Boy’s midsection and boots Jungle Boy on the mat. 

Jungle Boy climbed the ropes and flipped off them to hit the arm drag on Bowens followed by a drop kick before kipping up. Jungle Boy hits Bowens with massive knife-edged chops, but Bowens grabs Jungle Boy by the hair and head butts him. Caster interferers by grabbing the boot of Jungle Boy and Bowens was there to capitalize with a kick to the mid-section as the match goes to an ad break.  

During the break Bowens keeps control of the match, with the odd help from Caster from the outside with interference. Coming back from the break, and Jungle Boy comes back and hit a basement dropkick on Bowens before he then hit a massive running lariat. Bowens comes back with combo offense on Jungle Boy, and goes for a cover, but Jungle Boy kicks out at 2. Jungle Boy hits Caster with a suicide dive after he interferes again, but Bowens catches Jungle Boy off guard with a DDT into a cover, but Jungle Boy kicks out at 2 again. Jungle Boy manages to counter Bowens offense, and locks in the Snare Trap causing Bowens to tap out giving Jungle Boy the victory. 

A decent match here again. Jungle Boy is looking REALLY strong going into FULL GEAR. 


Next match, we have Wardlow vs. Wheeler Yuta w/ Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy. Yeahhhhh, im not going into this one. Not even worthy of being called a match it was so quick. Wardlow pretty much hits 4 powerbombs on Yuta and got the victory. 

After the match, Members of the Hardy Family Office took this opportunity, and attacked Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor. Matt Hardy enters the ring and put Orange Cassidy’s head and neck in between a steel chair and then hit him with a massive Twist of Fate.  

Meh, a disappointing match, but interesting after match development. Wonder if the feud between Orange Cassidy and Matt Hardy will ever come to an end? 

After this match, CM Punk and Eddie Kingston are having an epic brawl in the parking lot during the ad break. So stoked for their match at FULL GEAR 



Next match of the night, and we have Lee Moriarty & Matt Sydal vs. Dante Martin & Lio Rush. This is Lio’s in ring debut on DYNAMITE. The match gets underway, and Moriarty shows off his technical ability on Dante. The pair do some chain wrestling, before Dante swiped at Moriarty’s ankle taking him to the mat, leading to him going for a cover, but Moriarty kicks out. Both men tag in their respective partners, and Lio slaps Matt in the face. Sydal hits Rush with a rolling sole butt on Lio taking Lio to the mat, but Lio comes back with a hurracanrana! Things break down as all four men begin brawling in the middle of the ring before going to an ad break. 

Coming back from the break, Dante hits Matt with a shotgun dropkick from the middle rope. Lio tags in but he gets taken down with a boot from Moriarty. Lio hits some combination strikes to no avail. Lio comes back out from the corner, and hits Moriarty with a kick forcing him out the ring, before hitting a handspring elbow and following up with a double suicide dive. Back in the ring, Lio hits a corkscrew DDT into a cover, but Moriarty kicks out at 2.  Moriarty jumps up to the top rope where Martin is, and throws him off into the middle of the ring before going for a cover, but Martin kicks out at 2. Lio hits a hook kick to the jaw of Moriarty, and Dante hits a double springboard moonsault on him into a cover, for the pinfall victory 

A Good match here for the debut of Lio rush, but I would have loved to see him in single action.  



Last match of the card, and we have one half of the AAA World Tag Team Champions Dax Harwood vs. PAC. The match starts as they lock up and Dax powered PAC into the corner, wrenching on his wrist. PAC counters the arm breaker and knocks Dax down to the mat with a shoulder tackle. Dax uses a hip toss on PAC, but PAC body slams him. Both men get to their feet and stare each other down before Dax hits PAC with a big clothesline. The match continues, and both men are in the middle of the ring, and they trade forearm blows. PAC comes out on top as he grabs Dax and hits him with a German Supplex, and clotheslines him out the ring, before flipping out of the ring and landing onto Dax as the match goes to an ad break. 

Back from the break, where PAC has been controlling the majority of the time. PAC hits Dax with an avalanche brainbuster into a cover but Dax kicks out at 2. PAC climbs to the top rope and hits Dax with a shotgun dropkick in the back. PAC climbs up to the top turnbuckle again, but this time Dax rolls out of the way. Dax manages to come back and hit a brainbuster on PAC into a cover but PAC kicks out at 2. PAC hits a thrust kick to Dax to set up for the Black Arrow but Dax climbs up the turnbuckles to meet PAC. Dax back suplexes PAC off the top turnbuckle and both men are laid out on the mat.  PAC wills himself back into the fight and hits a release German Supplex on Dax before he goes for a roundhouse kick. Dax ducks the kick from PAC and then hits a massive lariat on PAC. Dax picks PAC off the mat, but PAC uses a backslide for a near fall on Dax. PAC transitions into The Brutalizer and Dax immediately taps out giving PAC the victory.  

A high-quality match here from the 2 stars. I love seeing PAC in action, and was really good to see Dax in a rare singles match. Maybe stick to tag matches though Dax? 

 After the match, Cash Wheeler runs into the ring and began stomping on PAC. The arena lights go out, and when the lights come back on, Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo are there and begin to join the assault on  PAC. Out come The Lucha Bros and Cody Rhodes into the ring to even up the odds and a massive brawl ensues, before Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black, and FTR retreat. 


Its time for the contract signing between Kenny Omega and Adam Page for their AEW World Title Match at FULL GEAR. As per Tony Khans instructions, The Elite and Dark Order are banned from ringside. Tony Schiavone was in the ring to oversee the contract signing.  

Page grabs the microphone: “You know after all this time I don’t know what’s left to say. But the sooner I sign this, the sooner I get to FULL GEAR and beat your ass for the championship.” 

Omega: “I wish I could share your excitement. But I’m a little sad ‘Hangman’. We were friends. We were partners. If it wasn’t for your insecurities, this could all be yours. We were the ones in The Elite who put you back up on your horse when you fell off the saddle. I saw a bit of myself in you, but how wrong I was.” 

Page: “I look across the ring and I see the ‘Best Belt Machine.’ You told me a lot of lies, but the biggest lie you told me was last year at FULL GEAR when you said you were proud of me. You aren’t proud of me. You’re afraid of me. I’ll beat you and I’ll become the AEW World Champion this Saturday.” 

Omega: “Believe it or not, I care about you ‘Hangman’. I want to be able to shake your hand right here right now, one last time. Let’s kill it at the pay-per-view. Good job. I’m proud of you.” 

Out of nowhere, a camera man smashed a TV camera into Page. The camera man was Don Callis in disguise. The shot to the head busted Page open wide. Omega used Page’s to sign the contract as the show ends! 

This is a weird contract signing. Think I would have enjoyed it more if it was a non pysychal and just a verbal one, but who am I kidding, this is a contract signing.... 

 So, that’s all she wrote folks. A very good showing here from AEW DYNAMITE on their final show before FULL GEAR this weekend. Its looking to be an absolutely amazing PPV and I can't wait to stay up and watch it! 

What did you think of this episode, let us know in the comments! 

King Adam, singing out.